FINA to Have Meeting in February to Discuss Suit Rules; Submits Request to Add More Events to IOC

LONDON, England, November 18. ACCORDING to an article in The Times, FINA has arranged for a meeting to take place in February where more discussion will take place regarding the high-tech suits and rules regarding those suits.

"It's been a busy year. It's time to breathe, to review all issues with the suits in the sport," FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu told The Times.

He went on to state that the February meeting should be the catalyst for rule changes where "a sensible framework can be established, so that we can set the limits of what is and is not acceptable…[in] modern developments in the sport."

FINA also has requested that the International Olympic Committee add the 50-meter sprints for backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly as well as increase the women's water polo Olympic field from eight to 12.

Full text of The Times article.