Flash! Stories of 2007 – January-February

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 26. THIS past year has been one of the best ever seen in the history of the sport of swimming. Only the most high-profile news, however, is Flash!-tagged on our site. With that being said, we will be presenting the Flash!-tagged stories for 2007 over the coming days before opening up 2008.

January's big stories proved to be all about the collegiate scene as Tulane elected to start bringing back sports, including women's swimming, while Ohio and Butler both cut men's swimming.

Ohio University Joins List of Men's Swimming Programs on Chopping Block

Tulane University To Phase-In Sports, Including Women's Swimming

Butler University to Cut Men's Swimming

February foreshadowed the greatness to come later in the year as Michael Phelps shot down the first world record of the year with an unshaved, untapered global standard in the 200 fly at the Missouri Grand Prix.

New Jersey Legislative Committee Unanimously Passes Resolution Urging Rutgers to Reinstate Cut Sports

Grand Canyon University Adds Men's and Women's Swimming

Phelps Downs 200 LCM Fly World Record