European Short Course Championships: Flash! Laszlo Cseh Downs Second World Record in As Many Days

DEBRECEN, Hungary, December 14. THE men's longer distance medley proved to be all about one man – Hungary's Laszlo Cseh. After two days of competition at the European Short Course Championships held in Debrecen, Hungary, Cseh has added two new world records to his ledger. Yesterday, he took away Thiago Pereira's global standard in the 200 IM. Today, he lowered his own 400 IM record.

Posting splits of 54.93, 1:54.24, 3:02.97 on the way, Cseh became the first sub-4:00 man in the event as his 3:59.33 knocked more than a second off his global standard of 4:00.37 set in Trieste in 2005.

"This was even better then I guessed!" Cseh said after the race. "The reason for this is that my breaststroke was much faster then before. This is the fastest I could do now, but I am sure that this was not my last world record, next time I will swim even faster!"

In other action, Italy's Luca Marin placed second in 4:04.10, while Greece's Ioannis Drymonakos finished third in 4:05.08.

Special thanks to Norbert Agh for contributing to this report.

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