Denver Swimming & Diving Suspends 38 Student-Athletes For Attending Off-Campus Party That Was COVID-19 Violation


Denver Swimming & Diving Suspends 38 Student-Athletes For Attending Off-Campus Party

Thirty-eight members of the Denver Swimming & Diving teams, found to have violated COVID-19 rules, have been suspended for attending a “large, off-campus party, knowing such a gathering violated restrictions,” according to a letter sent by Denver’s chancellor and vice chancellor of athletics that was also obtained by Swimming World. All 38 student-athletes have been required to re-test for COVID-19 and have been imposed with location restrictions until negative test results have been received.

The student-athletes will not participate for the remainder of the fall quarter, which will finish November 20, according to the letter and 9 News in Denver.

“We will continue to swiftly pursue disciplinary action if members of our community disregard the protocols and public health orders designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the letter reads. “We can’t have anyone in our community believe they don’t need to abide by DU’s, the city’s or the state’s COVID-19 restrictions while the rest of the community is working so hard to have protocols in place intended to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

Denver Swimming & Diving’s season has been delayed until January 2021 according to the team’s website, as the school is a member of the Summit League Conference.


  1. Lisa Bendall

    Good. If you can’t be responsible, then earn your consequence

  2. Ron Moore

    So much for Constitutional freedom of assembly

    • avatar

      You may want to read up on the Constitution

    • avatar

      They were not arrested. That is how the Constitution works.

  3. Nichol Tran

    What about staff or faculty? How can someone say what you can do on your free time? I am not saying what the kids did is right but if that is a rule for them it should be a rule for all…no?

    • avatar

      Teams always have rules that student athlete are required to follow. They know the consequences of not following team rules. It is a privilege to be on a university team.

  4. avatar

    let the boys party

  5. avatar

    First of all it wasn’t a “large” party, it was a team outdoor gathering off campus with ONLY the team swim members. Since August 1st they have trained together, workout together and eat together every day , they swim in the same pool and most of them live together already (they call it a team bubble and they have stayed with in it).
    The team is their family, and who they feel the safest with, theses are good kids with high GPA’s and they were just spending a day together in a backyard playing games and watching the Denver Nuggets game, with their teammates.
    So far all 38 to my knowledge have tested negative, let this be a lucky lesson for them all but they don’t deserve to be kicked out of school. There was a protest on campus Friday where hundreds of students walked around DU, why aren’t they in trouble? This was clearly just a “team” getting together, who already only socialize with just each other any way…keep it in the bubble, that’s what they did.

  6. avatar
    Frances W

    Good question. Dd anyone test positive out of the group of 38? They are in a bubble with their teammates.

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