FINA World Cup, Stockholm: Flash! Jessica Hardy Sets World Record During Day Two Prelims

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, November 11. THE second day of prelims at the FINA World Cup stop hosted in Stockholm featured a special treat as Jessica Hardy lowered her world record in the 50 breast once again.

Men's 1500 free slower seeds
Brazil's Matheus Ribeiro posted the fastest time of the slower seeds with a 15:10.14. Sweden's Gabriel Bertrand was the next fastest with a 16:18.05.

Women's 100 free
Great Britain's Fran Halsall earned the top seed with a time of 52.51, while Finland's Hanna-Maria Seppala joined her in the 52s with a second-place time of 52.85.

Australia's Sally Foster qualified third with a 53.05, while Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom (53.08) and Josefin Lillhage (53.27) touched fourth and fifth.

Brazil's Tatiana Lemos-Barbosa (53.46), Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen (53.57) and Sweden's Claire Hedenskog (53.64) grabbed the rest of the transfer spots with Missy Franklin of the U.S. just missing finals with a ninth-place 53.78. Notably, Lemos-Barbosa lowered her national record of 53.93 set in April.

Men's 200 free
Brazil's Nicolas Oliveira led the way in prelims with a 1:43.38, while Poland's Pawel Korzeniowski touched second in 1:43.97. Oliveira lowered the Brazilian record of 1:44.07 set by Guilherme Roth in May of this year, while Korzeniowski clipped his national standard of 1:43.99 set in 2005. Canada's Brent Hayden (1:44.12) and Great Britain's Ross Davenport (1:44.28) wound up third and fourth overall.

South Africa's Darian Townsend (1:44.32), Tunisia's Ahmed Mathlouthi (1:44.54), Russia's Danila Izotov (1:44.59) and Switzerland's Dominik Meichtry (1:44.67) completed the top eight.

Women's 50 breast
After missing out on the 100 breast finale yesterday, Jessica Hardy of the U.S. did not waste time making some noise today as she lowered her world record in the sprint breast below 29 seconds with a blistering 28.96. That performance crushed her previous record of 29.36 set during the Moscow stop.

She will have a battle on her hands in finals as Australia's Leisel Jones clocked a second-place time of 30.15. Norway's Katharina Stiberg placed third in 30.45.

Finland's Katja Lehtonen (30.63), Sweden's Jennie Johansson (30.64), Japan's Nanaka Tamura (30.69), Brazil's Tatiane Sakemi (30.90) and Sweden's Joline Hostman (30.99) rounded out the championship final.

Men's 100 breast
Brazil's Felipa Silva posted the top seed from the morning heats with a 57.63, while Ukraine's Igor Borysik took second in 57.75. Brazil's Henrique Barbosa (57.89) and South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh (57.99) cleared 58 seconds for third and fourth.

France's Hugues Duboscq (58.01), Japan's Yuta Suenaga (58.13), Kazakhstan's Vlad Polyakov (58.26) and South Africa's Neil Versfeld (58.37) also made finals.

Women's 400 IM slower seeds
Greece's Lysistrati Halkides topped the slower seeds with a time of 4:38.88, while Annie Zhu (4:39.15) and Amber McDermott (4:40.40) of the U.S. placed second and third heading into the final heat tonight.

Men's 100 fly
While Michael Phelps did set a personal best in the men's 100 fly over short course meters with a 51.06, he still managed to finish 11th overall and miss finals for a third time at this meet. Brazil's Kaio Almeida paced prelims with a 50.34, while Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin (50.50) and Australia's Andrew Lauterstein (50.51) took second and third.

Brazil's Frederico Castro (50.55), Great Britain's Michael Rock (50.56), Brazil's Fernando Silva (50.60), Germany's Benjamin Starke (50.63) and The Netherlands' Joeri Verlinden (50.72) earned the other finals spots.

Women's 100 back
Japan went 1-2 in qualifying as Shiho Sakai touched in 57.21 and Aya Terakawa placed second in 57.61.

Great Britain's Elizabeth Simmonds wound up third in 57.72, while Brazil's Fabiola Molina (58.19) and Russia's Mariya Gromova (58.37) claimed fourth and fifth.

Australia's Belinda Hocking (58.47), Rachel Bootsma of the U.S. (58.63) and China's Xu Tianlongzi (58.93) will also vie for the title during finals.

Men's 50 back
The U.S. grabbed the top two spots with Adam Mania (23.02) and Peter Marshall (23.13) going 1-2 for the Stars and Stripes. Japan's Junya Koga (23.27) and South Africa's Gerhard Zandberg (23.30) will bracket the Americans in finals. Both lowered their respective national records. Koga downed his 23.46 from February, while Zandberg dropped his pair of 23.67s from 2007.

Russia's Stanislav Donets (23.42), Russia's Arkady Vyatchanin (23.58), South Africa's George Du Rand (23.68) and France's Ben Stasiulis (23.69) also made finals.

Women's 200 fly
It took a sub-2:10 to make the finale with China's Liu Zige cruising ahead of the pack with a 2:04.79.

Sweden's Martina Granstrom (2:07.22), Australia's Felicity Galvez (2:07.39) and South Africa's Mandy Loots (2:07.57) finished in the 2:07s for second through fourth overall.

Canada's Tanya Hunks (2:08.60), Sweden's Petra Granlund (2:08.71), Spain's Paula Camino (2:09.38) and Japan's Yui Miyamoto (2:09.99) pocketed the rest of the championship spots.

Men's 200 IM
Michael Phelps will likely put on a show in the 200 IM this evening after qualifying second in 1:56.09. Sweden's Simon Sjodin touched in front of him with a 1:55.99, while Germany's Markus Deibler tied Phelps for second with a 1:56.09.

Great Britain's Joseph Roebuck (1:56.19), Spain's Brenton Cabello (1:56.49), South Africa's Chad Le Clos (1:56.79), Lithuania's Vytautas Janusaitis (1:56.83) and South Africa's Darian Townsend (1:56.84) picked up the other transfer spots into finals.

Women's 400 free
The French went 1-2 in the middle distance event with Coralie Balmy claiming the top seed in 4:03.94. Teammate Camille Muffat touched second in 4:05.76, while Denmark's Lotte Friis placed third in 4:05.77.

Samantha Shellem (4:06.02), Lauren Driscoll (4:09.19) and Chelsea Chenault of the U.S. (4:09.95) qualified fourth, sixth and eighth, while Sweden's Gabriella Fagundez (4:06.92) and Brazil's Monique Ferreira (4:09.23) snatched the fifth and seventh-place seeds.

Men's 50 free
It took a 21-low just to make finals in the men's splash-and-dash. South Africa's Roland Schoeman cleared 21 with a top time of 20.98, while Russia's Sergey Fesikov downed the Russian record with a second-place 21.01. That swim beat Evgeny Lagunov's 21.15 set last December. Lagunov, meanwhile, qualified sixth in 21.22.

Sweden's Stefan Nystrand placed third in 21.09, while France's Fred Bousquet took fourth in 21.11. Australia's Matthew Abood (21.21) and Eamon Sullivan (21.27) qualified fifth and seventh, while Croatia's Duje Draganja took the final spot into the finale.

Women's 200 breast
A trio of swimmers led the way in the event with 2:21s as Japan's Rie Kaneto (2:21.22), Serbia's Nadja Higl (2:21.50) and Australia's Leisel Jones (2:21.73) captured the top three spots.

Japan's Nanaka Tamura (2:22.98), Sweden's Joline Hostman (2:23.37), China's Sun Ye (2:23.41), Switzerland's Patrizia Humplik (2:24.08) and Denmark's Rikke-Moller Pedersen (2:24.53) also earned lanes in the finale.

Women's 100 IM
The Netherlands' Hinkelien Schreuder put Therese Alshammar's world record of 58.51 on notice with a blazing time of 58.83 during prelims of the sprint medley. The swim beat Schreuder's national mark of 58.88 set during the Moscow stop.

Alshammar will have something to say about the record attempt as she clocked in with a second-seeded 59.11, while China's Zhao Jing took third overall in 59.44.

Great Britain's Fran Halsall (59.58), Germany's Theresa Michalak (59.63) and Finland's Hanna-Maria Seppala (59.73) took fourth through sixth, while The Netherlands' Inge Dekker (59.97) and China's Li Jiaxing (1:00.23) placed seventh and eighth in prelims.

Men's 200 back
Austria's Markus Rogan snatched the top seed with a time of 1:51.68, while South Africa's George Du Rand finished second in 1:52.35. Poland's Radoslaw Kawecki placed third in 1:52.39, while Russia's Arkady Vyatchanin took fourth in 1:52.41.

Russia's Evgeny Aleshin (1:52.59), Australia's Robert Hurley (1:52.62), Australia's Ashley Delaney (1:53.19) and Russia's Artem Dubovskoy (1:53.37) grabbed the rest of the championship spots.

Women's 50 fly
The Netherlands' Inge Dekker cruised into the top spot with a 25.17, while world record holder Therese Alshammar checked in with a 25.42. Dekker's effort cleared Hinkelien Schreuder's national mark of 25.21 set last December.

Norway's Ingvild Snildal touched third in 25.47 to crush Katharina Stiberg's national standard of 26.16 set in February, while Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen qualified fourth in 25.52.

Australia's Marieke Guehrer (25.57), Schreuder (25.72), France's Diane Bui Duyet (25.84) and Singapore's Li Tao (25.88) comprised the rest of the final field.

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