DC Trident to Partner with Upper Deck for Trading Cards

Photo Courtesy: DC Trident

D.C. Trident General Manager Kaitlin Sandeno is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Upper Deck for D.C. Trident team trading cards, to celebrate the International Swimming League’s debut season.

Says Sandeno, “I am absolutely thrilled about the partnership with Upper Deck. This is exactly what we set out to do — promote our athletes and expand this great sport. I cannot think of a more iconic way than having swimmers on Upper Deck collector cards.”

The idea came about organically, when Sandeno was A/B testing a social media announcement mock up with team manager Emily White. Sandeno was playing around with a few ideas to announce an athlete and asked for feedback. In which White said, “I agree with you on option one, but option two looks like a swimmer ‘baseball’ card.” The innovative D.C. Trident biz dev team took the concept and ran with it, connecting with Upper Deck who were fully supportive of the concept.

The D.C. Trident set is available to pre-order via D.C. Trident’s merchandise line HERE. All DC Trident team revenue is shared directly with their athletes, so this is a great way to promote professional swimmers.

Swimming World’s Craig Lord caught up with DC Trident General Manager Kaitlin Sandeno and Cali Condors GM Jason Lezak.

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DC Trident Roster


  • Anika Apostalon, CZE
  • Lisa Bratton, USA
  • Natalie Coughlin, USA
  • Bethany Galat, USA
  • Sarah Gibson, USA
  • Siobhan Haughey, HKG
  • Madison Kennedy, USA
  • Katie Ledecky, USA
  • Brianna Throssell, AUS
  • Sian Whittaker, AUS


  • Zach Apple, USA
  • Kevin Cordes, USA
  • Abrahm DeVine, USA
  • Ian Finnerty, USA
  • Zane Grothe, USA
  • Zach Harting, USA
  • Tristan Hollard, AUS
  • Robert Howard, USA
  • Jay Litherland, USA
  • Cody Miller, USA
  • Giles Smith, USA
  • Jeremy Stravius, FRA
  • Andreas Vazaios, GRE

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