Forty-two Member Australian Olympic Swimming Team Announced

By Stephen J. Thomas

SYDEY, AUSTRALIA, April 3. AUSTRALIAN Swimming Inc. tonight announced their team for Athens. Among the team of 21 men and 21 women are 24 first-time Olympians. There will be eighteen members who competed in Sydney and three that also competed in Atlanta: Michael Klim (26), Sarah Ryan (27) and Petria Thomas (28).

Overall average age of the team: 21.8
Youngest Male: Eamon Sullivan, 18
Oldest Male: Brett Hawke, 28
Average age of male team: 23.4

Youngest Female: Melissa Mitchell, 16
Oldest Female: Petria Thomas, 28
Average age of Female team: 20.2

The team is:

**Ashley Callus, 25, Redlands (QLD)
**Grant Hackett, 23, Miami (QLD)
**Regan Harrison, 25, Yeronga Park (QLD)
**Brett Hawke, 28, Melbourne Vicentre (VIC)
**Geoff Huegill, 25, Redcliffe Leagues Lawnton (QLD)
***Michael Klim, 26, Melbourne Vicentre (VIC)
#Adam Lucas, 20, West Coast (WA)
#Antony Matkovich, 26, City of Perth (WA)
#Patrick Murphy, 20, MLC Aquatic (VIC)
#Travis Nederpelt, 18, City of Perth (WA)
**Justin Norris, 23, Hunter (NSW)
**Todd Pearson, 26, West Coast (WA)
**Adam Pine, 28, Yeronga Park (QLD)
#Jim Piper, 22, Campbelltown (NSW)
#Nicholas Sprenger, 18, Commercial (QLD)
#Craig Stevens, 23, SLC Aquadot (NSW)
#Eamon Sullivan, 18, West Coast (WA)
**Ian Thorpe, 21, SLC Aquadot (NSW)
#Jono Van Hazel, 25, City of Perth (WA)
**Josh Watson, 26, Kingscliff (NSW)
**Matthew Welsh, 27, Melbourne Vicentre (VIC)

#Frances Adcock, 19, Norwood (SA)
#Lara Carroll, 17, Fremantle Port (WA)
#Michelle Engelsman, 24, Sydney University (NSW)
#Felicity Galvez, 19, Campbelltown (NSW)
**Elka Graham, 22, Sydney University (NSW)
#Marieke Guehrer, 18, Commercial (QLD)
#Brooke Hanson, 26, Nunawading (VIC)
#Jodie Henry, 20, Chandler (QLD)
**Leisel Jones, 18, Redcliffe Leagues Lawnton (QLD)
#Lisbeth Lenton, 19, Commercial (QLD)
#Linda MacKenzie, 20, Mackay (QLD)
#Alice Mills, 17, Chandler (QLD)
#Melissa Mitchell, 16, Warringah (NSW)
#Melissa Morgan, 19, Brunside (SA)
#Sarah Paton, 17, Telopea (NSW)
#Shayne Reese, 21, Carey Aquatic (VIC)
**Jennifer Reilly, 20, Victoria Park (WA)
**Giaan Rooney, 21, Melbourne Vicentre (VIC)
***Sarah Ryan, 27, Western Sharks (SA)
#Jessicah Schipper, 17, Redcliffe Leagues Lawnton (QLD)
***Petria Thomas, 28, Ginninderra (NSW)
#: First time Olympian
**: Dual Olympian
*** Triple Olympian

Head Coach: Leigh Nugent
Glenn Beringen
Roger Bruce
Denis Cotterell
Pierre La Fontaine
Tracey Menzies
Shannon Rollason
Mark Thompson
Alan Thompson
Stephan Widmer
Ken Wood