Goggles N More Launches Purchase Protection for Prescription Swim Goggles & Sports Glasses

purchase protection

While already well known for carrying the best-valued, most durable prescription swimming goggles around, Goggles N More has just launched an innovative, market-leading protection plan (Goggles N More Extra Care) for their products. The plan will further solidify their place as a leading provider of prescription swimming goggles on the market. The new protection plan is so aggressive that the company is even going to refund back the protection plan amount in full once the protection period expires, if the customer doesn’t exercise their right to claim a replacement pair, which the plan entitles them to.

The company stands behind its products 100 percent and wishes to offer their customers worry-free protection for their investment in their or their kids’ vision.

“By offering an optional, risk-free instrument that would safeguard against unforeseen mishaps or changes in vision requirements,” said Brian Larsen, Senior Product Manager. “We offer our customers extra peace of mind by providing them with optional protection that is fully refundable at the end of the cover period, if unused, in the form of store credits. We hope this is our small contribution toward taking some of the stress away from our customers’ everyday lives.”


Goggles N More prescription goggles with purchase protection; Photo Courtesy: Goggles N More

In particular, parents often worry about what happens if their child should break his or her prescription swim goggles. This extra level of protection gives peace of mind to parents in several ways. If any accidental breakage occurs, Extra Care covers the goggles for 12 months from the date of purchase. This is in addition to standard warranty against manufacturers’ defects, should they arise.

Another common concern is “what happens if the optical prescription should change after purchase, due to unforeseen circumstances?” This protection covers prescription changes for nine months from the date of purchase.

“Our customers have told us, especially from parents, that this is a real worry for them. As a company we felt it was important to tackle this,” said Larsen.

Goggles N More want to take this worry out of their customers’ purchasing experience and the new Extra Care protection was designed with this in mind. A limited number of providers offer protection against changing prescription. Extra Care is one of the most intuitive protection plans on the market pertaining to changing vision needs.

Summary of Extra Care program

  • Accidental breakage (cover period: 12 months)
  • Manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials (cover period: 12 months)
  • Prescription changes (cover period: 9 months)

Goggles N More’s new Extra Care program is designed to help their customers safeguard their purchases against unforeseen circumstances and to help make their everyday lives just that little bit easier. The Extra Care protection plan is offered on all Goggles N More’s prescription swim goggles.

About Goggles N More
Goggles N More was started because its founders saw the lack of affordable prescription goggles available for their fellow swimmers. The company, which began as a family operated business is made up of experienced optometrists, technicians, and other experts. They are passionate about delivering the best eyewear and service to their customers. The Goggles N More team works hard to bring their customers quality prescription swimming goggles and other eyewear, all at affordable prices.



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