Give Thanks For Swim Moms

Mar 21, 2015; Greensboro, NC, USA; Dick and DA Franklin react after daughter Missy Franklin won the 200 backstroke finals during NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving-Championships at Greensboro Aquatic Center. Mandatory Credit: Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Courtesy: Evan Pike - USA TODAY Sports Images

By Abby Boone, Swimming World College Intern

Super Swim Mom

To the tune of Spongebob Squarepants

Who takes you to practice at five in the morn?
Super Swim Mom!
Who knows all your times, even ones you don’t know?
Super Swim Mom!
Who has extra goggles in case yours might break?
Super Swim Mom!
And who cheers you on each and every race?
Super Swim Mom!

Super Swim Mom, Super Swim Mom, Super Swim Mom, Su-Per Swim Mooooooom!

In all seriousness, the sport of swimming survives largely because of the dedicated team of swim moms who support their kids and their kids’ teams. Swim moms are the brawn and brains that make it possible for everything to happen, in and out of the pool.

They make sure their kids get to practice and make sure they have the gear they need to practice. They cheer as loudly as they can and support their children every race, whether their child swims a best time or not. They are willing to be timers, age group parents, learn how to be officials and run the computer system so that they can be more involved in the swimming community. They budget time and money so that their child can be at practices and meets and can have the expensive swimsuits and goggles that they want.

Who is at every single one of Missy Franklin’s meets? Her mom. Who is the first person Michael Phelps looks for after he races? His mom. These super swimmers would be nothing without the love and support of their super swim moms.

My own mom learned how to run Meet Manager and Team Manager so that she could be bigger part of my swim team and my sport. My friends’ moms have become coaches and officials; some are timers at every meet. They do the most they can possibly do to help their child and the sport be successful. They are all willing to help at practices and meets because they want to make a difference.

Swim moms are a breed of their own. They are dedicated, loving, willing to help, and are our number one cheerleaders. They don’t mind a wet mass on their shirt after they hug their swimmer, and they certainly don’t mind washing boatloads of soaking wet, chlorinated towels. They are there for their swimmers and they are there for the sport.

This Mother’s Day, thank your super swim mom. Without her, you wouldn’t be the swimmer you are today.


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    Will this make me sad Carol Roberts (about the things I miss) x

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    Nah we had good times and special memories with good friends like you Maria x

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