Free Webinar on Leadership During Coronavirus Concerns


During this unprecedented time, leaders still lead and one way you can do that is to grow YOU.  It’s not time we wanted but it is time we have.  How will we use it to grow?

We hope that each of you is spending some extra time with family; sleeping a bit more; getting some projects done around the house.  What are you going to do to grow?  Leaders are learners.

As a way to serve you, your athletes, your staff, your team, Level up Leadership Coaching is offering a free webinar for your personal growth.

Self-awareness is the foundation of all successful leadership.  It’s also the foundation of athletic success.  Everything we do and say goes through US. Making sure we are at our best is the best thing we can do for the people we serve and lead.

Let’s take this time we have to grow ourselves so that when we are back with teams and staff, we are better leaders than we were before.  To wet your appetite, consider the attached graphic.


There are two FREE webinar options for you to choose from:
Tuesday 17th – 9 a.m. EST
Wednesday 18th – 1 p.m. EST

How long: One Hour

Jeff Raker
Sign up: (a) Email Jeff Raker to sign up :


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