Day 4 Prelims: No Cooling Off Sjostrom, Hosszu at Euro Championships

Photo Courtesy: Foto Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

During the prelims the fourth day of the 2017 European Short Course Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, the big stars continued their big swims.

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu led the charge, each snagging top seeds in prelims.

Check out the full results of the session here.

Here is a recap of the prelim session:

Schedule of events

• Men’s 50 butterfly
• Women’s 50 backstroke
• Men’s 100 freestyle
• Women’s 200 freestyle
• Women’s 100 butterfly
• Men’s 100 IM
• Women’s 200 IM
• Mixed 200 free relay

Men’s 50 butterfly

Great Britain’s Benjamin Proud took the top seed in the 50 butterfly to kick off Saturday’s prelims in 22.39. Serbia’s Sebastian Sabo took the second seed (22.54), followed by Russia’s Aleksandr Popkov (22.58) and the Belarus duo of Pavel Yankovich (22.78) and Yauhen Tsurkin (22.79). Ukraine’s Andriy Govorov was sixth (22.81), followed by a tie for the seventh seed between Italy’s Matteo Rivolta and Russia’s Aleksandr Sadovnikov (22.93).

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Women’s 50 backstroke

Katinka Hosszu continued her strong meet by taking the top seed in the 50 backstroke (26.44). Right on her heels was Kira Toussaint of the Netherlands in 26.49. Finland’s Mimosa Jallow took the third seed (26.52), followed by Maaike De Waard of the Netherlands (26.72), Russia’s Anastasia Fesikova (26.83), Italy’s Silvia Scalia (26.91), Czech Republic’s Simona Baumrtova (26.95) and Russia’s Maria Kameneva (26.96).

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Men’s 100 freestyle

Italy’s Luca Dotto was one of two men to break 47 seconds in the 100 freestyle prelims. Ditto took the top seed with a 46.81, followed by Ukraine’s Sergii Shevtsov (46.94).

Italy’s Lorenzo Zazzeri was third at 47.00, followed by Britain’s Duncan Scott (47.03), Lithuania’s Simonas Bilis (47.09) and Italy’s Marco Orsi (47.13), who will not advance to the semifinals despite his sixth-place finish because only two from each country advance.

Poland’s Konrad Czerniak was seventh (47.27) and Greece’s Kristian Gkolomeev was eighth (47.30).

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Women’s 200 freestyle

Femke Heemskerk of the Netherlands took the top seed in the 200 freestyle, finishing in 1:54.09, nearly a half second faster than Russia’s Veronika Andrusenko (1:54.46). Sweden’s Michelle Coleman was third (1:55.34), followed by France’s Charlotte Bonnet (1:55.51), Britain’s Kathryn Greenslade (1:55.60), Spain’s duo of Melanie Costa Schmid (1:56.52) and Lidon Munoz Del Campo (1:56.97) and Belgium’s Valentine Dumont (1:57.22).

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Women’s 100 butterfly

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom took out a fast 100 butterfly prelim and took the top seed with a 56.05. France’s Marie Wattel was second (56.86), followed by Elinore De Jong of the Netherlands (56.99), Denmark’s Emilie Beckmann (57.02), Ranomi Kromowidjojo of the Netherlands (57.05), Belgium’s Kimberly Buys (57.09), Sweden’s Louise Hansson (57.10) and Italy’s Ilaria Bianchi (57.25).

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Men’s 100 IM

Russia’s Sergei Fesikov took the top seed in the 100 IM with a 51.79. Italy’s Marco Orsi was second (52.13), followed by Kyle Stolk of the Netherlands (52.48), Israel’s Yakov Yan Toumarkin (52.50), Italy’s Simone Geni (52.74), Austria’s Bernhard Reitshammer (52.77), Turkey’s Metin Aydin (53.01) and Norway’s Markus Lie (53.06).

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Women’s 200 IM

Katinka Hosszu dominated the 200 IM, clocking a time of 2:07.34 in the prelims to take the top seed. Italy’s Ilaria Cusinato took the second seed (2:09.91) more than 2.5 seconds behind Hosszu.

Switzerland’s Maria Ugolkova was third (2:09.96), followed by Hungary’s Evelyn Verraszto (2:09.97), France’s Fantine LeSaffre (2:10.08), Czech Republic’s Kristyna Horska (2:10.35), Poland’s Alicja Tchorz (2:11.22) and France’s Camille Dauba (2:11.54).

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Mixed 200 free relay

Russia’s Kiment Kolesnikov, Mikhail Vekovischev, Maria Kameneva and Rozaliya Nasretdinova took the top seed in the mixed 200 free relay. Poland was second (1:30.90), followed by the Netherlands (1:31.03), Finland (1:31.41), Italy (1:31.50), Belarus (1:31.70), Germany (1:31.92) and Denmark (1:32.49).

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