To My Swim Mom: Thank You

Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

By Cassidy Lavigne, Swimming World College Intern

I was once again inspired by my beautiful, caring, and thoughtful mother and “swim mom” with Mother’s Day recently passing. My mom has always been my biggest support throughout my life both on and off the pool the deck. She has pushed me to swim and follow my heart, but also been in my corner when I took a break from swimming. I know at times my mom questions whether or not she should have pushed me during those years I wanted to step away from the pool.

Though I may been a faster swimmer if I had not stopped, I do not know if I would be swimming in college now. What if I, like many swimmers who swim throughout their adolescence, became “burnt out” and stopped swimming after my final high school season? This is a letter to my mom to thank her for letting me find my own passion and love for the sport of swimming.

Dear Mom,

Thank you.

For the love of the water.


Photo Courtesy: Tour The Triad, Flickr

Thank you for teaching me to swim at such a young age. That pool in our backyard was the start of my love for the water. Thank you for driving me to swim lessons and many age-group practices. For sitting on cold bleachers on rainy days and bearing the heat during summer season meets.

For being there.


Photo Courtesy: Tour The Triad, Flickr

Thank you for bringing me breakfast and packing me snacks for early morning meets. Thank you for bringing me an extra towel. Thank you for being patient through hours of meets to watch me race for a few seconds or minutes. Thank you for helping me put my tech suit on and catching my time when I didn’t see it. Thank you for hugging me after my good and not-so-good races.

For pushing me.


Photo Courtesy: Kara Sekenski

Thank you for letting me take a break from swimming. Thank you for not pushing me to continue doing something I didn’t like at the time. Thank you for letting me branch out into other sports. Thank you for pushing me when the other sports brought me back into the pool, but not in swim shape. Thank you for listening when I was struggling to gain swim endurance again. Thank you for cheering for me in all aspects of my life and wiping my tears of frustration and joy.

For still being there.

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

Thank you for letting me make my own decisions. Thank you for helping find the perfect university for me. Thank you for bringing coffee to meets in the morning. Thank you for traveling to see my races in college and sending me good luck texts when you are not there. Thank you for watching and letting me find my passion for the water and still being there to watch that passion grow.

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