FINA Announces Leaders From First Leg of 2004-05 World Cup Circuit

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, December 26. FINA announced earlier this month that Ed Moses (USA) and Ryk Neethling (RSA), amongst men, and Leisel Jones (AUS), in the women’s competition, are the provisional leaders of the 2004/2005 edition of the FINA Swimming World Cup after the end of Zone 1 (Africa [Durban, RSA] /Oceania [Melbourne, AUS] Asia [Daejon, KOR]) in Daejon (KOR) on December 2-3.

Moses and Neethling both have 1017 points – the American for his 200m breaststroke in Durban (RSA) and the South African for his 100m individual medley in Melbourne (AUS), the second competition of the current edition.

Leisel Jones got her 1027 points also in Melbourne, after swimming the 200m breaststroke in 2:19.08.

Russia dominated the men’s competition in Daejon with 10 gold medals out of 17 events, while Martina Moravcova (SVK) was the individual star among the women with five victories and Australia the leading country with six titles. Japan (5 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) and Korea (3 gold, 9 silver, 10 bronze) had also significant medal tallies.

221 swimmers (including 102 women) from 17 countries were present in Daejon.

Calendar of the 2004/2005 FINA Swimming World Cup:
November 19-21, 2004 – Durban (RSA)
November 26-28, 2004 – Melbourne (AUS)
December 2-3, 2004 – Daejon (KOR)
NEXT EVENT: January 18-19, 2005 – Stockholm (SWE)
January 22-23, 2005 – Berlin (GER)
January 26-27, 2005 – Moscow (RUS)
February 11-12, 2005 – New York (USA)
February 18-20, 2005 – Belo Horizonte (BRA)

FINA SWIMMING WORLD CUP 2004/20053rd Meeting – December 2-3, 2004 in Daejon (KOR)WINNERS WOMEN MEN
50m free Sophie Edington (AUS) 25.10 Andrey Kapralov (RUS) 22.27
100m free Martina Moravcova (SVK) 54.13 Andrey Kapralov (RUS) 48.89
200m free Martina Moravcova (SVK) 1:58.07 Andrey Kapralov (RUS) 1:47.43
400m free Meng Jiao Mi (CHN) 4:10.58 Yuri Prilukov (RUS) 3:41.19
800m free (W) Meng Jiao Mi (CHN) 8:32.33
1,500m free (M) Yuri Prilukov (RUS) 14:46.82
50m back Tayliah Zimmer (AUS) 27.78 Kenta Yamanoi (JPN) 24.49
100m back Tayliah Zimmer (AUS) 59.07 Evgeny Aleshin (RUS) 52.91
200m back Tayliah Zimmer (AUS) 2:09.18 Evgeny Aleshin (RUS) 1:53.75
50m breast Kristy Morrison (AUS) 31.80 Seung Hun You (KOR) 27.56
100m breast Kristy Morrison (AUS) 1:08.32 Seung Hun You (KOR) 1:00.01
200m breast Josefin Wede (SWE) 2:25.51 Neil Versfeld (RSA) 2:10.76
50m fly Martina Moravcova (SVK) 26.65 Nikolay Skvortsov (RUS)23.87
100m fly Martina Moravcova (SVK) 58.33 Nikolay Skvortsov (RUS)52.02
200m fly You Ri Kown (KOR) 2:08.59 Nikolay Skvortsov (RUS)1:52.81
100m medley Martina Moravcova (SVK)1:00.96 Christian Keller (GER)55.56
200m medley Maiko Fujino (JPN) 2:12.09 Taishi Okude (JPN) 1:59.40
400m medley Maiko Fujino (JPN) 4:38.00 Shinya Taniguchi (JPN)4:11.81

Provisional leaders of the World Cup after three meetings:

Leisel Jones (AUS) 1027 pts (200m breaststroke in 2:19.08), in Melbourne

Ed Moses (USA) 1017 pts (200m breaststroke in 2:05.53), in Durban
Ryk Neethling (RSA) 1017 pts (100m IM in 53.01), in Melbourne