Getting Ready for the JAX 50: A Look at Drill Work With Matt Grevers, Christine Magnuson and Nicolas Nilo; Nilo Does Monster Set on the Power Tower

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 24. WITH about two weeks until the JAX 50 Sprint Challenge, SwimmingWorld.TV continues to bring you footage of two great sets featuring three of the top athletes you'll see at the meet.

In the first of two videos, Olympians Matt Grevers, Christine Magnuson and Nicolas Nilo work on a drill concept by sprint coach Rick DeMont, in which the swimmers work on arm speed through breaststroke sculling. Using a FINIS Tempo Trainer and center mount snorkel, the swimmers work on a high stroke rate that DeMont says works on strengthening their hands, fingers and forearms.

In this second video, Nilo shows us a powerful set of 30×50 designed by coach Frank Busch on the Power Tower, using fins and paddles to create speed and power. Watch as Nilo progresses through the set and finishes with an incredible 50 freestyle with fins.

Check back at SwimmingWorld.TV for more JAX 50 preview content throughout the next two weeks!