FINA Diving Grand Prix Wraps Up In Kuala Lumpur

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China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia were the four nations climbing on the first step of the podium this weekend in Kuala Lumpur (MAS), where the sixth leg of the annual FINA Diving Grand Prix was taking place from October 27-29.

The host country claimed victory in the women’s 10m synchronised event with Olympic medallist Pandelela Rinong (311.28) as well as the mixed equivalent (310.20) with a duet formed by Jellson Jabillin / Cheong Jun Hoong. Malaysia also added two silver medals to its men’s tally, as well as a silver medal in the women’s 10m and two more in the mixed events.

China’s Tai Xiaohu was the best in the men’s 10m platform (506.00), while Wang Han (342.60) and Zhang Jiaqi (409.85) topped the women’s 3 and 10m respectively.

Woo Haram of Korea gave his country the gold medal in the men’s 3m (479.35) as well as the 3m synchro and the 10m synchro golds together with Kim Yeongnam (427.65 and 432.60).

Japan took the gold at stake in both the women’s 3m synchro with Miyamoto Hazuki / Mikami Sayaka (272.40) and the mixed springboard with Nishida Reo / Miyamoto Hazuki (275.34).

Australia, Belarus and Great Britain were other nations leaving Kuala Lumpur with a medal.

The last two meets of the circuit will be held in Singapore on November 2-5 and in Gold Coast on November 9-11.

Medallists in Kuala Lumpur (all detailed results)

3m – 1. Woo Haram (KOR) 479.35; 2. Liu Chengming (CHN) 460.15; 3. Peng Jianfeng (CHN) 454.75
10m – 1. Tai Xiaohu (CHN) 506.00; 2. Woo Haram (KOR) 486.80; 3. Kyle Kothari (GBR) 411.25
3m synchro – 1. Woo Haram / Kim Yeongnam (KOR) 427.65; 2. Ahmad Amsyar / Ooi Tze Liang (MAS) 415.74
10m synchro – 1. Kim Yeongnam / Woo Haram (KOR) 432.60;  2. Jellson Jabillin / Nazirul Hanis (MAS) 364.26; 3. Brouski Artsiom / Kaptur Vadim (BLR) 353.43

3m – 1. Wang Han (CHN) 342.60; 2. Chen Yiwen (CHN) 338.25; 3. Nur Dhabitah Sabri (MAS) 316.85
10m – 1. Zhang Jiaqi (CHN) 409.85; 2. Pandelela Rinong (MAS) 332.40; 3. Kim Suji (KOR) 293.10
3m synchro – 1. Miyamoto Hazuki / Mikami Sayaka (JPN) 272.40; 2. Cho Eunbi / Kim Suji (KOR) 266.34;  3. Scarlett Mew Jensen / Yasmin Harper (GBR) 252.00
10m synchro – 1. Leong Mun Yee / Pandelela Rinong (MAS) 311.28; 2. Emily Boyd / Nkita Hains (AUS) 280.68; 3. Kim Suji / Cho Eunbi (KOR) 275.10

3m – 1. Nishida Reo / Miyamoto Hazuki (JPN) 275.34; 2. Gabriel Gilbert / Nur Dhabitah Sabri (MAS) 272.19; 3. Kim Suji / Woo Haram (KOR) 268.02
10m – 1. Jellson Jabillin / Cheong Jun Hoong (MAS) 310.20; 2. Muhammad Syahmi Mohd Rezal / Leong Mun Yee (MAS) 296.10; 3. Kim Yeongnam / Cho Eunbi (KOR) 295.80

Diving Grand Prix 2017 calendar

1. Rostock (GER): February 24-26
2. Gatineau (CAN): April 6-9
3. San Juan (PUR): May 4-7
4. Madrid (ESP): May 26-28
5. Bolzano (ITA): July 5-7
6. Kuala Lumpur (MAS): October 26-29
7. Singapore (SGP): November 2-5
8. Gold Coast (AUS): November 9-11

Press release courtesy of FINA. 

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