David Curtiss Goes 19.11 in 50 Free, Fastest in High School History (VIDEO)

David Curtiss, right, with Pennington School coach George Ward. Staff Photo

David Curtiss Goes 19.11 in 50, Fastest in High School History

David Curtiss on Saturday made history yet again, the sprinter going 19.11 in the 50-yard freestyle, the fastest time in high school history.

Earlier in the week, he’d clocked in at 19.26 seconds in the 50 to lower his National Independent School record in the event. The Pennsylvania native who swims at the Pennington School in New Jersey, set the mark last February at 19.42 seconds at the Eastern Interscholastic Championships. That was trimmed by almost two tenths in a meet against Wilberforce School on Wednesday and then to 19.11 on Saturday at the start of a 200 free relay.

Saturday’s swim was the fastest in high school history, undercutting the time set last month by Aiden Hayes at 19.20 seconds. The Oklahoma native will be Curtiss’s teammate next year at NC State. Virginia freshman Matt Brownstead also went 19.24 in high school last year.

Curtiss’ growth puts him in the picture for Olympic Trials this summer, in the 50 free in particular. He cracked 22 seconds in the 50 free long-course at the TYR Pro Swim Series in January and has made sub-20-second 50s in high school dual meets seem routine.

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George Ward
George Ward
2 years ago

David’s ability to stay driven, with limited opponents next to him, in a shortened 5 week HS season, with numerous snow storms and meet cancelations……to be the best is outstanding! This 19.11 swim caps off an incredible four years with a storybook ending! He’s going to love college swimming at NC State and with this finish he’ll have incredible momentum as he prepares for Olympic Trials in June. Congratulations David- You Did It! We are SO proud of you! Coach Ward & your Pennington Swimming family!