Daniel Branon Breaks Michael Phelps’ 9-10 Meet Record at Speedo Winter Invite

Photo Courtesy: Frank Genderson

Five years before Michael Phelps swam in his first Olympics, he set a 10-and-under 50 fly meet record for Berkeley’s annual long course January invitational at 32.39. That was in 1995. In 2019, that record finally has gone down. Daniel Branon, who competes for the same North Baltimore Aquatic Club Phelps swam for, put up a time of 31.42 in the 50 fly to win the event at the Speedo Winter Invitational.

Branon was also victorious in the 200 IM, using a strong finish to beat Long Island’s Andrew Koek, 2:45.57 to 2:46.78. Later on, Koek won the 50 breast in 38.13. Also in the 10-and-under boys’ category, Long Island’s James Darcy won the 200 free in 2:25.72.

For the 10-and-under girls, Berkeley’s Kiera Harkins won the 50 fly in 35.41 and Long Island’s Samantha Anderson took first in the 200 free (2:34.60). North Baltimore swimmers Angel Kadoorie (200 IM, 2:50.75) and Chrissy Furlow (50 breast, 42.42) also had victories.

Long Island’s Brooke Armstrong finished first in the 11-12 girls’ 50 free (29.21) and 200 free (2:15.58), and her teammate Praise Okodogbe won the 100 fly (1:06.71). North Baltimore’s Ana Hazlehurst won the 100 breast for that age group in 1:21.74.

For the second straight day, Long Island Aquatic Club put on a show in the 11-12 boys’ events, with Matthew Peitler winning the 50 (29.56) and 200 free (2:14.43), Ethan Nus taking first in the 100 fly (1:09.23) and Matt Zhao winning the 100 breast (1:21.67).

North Baltimore teammates Taylor McNerneyLogan Betkey and Skye Bilger all won events in the 13-14 girls’ division. McNerney was victorious in the 200 fly (2:32.21), Betkey won the 100 free (1:01.05) and Bilger touched first in the 400 IM (5:18.85). Scualos’ Julia Golovina won the 50 free in 27.97.

North Baltimore’s Sam Kamdin won the 13-14 boys’ 50 (25.77) and 100 free (55.82), and teammate Ryan Merani won the 200 fly (2:13.04). Long Island’s Michael Ma took first in the 400 IM in 5:02.25.

Swimming World is presenting live and on-demand video coverage of the meet, and race videos from the session will be posted shortly.


  1. Kim Dandrea

    Annamarie Strehlow and Alyssa Armbrust. OMG

  2. Kathy Schofield

    A young man to watch and learn his name…

  3. Heidi Tague


  4. Josh Smith

    Amazing. Now if he can maintain balance and not burn out….

  5. Linda Parker

    Congratulations Daniel!!!

  6. Hriscu Dragoș

    Alex Hriscu , Raresh Hriscu😮😮😮

    • Tanya Penrod

      Agreed. How many fast kids do we see that struggle and quit as soon as they hit the pre plague stage, much less puberty, and start to struggle? I think its great he’s fast now but how much pressure is this going to add to the kid? I wish we’d stop keeping track of records this young.

    • Leslie Medley

      Tony MacGuinness I bet it means a lot to him. And it’s an impressive time…whether or not he goes to the Olympics.

    • Priya Niralay

      The amount of pressure I have seen parents put on the kids is nothing less. Our PNW area full of Asians mostly 50% plus and they can throw money for private lessons costing 60$ for every half hour. Nice booming business to satisfy the parents egos.

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Leslie Medley
      And if in a few weeks time a swimmer beats this time… he will be forgotten by the press.

    • Prasetya AR

      Priya Niralay oh not only Asians have money, they also have egos huh? Smartest comment I see so far

    • Nick Cittadino

      Tony MacGuinness it means nothing because he isnt your kid…it’s a good story, no one is booking the kid tickets to Paris. Take a chill pill and relax Tone.

    • Rami Villagomez

      Why can’t you just be happy for the kid? It takes a lot of hard work, time, effort and discipline to do what all this swimmers do at this age.
      Get off your high horse and take a chill pill.

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Rami Villagomez
      No high horse, just a very experienced swim coach telling how it really is.

      Suggest you check my fb page before trying to lecture me about swim training.
      Looks like you are JAFO…

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Nick Cittadino
      Now why would I take any notice of a JAFO?

    • Rami Villagomez

      Tony MacGuinness I checked your bio prior posting my comment. More of a reason why you should know the effort it takes.

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Rami Villagomez
      As I said.. It means absolutely nothing… in the real world of competitive swimming. Only the press places any importance to it.

    • Tanya Penrod

      Also a swim coach and agree whole heartedly with Tony MacGuinness. We see fast kids all thr time. Most quit by 13. I don’t believe either Tony or I are not happy for this kid but we also understand that at 10, it ultimately doesn’t mean anything.

    • Nick Cittadino

      Tony MacGuinness of course it means nothing. He’s 10!! It’s a good story. He broke a record set by the greatest of all time. Again, it WOULD mean something if he was your kid!!!We don’t need you and your fake elitism and superiority to educate us on what accomplishments “means something” and what “means nothing” …do you often tell young swimmers at their accomplishments at young ages “mean nothing”?

    • Scotty Rau Rau

      Tony MacGuinness exactly!!! Put away the Olympic medal

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Nick Cittadino
      I don’t blow it all out of proportion like it has been.

      Fake elitism? I suggest you walk extremely slowly towards a mirror and spend a good oh shall we say… 30 mins looking at your own reflection because you will be observing who is out of touch with reality.

      I am realistic … if a time beats the personal best than that is a powerful positive, and should be reflected as such by the coach and team.

      But, to lay futuristic associations of what could or might be is unrealistic, egotistical and completely wrong. Did, the report have to hype it up with the comparison to Phelps?

      The merit of the actual great achievement by this young swimmer of being faster than he was previously has become clouded through sensational headlines.

      Fake elitism? I don’t think so, because the comparison to Phelps is meaningless as the merit is in this young swimmer beating his previous best time.

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Scotty Rau Rau
      Olympic Medal display?

      Please point out where exactly I have ever mentioned Olympic Medals?

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Children only get to be under 9 or 10 years old once. So why do some try and treat them like a professional athlete, adding on the stress, pressure, physical and mental demands?

      This is not the way to develop talent. It is the very sad professionalization of youth sports. And it is wrong.

    • Priya Niralay

      Prasetya AR hey no offense but I am an Asian as well and I include my types here as well. The fact is that it’s no longer talent or natural ability in this age group but much of expert coaching you bought for your kid. The kids who can’t afford it will obviously be behind.

    • Elliot Maslen

      Priya Niralay it’s not all about money. This is not the case. There is a of natural talent out there which doesn’t need money thrown at it. Far too much pressure is put on children these days to be elitist and not enough enjoyment of whatever sport they play. Just ensure your child is happy in whatever sport they decide to partake in.

    • Ashley Fernandes

      Tony MacGuinness as the wise man said” we’ll see”!

    • Scotty Rau Rau

      Tony MacGuinness if you read my post….I was agreeing with you. This means absolutely nothing, as you said. I was implying that people will jump to conclusions with the “put away the Olympic medal display” 😉

    • Nick Cittadino

      Tony MacGuinness copy and paste the text where the report “hyped it up with the comparison to Phelps”

    • Tony MacGuinness

      Nick Cittadino
      I don’t take orders or even requests from people I do not know… especially as you want to troll people as you seem to like doing to me.
      It looks like you are in the minority…so give it a rest.

    • Nick Cittadino

      Tony MacGuinness not trolling, just simply asking you to back up your words with facts. That’s all. Apparently that’s to much to ask from you. Have a good weekend Tone!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Kira McDonough

    Read the article for ALL the incredible swims of up and coming stars.

  8. avatar

    Whoop dee doo in ct swim he would be in fifth place. Good luck but swim faster you haven’t won 28 medals yet have a little respect. Check Deck pass to see michaels real times.

  9. Joe Delgado

    Records are meant to be broken!

  10. Omar Omari

    Edrian Young see this

  11. avatar

    This could not happen to a nicer child, I am so proud of Daniel! (Granted, I am a bit biased since I am his soccer coach). Daniel’s face lights up when he talks about his idol Michael Phelps. His work ethic in sports and school, along with the caring way he treats all others, children and adults, will lead to Daniel’s to success wherever he goes.

  12. avatar

    Go Daniel! Great swim. We are proud of you!

  13. avatar
    Andrew von Weetenkamp


  14. Katy Dean

    Records are made to be broken. You go kiddo!!!

  15. Heather Raley

    Dena Wise Furlow, Chrissy made Swimming World!!

  16. Cindy Ebert Russo

    That’s awesome! Way to go Daniel. 🏊‍♂️

  17. Clarke Nyman

    Way to go Daniel!!

  18. Heather Raley

    Alison Mckeever Merani Ryan’s mentioned in here too!

  19. avatar

    Love the photo!

    Not only is Daniel an extremely talented and dedicated athlete, but also a kind, caring, and down to earth kid. We all wish him much success in everything he does.

  20. Candice Joubert

    Awesome I’d love to see the race 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  21. Giorgi Bukhrikidze

    George Giorgi Marsagishvili დავიმახსოვროთ ეს ბავშვი:))

    • George Giorgi Marsagishvili

      Giorgi Bukhrikidze ხოო მთავარია პროგრესი გააგრძელებინონ😃

  22. avatar

    The future is yours young man! Keep it fun though!