Fort Collins Women and Scottsdale Men Strong On Day Two Of Austin Sectionals

Photo Courtesy: Lance Holter

By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World College Intern

Day two of the Austin Speedo Sectional Championship Series was completed today. The men’s and women’s 200 free relay, 200 free, 400 IM and 200 medley relay were swam.

Fort Collin’s women won the 200 free relay. Their team of Zoe Bartel (26.84), Coleen Gillilan (26.13), Elise Forzley (27.40) and Bailey Kovac (27.12) went a 1:47.49. In second place was Scottsdale Aquatics (1:48.41) with their team of Claire Grover (26.66), Grace Laporte (27.84), Alexa Markl (27.23) and Gabriella Fagan (26.68). Denver Swim Academy finished third with Lindsay Painton (26.88), Samantha Smith (27.01), Lindsay Stenstrom (27.53) and Amy Lenderink (27.47) in the time of 1:48.89.

Scottdale Aquatics won the 200 free relay for the men (1:34.41) with their team of Sebastian Gutierrez (23.79), Raymond Van Deusen (23.75), Jake Blake (23.67) and Bryan O’Connor (23.30). In second was RallySport Aquatic in the time of 1:37.95 and their team of Christopher Nicholson (23.81), Paul Stapleton (24.70), Michael Bartholomew (24.39) and Noah Jepson (25.05). Fort Collins came in third place (1:38.33) with Shamzi Alkaff (24.91), Matthew Geraghty (24.72), Alex Dragan (24.56) and William Kovac (24.14).

In the women’s 200 free, Shae Nicolaisen of Scottsdale Aquatics won the event in the time of 2:04.49. Arena Brown of the Denver Hilltoppers came in second place with a 2:06.24 and for a close bronze Eleanor Matheson from Flatiron Athletics went a 2:06.33.

Grant Reed of TXLA won the men’s 200 freestyle with a 1:52.11. Taking the silver was Mark Jurek from Arizona Gold with a 1:53.11 and right behind him was Nicholson of RallySport Aquatics with a  1:53.14.

Denver Hilltoppers’ Haley Rowley won the women’s 400 IM. She touched the wall with a 4:50.82, which is an Olympic trials cut. Boulder’s Amelie Lessing came in second place with a 4:56.82 and in third was Gillilan of Fort Collins with a 4:59.23.

In the men’s 400 IM Arizona Gold’s Ben Olszewski took the gold. He finished with a 4:26.74, which is an Olympic trials qualifying time. Unattached, Daniel Carr came in second place with a 4:34.38 and Jackson Buyers of Fort Collins took the bronze with a 4:34.74.

Fort Collins’ A team won the women’s 200 medley relay. The team of Bayley Stewart (29.94), Bartel (31.83), Gillilan (27.43) and Andi Johnston (27.37) went a 1:56.57 for the gold. Taking silver was Scottsdale Aquatic Club (1:59.15) with Emma Broome (30.26), Grover (33.16), Kelly Huffer (29.18) and Fagan (26.55). Fort Collins’ B relay team came in third place (1:59.35) with Forzley (30.61), Kovac (33.66), Daphne Williams (28.48) and Audrey Reimer (26.60).

Scottsdale Aquatics men’s team won the 200 medley relay. The team of O’Connor (26.96), Blake (31.130, Gutierrez (24.68) and Van Deusen just out touched the Denver Hilltoppers with a 1:46.12. The Hilltoppers finished with a 1:46.14 and their team of Joshua Ries (27.78), Michael King (28.79), Mckay King (24.76) and Devin Bunnell (24.81). RallySport Aquatics was third (1:47.39) with Bartholomew (28.09), Samuel Willett (30.22), Stapleton (25.77) and Nicholson (23.31).

Full results available on Meet Mobile.

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