European Championships: Russia’s Natalia Ischenko Doubles Up on First Night of Finals at Synchro Swimming

BUDAPEST, Hungary, August 7. THE first evening of finals competition in synchronized swimming at the European Championships featured Russia putting on a show as usual.

Russia's Natalia Ischenko kept moving right along as one of the top athletes in synchronized swimming. Ischenko tallied 98.9 points to win the solo technical routine gold medal. She accumulated 49.3 points in technical merit and 49.6 in artistic impression including a pair of 10s in AI. Spain's Andrea Fuentes finished second with 96.6 points (48.3 TM, 48.3 AI), while Ukraine's Lolita Ananasova placed third overall with 93 points (46.5 TM, 46.5 AI).

Ischenko returned as part of Russia's team free gold medal. Ischenko, Elvira Khasyanova, Darya Korobova, Aleksandra Patskevich, Svetlana Romashina, Alla Shishkina, Anzhelika Timanina and Aleksandra Zueva won with 99 points overall (49.5 in both TM and AI). The team also drew a pair of 10s, one in TM and one in AI.

Spain's Clara Basiana, Alba Cabello, Ona Carbonell, Margalida Crespi, Andrea Fuentes, Thais Henriquez, Paula Klamburg and Cristina Salvador finished second with a 96.9 (48.5 in TM and 48.4 in AI). Ukraine's Lolita Ananasova, Inga Gillyer, Olena Grechyknina, Juliya Maryanko, Oleksandra Sabada, Kateryna Sadurska, Kseniya Sydorenko and Anna Voloshyna took third overall with a 92.8 (46.2 in TM and 46.6 in AI).