Deaflympics Opens With Strong Medal Count From USA, Ukraine


The Deaflympics made their return after the COVID-19 pandemic, kicking off this week in Brazil.

There are a plethora of sports at the Deaflympics, including swimming. Three days into the meet, the U.S. has claimed several medals as has Ukraine.

On the first day of the meet, Ukraine’s Illia Sultanov, Maksym Dudnyk, Oleksii Lytvenko and Oleksii Kolomiiets won the 400 freestyle relay (3:35.16), ahead of Japan (3:38.84) and Team USA’s Tanner Fixsen, Daniel Pletenets, Collin Davis and Matthew Klotz (3:41.54).

Ukraine’s Illia Sultanov won the men’s 50 butterfly (25.08) ahead of Japan’s Ryutaro Ibara (25.33) and USA’s Matthew Klotz (25.40).

Japan’s Satoi Fujihara won the men’s 400 freestyle (4:07.52), while Poland’s Konrad Powroznik won the silver (4:10.84) and USA’s Collin Davis took the bronze (4:13.59).

USA’s Emile Massengale won the 100 backstroke in 1:08.95, ahead of Poland’s Klaudia Jarzewicz (1:11.16) and Diana Valentini (1:12.06).

Team USA’s Carli Cronk won the 200 IM (2:21.19), while Poland’s Julia Dragon won the silver and Ukraine’s Iryna Tereschenko took the bronze (2:29.29).


On the second day of the Deaflympics, Ukraine’s Vladyslav Kremliakov won the men’s 200 backstroke (2:04.26)., holding off USA’s Matthew Klotz (2:07.12) and Collin Davis (2:10.05).

Japan’s Kyoka Saito won the women’s 100 butterfly (1:06.98). Italy’s Sara Margano won the silver medal (1:07.01) and Ukraine’s Anita Makhnyk took the bronze (1:07.54).

On the third day, Cronk won the 1500 freestyle (17:33.90), ahead of Dragan (18:21.24) and Italy’s Jessica Diddoro (18:32.80).

Ibara won the 400 IM ahead of Powroznik (4:44.32) and Italy’s Federica Tomborrino (4:52.23).

Poland’s Julia Chemielewska won the gold in the 200 breaststroke (2:42.85). Tereschenko won the silver (2:46.02) and USA’s Kaitlyn Weatherby took the bronze (2:52.47).

Sultanov won the 100 freestyle (52.46) ahead of Klotz (52.51) and Brazil’s Guilherme Kabbach (52.73).

Cronk won the gold medal in the 200 free in 2:06.38, Latvia’s Zane Embrekte took the silver (2:10.53) and Dragan took the bronze (2:10.95).

Ukraine’s Kremliakov, Kolomiets, Rotyslav Yakubovskyi and Sultanov won the 400 medley relay (3:54.47) to close Day 3 of the Deaflympics. Japan took the silver (4:00.82) and the U.S. claimed the bronze (4:03.73) behind Klotz, Pletenets, Davis and Fixsen.

The meet continues throughout the week.

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