CSCAA Scholar All-American Individual Honors Awarded (Full Lists)

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick
The College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has named over 2,000 swimmers and divers to its Scholar All-American Team for the 2023-24 season.

To qualify for First-Team Scholar All-America, student-athletes must have earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher and participated in their national championship. Second-Team selections, must have also earned a 3.5 GPA or higher and met a “B” time standard for the national championship or qualified for a diving zone qualification meet.

Notable honorees among the women include six CSCAA Swimmers and Divers of the Year. For Division I: Gretchen Walsh (Virginia); Division II: Emily Trieschmann (Nova Southeastern) and Alexa Gonczi (PennWest-Clarion); Division III: Kaley McIntyre (NYU) and Kailee Payne (Ithaca); and for NAIA: Maaike Broersma (Lindsey Wilson).

For the men, five CSCAA Swimmers and Divers of the Year earned this prestigious recognition. For Division I: Carson Tyler (Indiana); Division II: Ben Sampson (Colorado Mesa); Division III: Justin Finkel (Connecticut College) and Israel Zavaleta (Kenyon); and for NAIA: Noel de Geus (Keiser).

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CSCAA Division I – Women

Air Force:

  • Kinzie Etzelmiller : (2nd Team)- Management


  • Abigail Daniel:  Exercise Science
  • Aislinn Holder: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Astrid Halvorsen: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Elizabeth Noble: (2nd Team)- Criminology
  • Maddy Gatrall:  Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Madeline Dyer: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Science
  • Paige Bush: (2nd Team)- Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Rachel Sabotin: (2nd Team)- Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Rebecca Reid: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Sara Bozso: (2nd Team)- Exercise Physiology
  • Weronika Gorecka:  Business Administration


  • Cadence Vincent:  Kinesiology
  • Courtney Russo: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Diana Petkova:  Interior Design
  • Ella Menear:  Kinesiology
  • Gabrielle Van Brunt:  Psychology
  • Julia Herring: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering
  • Kailyn Winter:  Kinesiology
  • Kasia Norman: (2nd Team)- Food and Nutrition
  • Mackenzie Brandt: (2nd Team)- Communications Disorders
  • Sophia Garrison: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Sydney Sanders: (2nd Team)- Business


  • Brooke Earley:  Journalism
  • Eleni Gewalt: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Emma Kinsey: (2nd Team)- Physiology & Medical Sciences
  • Haakon Naughton: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Julia Heimstead:  Law
  • Julia Wozniak: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Kelsey Wasikowski: (2nd Team)- Physiology & Medical Sciences
  • Maddy Ahluwalia: (2nd Team)- Music
  • Paige Armstrong: (2nd Team)- Physiology & Medical Sciences
  • Tia Lindsay: (2nd Team)- Urban and Regional Development


  • Adela Vavrinova: (2nd Team)- Clinical Psychology
  • Alaya Smith: (2nd Team)- Pre-Nursing
  • Alessia Ferraguti:  Chemistry
  • Bradi Jones: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Bryze Sanchez: (2nd Team)- Business / Entrepreneurship
  • Isabella Cothern:  Sport Management
  • Lauren French: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Sydney Craft: (2nd Team)- Pre-Nursing / Pre-Public Health

Auburn :

  • Abigail Farrar:  Exercise Science
  • Abigail Gibbons: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Ashlynn Sullivan:  Exercise Science
  • Averee Preble:  Exercise Science
  • Avery Bargeron: (2nd Team)- Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management
  • Brynn Curtis: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Carissa Rinard: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Casey Cullen: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Emma Steckiel:  Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management
  • Hannah Ownbey:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Jade Castro: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Kayla Walsh: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Kensley Merritt:  Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management
  • Kyla Maloney: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Lawson Ficken:  Business
  • Lexie Mulvihill:  Psychology
  • Maggie Gholston: (2nd Team)- Fashion & Apparel Design
  • Maggie McGuire:  Business
  • Morgan Carteaux: (2nd Team)- Biochemical Engineering
  • Wyllo Hanson: (2nd Team)- Communications

Boston University:

  • Karina Moy: (2nd Team)- Health Science
  • Marina Cataldo: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Sophia Souza: (2nd Team)- Health Science
  • Sumi Cameron: (2nd Team)- Business Administration & Management


  • Samantha Scott: (2nd Team)- Business Economics
  • Morgan Lukinac: (2nd Team)- Environmental Studies
  • Lily Klinginsmith: (2nd Team)- Biology/Pre-Med
  • Gillian Tu: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sumner Chmielewski: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Jenna Reznicek: (2nd Team)- Psychology & Modern Culture + Media
  • Bowie Krawczyk: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Isabella George: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Elena Yeh: (2nd Team)- Chemistry & Literary Arts


  • Aubryn Ordyna: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Brooklyn Larson: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Halli Williams: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Mackenzie Miller: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Sophia Debergh: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Bucknell :

  • Regina Frias: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Clarice Fisher: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Kaylee Donovan: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Mallory Hanna: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Marialis Kwak:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Mia Naccarella: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Presley Dorsett: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Victoria Franz: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Cal Baptist :

  • Audrey Thordarson-Wehner: (2nd Team)- Art Therapy
  • Natalia Bedolla: (2nd Team)- Early Childhood Education
  • Sofia Maksimova:  Entrepreneurial Studies


  • Grace Gavin: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Ido Gal: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Jessica Davis: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Joleigh Crye:  Marketing
  • Julie Rose: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Kaylee Nagel: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Libby Michel: (2nd Team)- Film

Colorado State:

  • Margaret Di Scipio: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Science
  • Maya White: (2nd Team)- Nutritional Sciences
  • Sydney VanOvermeiren: (2nd Team)- MBA
  • Tess Whineray: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry


  • Ana Laura Faoro: (2nd Team)- Law
  • Bella Hoffman: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Kate Cooper: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Olivia Denery: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Anna Gruvberger: (2nd Team)- HADM-BS
  • Brooke Andrews: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Emilie Boisrenoult: (2nd Team)- Econ-AB


  • Alexa Kalish: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Alyssa Palacios: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Aryeh Lesch: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Claire Cornell: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Julianne Jones: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Margaret Lambdin: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Annica Valmassei: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Elle Jacobsen: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Alexandra Pastris: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Julia Servas: (2nd Team)- Economics


  • Dakotah Parker: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Ines Marin Alexandre: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Jessica Maeda: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Kaelyn Hinesley: (2nd Team)- Physiology
  • Kaitlin Calvery: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Mina Ada Solaker: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Olivia Gordon: (2nd Team)- Physiology
  • Savanna Berry: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry/Engineering

Drexel University:

  • Chelsea Gravereaux: (2nd Team)- Mathematics


  • Aleyna Ozkan:  Psychology
  • Ali Pfaff:  Undeclared
  • Aliyah Watson:  Mgt of Clinical Informatics
  • Audrey Portello: (2nd Team)- Public Policy
  • Avari Wang: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Catherine Belyakov:  Public Policy
  • Catherine Purnell:  International Comparative Studies
  • Emily Rakestraw: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • KyAhn Truong:  Neuroscience
  • Martina Peroni:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Molly Donlan:  Undeclared
  • Sarah Foley:  Psychology
  • Savannah Goveia: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Tatum Wall:  Economics
  • Yixuan Chang:  Visual and Media Studies


  • Ashley Felitsky: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Haley Scholer: (2nd Team)- Marketing


  • Amanda Ray: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Anna Moore: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Aris Runnels:  Criminology
  • Bella Sims:  Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Camille Deboer: (2nd Team)- Education Sciences
  • Carina Lumia:  Health Science
  • Carly Meeting: (2nd Team)- Science & Engineering
  • Caroline Pagac: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Caroline Pennington:  Finance
  • Casey Greenberg: (2nd Team)- Health Education and Behavior
  • Ekaterina Nikonova: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Elise Bauer: (2nd Team)- Health Education and Behavior
  • Elisha Dees: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Emma Weyant:  Political Science
  • Grace Rainey: (2nd Team)- Science & Engineering
  • Isabel Ivey:  Management
  • Jojo Ramey:  Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Julia Podkoscielny:  Science & Engineering
  • Lainy Kruger:  Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Madison Kolessar: (2nd Team)- Natural Resource Conservation
  • Melissa Cowen: (2nd Team)- Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Michaela Mattes: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Olivia Peoples:  Biology

Florida Atlantic:

  • Alicia Mora:  Business Analytics M.S.
  • Selina Staudenherz: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Grace Powell: (2nd Team)- Undecided

Florida Gulf Coast

  • Jasmin Kroll: (2nd Team)- Forensic Science

Florida International:

  • Christie Chue:  Parks, Recreation, & Leisure
  • Delaine Goll: (2nd Team)- Hospitality & Recreation Management
  • Diana Santamaria: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Ellie Maradyn: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Mikaela Starr: (2nd Team)- Rehabilitation Services
  • Paige Burrell:  Exercise Science
  • Ruska Lehtonen: (2nd Team)- Marketing

Florida State:

  • Jessica Buntman: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Julia Mansson: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Kayleigh Clark: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Maddy Huggins:  Criminology
  • Maysa Ratiu:  Undecided
  • Phoebe Griffiths:  Marketing
  • Sarah Evans:  Criminology
  • Sophie Freeman: (2nd Team)- International Relations
  • Sydney Cole: (2nd Team)- Sociology
  • Vivian Johnson: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Ainhoa Martin:  Business Administration Marketing and Information Systems
  • Emma Shaughnessy: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Jessica Zebrowski: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Manon Compagner: (2nd Team)- Media Management

Fresno State:

  • Jenna Pulkkinen: (2nd Team)- Pre-Psychology
  • Sera Hanagan: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology-Exercise Science

George Mason:

  • Ali Tyler: (2nd Team)- Forensic Science

George Washington:

  • Ava Topolewski:  Marketing
  • Marlee Rickert: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Barbara Schaal: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Zoe Schneider: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Julia Knox: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Olivia Paquette: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Dara Reyblat: (2nd Team)- Organizational Communication

Georgetown :

  • Cecilia Hanuch: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • Erin Hood: (2nd Team)- International Studies


  • Abby McCulloh:  Journalism
  • Briana Roberson:  Wildlife, Fish & Wildlands Science & Management
  • Eboni McCarty:  Sociology
  • Hannah Stumpf: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Helena Jones:  Marketing
  • Julianna Stephens:  Child Development
  • Meghan Wenzel:  Child Development
  • Michelle Cummo: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Millie Sansome: (2nd Team)- Nutrition
  • Olivia Dellatorre:  Public Health
  • Rachel Stege:  Finance
  • Shea Furse:  Marketing
  • Zoie Hartman:  Psychology

Georgia Tech:

  • Anna Bradescu:  Mathematics
  • Anna Hadjiloizou: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Clarissa Sabin: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Katie Mckyton: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Lindsey Merk: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • McKenzie Campbell: (2nd Team)- Analytics
  • Rei Kuramoto: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Robin Yeboah: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Sophie Murphy: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Vivien Rothwell: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Zora Ripkova: (2nd Team)- Industrial Engineering

Georgia Southern :

  • Karlee Wells: (2nd Team)- Biology

Grand Canyon :

  • Maria Brunlehner: (2nd Team)- Business Management
  • Paula Martinez: (2nd Team)- Business Management
  • Rapha Nakashima: (2nd Team)- Business Management
  • Shiori Bak: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Addie Rose: (2nd Team)- Government
  • Aleksandra Denisenko: (2nd Team)- Integrative Biology
  • Alexandra Bastone: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Amy Wotovich:  Economics
  • Anya Mostek:  Applied Mathematics
  • Katie Laverty: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Mandy Brenner: (2nd Team)- History & Literature
  • Molly Hamlin: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Nina Janmyr:  Applied Mathematics
  • Remi Edvalson:  English
  • Stephanie Iannacconne: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sydney Lu: (2nd Team)- Applied Mathematics


  • Anna Friedrich: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Elma Lund: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Isabelle Lombardi: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Juan Gonzalez: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Justin Lisoway: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Mackaby Pennington: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science
  • Zofia Tyminska: (2nd Team)- Business


  • Adelaide Meuter: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Audrey McKinnon: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Chase Farris:  Psychology
  • Emilia Waters: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology and Nutrition
  • Evelyn Entrekin: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Hedda Grelz: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Henrietta Fangli:  Kinesiology and Nutrition
  • Josie Graves: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Michelle McLeod:  Environmental Science
  • Sydney Nethercutt: (2nd Team)- Mathematics


  • Bethany Mercer: (2nd Team)- Community Health
  • Danielle O’Kelly: (2nd Team)- Anthropology
  • Matilda Garcia: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sara Jass: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Suvana Baskar: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Taylor Michael: (2nd Team)- Marketing


  • Kerry-leigh Morrison: (2nd Team)- Mathematics

Illinois State:

  • Emma Feltzer: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Madyson Morse: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Anna Peplowski:  Sport Marketing & Management
  • Anne Fowler:  Healthcare Management & Policy
  • Brearna Crawford:  Human Biology
  • Ching Hwee Gan:  Nutrition Science
  • Ella Ristic:  Management
  • Kacey McKenna:  Political Science
  • Lily Hann: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Lily Witte:  Computer Science
  • Mariah Denigan:  Sport Marketing & Management
  • Morgan Casey: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Kennedy Gilbertson: (2nd Team)- Leadership Studies
  • Makayla Hughbanks: (2nd Team)- Enterprise Leadership
  • Sarah Ballard: (2nd Team)- Political Science

Iowa State University:

  • Allyson Blumenfeld: (2nd Team)- Criminal Justice
  • Katherine Mitchell: (2nd Team)- Healthcare Management
  • Lauren Kimball: (2nd Team)- English and Secondary Education

James Madison :

  • Madison Cottrell: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Riley Bridgman: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Jess Pryne: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Lexi Lehman: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Alexa Holloway: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Kate Vitolo: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Madelyn O’mera: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance


  • Lezli Sisung: (2nd Team)- Environmental Studies
  • Lauren Gryboski: (2nd Team)- Anthropology and Biology
  • Lize van Leeuwen: (2nd Team)- Philosophy
  • Shiyun Lai:  Liberal Arts & Sciences


  • Abby Devereaux: (2nd Team)- Media Arts & Design
  • Anna Havens Rice: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Bridget Engel:  Biology
  • Caroline Benda: (2nd Team)- Other
  • Claire McDaniels: (2nd Team)- International Studies
  • Devynn Bishop: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Grace Frericks:  Sport Management
  • Jodi Cobb: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Kristy Pfaff: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Levi Sandidge: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Libby Grether: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Madilyn McGlothen: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Marie Belli: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Megan Drumm: (2nd Team)- Media Arts & Design
  • Olivia Mendenhall: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Torie Buerger: (2nd Team)- Other
  • Zane Rosely: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Caroline Stamps: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Genna Joyce: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Grace Isaacs: (2nd Team)- Aviation
  • Kamryn Cannings:  Exercise Science
  • Mary Evelyn Herndon: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Shannon Icard: (2nd Team)- Sport Management


  • Mattia Giurgevich: (2nd Team)- Business Administration


  • Hannah Bellina: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Jenna Bridges: (2nd Team)- Mass Communication
  • Jere Hribar: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Karlo Percinic: (2nd Team)- Business Analytics
  • Katarina Milutinovich:  Master’s Business Administration
  • Lily Hughes: (2nd Team)- Sports Administration
  • Maggie Buckley:  Biological Science
  • Megan Barnes:  Economics
  • Reagan Osborne: (2nd Team)- Master’s in Accounting
  • Sofia Sartori:  Sports Administration


  • Bianca Costea: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Cecilia Viberg:  Marketing
  • Christiana Regenauer:  Business Administration
  • Ella Welch:  Accounting
  • Else Praasterink:  Biology
  • Fernanda Gomes Celidonio:  Exercise Science
  • Gabi Albiero:  Marketing
  • Grace Leonard: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Julia Dennis:  Exercise Science
  • Karoline Barrett:  Marketing
  • Kim Herkle:  Neuroscience
  • Lucy Mehraban:  Business Administration
  • Maddie Luther: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Madie Hall: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Paige Hetrick:  Exercise Science
  • Paige Kuwata: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Tristen Ulett:  Social Work

Loyola :

  • Lily Mead: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Eszter Laban: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Grace Kelsheimer: (2nd Team)- Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Molly Warner: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • Paige Banton: (2nd Team)- Dietetics

Miami (FL):

  • Adrianna Cera: (2nd Team)- Counseling
  • Emma Shuppert:  Natural Resources Conservation
  • Giulia Carvalho:  Advertising
  • Leah Treglia: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Mary Kate Kelley: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Sarah Sensenbrenner: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Savannah Barr: (2nd Team)- Management/Marketing
  • Talia Bates: (2nd Team)- Sport Management

Miami (OH):

  • Greta Kolbeck: (2nd Team)- Philosophy
  • Gretchen Osmun: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Henju Duvenhage: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Madeline Padavic: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Maria Meinhardt: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Nicole Maier:  Communication, Journalism, & Related Programs
  • Sara Lahrach Sanchez: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Alexandra Mercier: (2nd Team)- Architecture
  • Brady Kendall:  Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Casey Chung:  Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
  • Ella Jo Piersma: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Evelyna Johnson: (2nd Team)- International Studies
  • Kameron Liberman: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Kathryn Ackerman:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Madison Smith: (2nd Team)- Movement Science
  • Malia Amuan:  Statistics
  • Mattea Sokolow: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sophia Guo: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sophia Tuinman: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Taylor Peters: (2nd Team)- Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience


  • Adeline Albrecht:  Kinesiology
  • Ava Gustafson: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Ava Yablonski: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Claire Reinke: (2nd Team)- Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Eliot Kennedy:  Psychology
  • Elna Widerstrom:  Industrial Engineering
  • Faith Johnson: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Grace Drabot: (2nd Team)- Genetics
  • Hannah Cornish: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Indy Jongman: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Kate LaMonica: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Megan Phillip: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Megan Van Berkom:  Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Mina Kaljevic: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Morgan Thomas: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Paula Rodriguez Rivero: (2nd Team)- Fashion & Apparel Design
  • Viviana Del Angel:  Business


  • Emily Roden: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Francesca Smith: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Holley Dennis: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Kylee Sullivan: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Paige Striley: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Peyton Drexler: (2nd Team)- Architecture
  • Piper McNeil: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Sierra Smith: (2nd Team)- Educational Psychology
  • Zara Zallen: (2nd Team)- Political Science

Missouri State:

  • Lily DeSpain: (2nd Team)- Cell Biology


  • Ela Habjan: (2nd Team)- Operations Research
  • Riley Gavigan: (2nd Team)- Quantitative Economics

NC State:

  • Abby Arens:  Environmental Science
  • Aubree Brouwer: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Brooke Travis: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Emma Hastings:  Animal Science
  • Grace Monahan: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Katharine Berkoff:  Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Katherine Helms: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Kennedy Noble:  Psychology
  • Miriam Sheehan:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Yara Hierath: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Anastasia Tichy: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Antonina Harned: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Beatrix Tanko: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Elle Delcamp: (2nd Team)- Family Studies
  • Frankie Webb: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Genevieve Jorgenson:  Biological Sciences
  • Jojo Randby: (2nd Team)- Management and Biological Sciences
  • Maia Hall: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Sarah Barton: (2nd Team)- Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management


  • Darby Drake: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education


  • Frederica Kizek:  Biochemical Engineering
  • Lucia Gabino: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Sara Mihalic: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Scarlett Ferris:  Kinesiology
  • Yasmin Perry: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology

New Hampshire:

  • Ella Guilfoil: (2nd Team)- Bioengineering
  • Emma Clarke: (2nd Team)- Political Science

New Mexico:

  • Alice English: (2nd Team)- Emergency Medical Services
  • Kristen Hepfer: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science

Northeastern University:

  • Erin Murphy: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Jamie Koo: (2nd Team)- Mathematics

Northern Colorado:

  • Katelyn Bergin: (2nd Team)- Human Services
  • Maria Erokhina: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Payten Irwin: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Northern Iowa:

  • Amber Finke: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Faith Larsen: (2nd Team)- Political Science


  • Ayla Spitz: Data Science
  • Chloe Sharpe: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Hana Shimizu-Bowers: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Justine Murdock: (2nd Team)- Statistics
  • Lindsay Ervin: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Lydia Georgopoulou: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Markie Hopkins:  Educational Studies
  • Shauntel Lim: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Tona Zinn: (2nd Team)- Social Policy

Notre Dame:

  • Cason Wilburn: (2nd Team)- Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Ellie Jew: (2nd Team)- Master of Science in Management
  • Grace Brenneman: (2nd Team)- Strategic management
  • Grace Courtney: Business Analytics
  • Jess Geriane: (2nd Team)- Cinematography & Film
  • Maggie Graves: Accounting
  • Megan Deuel: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Parker Macy: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Sarah Bender: (2nd Team)- Political Science


  • Christopher Palvadre: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Elleana Chalifoux: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Jordyn Shipps: (2nd Team)- Clinical and Diagnostic Science


  • Casadie Dibetta: (2nd Team)- Early Childhood Education
  • Gabby Brust: (2nd Team)- Special Education
  • Julia Strine: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Zita Szoke: Education

Ohio State:

  • Amy Fulmer: Biology
  • Catherine Russo: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Gwen Woodbury: Biology
  • Hannah Bach:  Public Health
  • Jane Boyle: Biomedical Informatics
  • Jessica Eden: (2nd Team)- HDFS
  • Katherine Zenick: Neuroscience
  • Krista Marlin: Respiratory Therapy
  • Kyra Sommerstad: Health Sciences
  • Lena Hentschel: International Studies
  • Liberty Gilbert: (2nd Team) – Political Science
  • Lucy Malys: (2nd Team) – Speech and Hearing Science
  • Maya Geringer: Environmental Policy
  • Mia Rankin: Philosophy
  • Morgan Kraus: Biochemistry
  • Reese Dehen: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Teresa Ivan: Health Sciences


  • Anna Kalandadze: Biology
  • Anna Moehn: Undeclared
  • Isabella Pytel: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Joy Jiang: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Sydney Bergstrom: (2nd Team) – Mathematics
  • Vanessa Chong: (2nd Team) – Management concentration; Operations, Information, & Decisions concentration

Penn State:

  • Abigail Ekstrom: (2nd Team) – Health Science and Human Performance
  • Catherine Meisner: (2nd Team) – Accounting
  • Charlize Beniquez: (2nd Team) – Accounting
  • Daphne Wils: Nutrition
  • Mariano Lazzerini: (2nd Team) – Finance
  • Maura Fluehr: (2nd Team) – Behavioral Sciences
  • Molly Carson: (2nd Team) – Wildlife, Fish & Wildlands Science & Management
  • Morgan Moore: (2nd Team) – Behavioral Sciences


  • Claire Jansen: Natural Sciences
  • Emma Gravgaard: (2nd Team) – Industrial Engineering
  • Jess Vega: Law, Criminal Justice & Society
  • Margaret Foley: (2nd Team) – Arts & Sciences
  • Megan Iannon: (2nd Team) – Arts & Sciences
  • Rachel Dickerson: (2nd Team) – undeclared
  • Sophie Yendell: Urban Planning & Geography Analysis
  • Sydney Gring: (2nd Team) – Arts & Sciences

Princeton :

  • Alexa Pappas: (2nd Team) – Anthropology
  • Dakota Tucker: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Ela Noble: Economics
  • Eleanor Sun: Operations Research and Financial Engineering
  • Ellie Marquardt: (2nd Team) – History
  • Emily Appleton: (2nd Team) – Anthropology
  • Francesca Noviello: (2nd Team) – Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Heidi Smithwick: Evolutionary Biology and Ecology
  • Liza Whitmire: (2nd Team) – Neuroscience
  • Maddie Seltzer: (2nd Team) – Sociology
  • Margaux McDonald: Public and International Affairs


  • Daryn Wright: Retail Management
  • Jaye Patrick: Communication & Leadership Postgrad Certificate
  • Jenna Sonnenberg: Law & Society
  • Kate Mouser: (2nd Team) – Professional Flight Technology
  • Kendra Bowen: (2nd Team) – Communication & Leadership Postgrad Certificate
  • Maggie Love: (2nd Team) – Biomedical Engineering
  • Maycey Vieta: Communication & Leadership Postgrad Certificate
  • Sophia McAfee: Economics

Queens (NC):

  • Sophie Lange: (2nd Team) – International Studies
  • Maddie Foster: (2nd Team) – Accounting
  • Annika Huber: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Abigail Zboran: (2nd Team) – Nursing


  • Amelia Kane: (2nd Team) – Political Science
  • Arielle Hayon: Managerial Economics and Organizational Science
  • Ella Dyson: Business
  • Imogen Meers: (2nd Team) – Computer Science
  • Mimi Filkin: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Shannon Campbell: (2nd Team) – General Studies


  • Melissa Nwakalor: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Lola Dragosavac: (2nd Team) – PPE & L


  • Amelia Scott: (2nd Team) – Undeclared
  • Elysha Pribadi: (2nd Team) – Communications
  • Martyna Piesko: (2nd Team) – Psychology & Criminal Justice
  • Molly Urkiel: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Sephora Ford: (2nd Team) – Chemistry
  • Shannon Meadway: (2nd Team) – Labor & Employment Relations
  • Tina Celik: (2nd Team) – Psychology & Criminal Justice
  • Valeria Egorova: (2nd Team) – Undeclared

Sacred Heart:

  • Cerys Williams: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Lola Barrett: (2nd Team) – Communication Disorders

San Diego State:

  • Alina Skrocki: (2nd Team) – Art
  • Christiana Williams: Public Health
  • Jessica Schroeder: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Meredith Smithbaker: (2nd Team) – Graphic Design
  • Moa Bergdahl: (2nd Team) – Sustainability Studies
  • Olivia Zamudio: (2nd Team) – Civil Engineering
  • Summer Westmoreland: (2nd Team) – Civil Engineering
  • Taylor Konopacke: (2nd Team) – Biology
  • Wilma Johansson: (2nd Team) – Psychology

San Jose State University:

  • Ela Freiman: Biomedical Engineering

South Carolina:

  • Amy Riordan: Biological Sciences
  • Annaliese Streeter: (2nd Team) – Exercise Science
  • Aubrey Chandler: (2nd Team) – Sports Management
  • Elizabeth Isenhour: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Ellery Ottem: Undecided
  • Faith Khoo: (2nd Team) – International Business
  • Georgia Johnson: (2nd Team) – Sport Management
  • Greta Pelzek: Psychology
  • Hayley Mason: (2nd Team) – Public Health
  • Isabella Pantano: Management
  • Meaghan Harnish: Management
  • Megan Maholic: (2nd Team) – Journalism
  • Nicholle Toh: Global Strategy
  • Peyton Curry: (2nd Team) – Services Management
  • Pia Murray: (2nd Team) – Psychology

Southern Cal:

  • Alice Waldow: (2nd Team) – Not Listed
  • Anicka Delgado: Business
  • Ella Flowers: (2nd Team) – Computer Science
  • Farrah Volpintesta: (2nd Team) – Not Listed
  • Genevieve Sasseville: Business Administration
  • Grace Lee: Business Administration
  • Kaitlyn Dobler: Not Listed
  • Nike Agunbiade: Not Listed
  • Sophia Kudryashova: Not Listed
  • Vasilissa Buinaia: Not Listed

Southern Illinois:

  • Celia Pulido:  Business
  • Farida Moussa: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering
  • Olivia Herron: (2nd Team)- Pre-Veterinary Medicine


  • Nicole Stambo: (2nd Team) – Management (MS)
  • Valentina Becerra: (2nd Team) – Education (MA)
  • Lucrezia Napoletano: (2nd Team) – Undecided
  • Johanna Gudmundsdottir: (2nd Team) – Applied Psychology/Sports Management


  • Amy Tang: Computer Science
  • Anna Shaw: Human Biology
  • Aurora Roghair: Human Biology
  • Caroline Bricker: Undeclared
  • Charlotte Hook: Human Biology
  • Emilie Moore: Sustainable Architecture and Engineering
  • Gigi Johnson: Psychology
  • Jamie Brennan: (2nd Team) – Economics
  • Janelle Rudolph: (2nd Team) – Management, Science and Engineering
  • Lillie Nordmann: Management, Science, and Engineering
  • Lucy Bell: Design
  • Samantha Tadder: Human Biology
  • Sophia Duncan: (2nd Team) – Bioengineering


  • Aly Breslin: Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Amber Myers: Child and Family Studies
  • Brooklyn Douthwright: Biomedical Engineering
  • Camille Spink: University Exploratory
  • Elle Caldow: Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Elle Renner: (2nd Team) – Interior Architecture
  • Emelie Fast: Journalism and Electronic Media
  • Julia Burroughs: Kinesiology
  • Kate McCarville: Therapeutic Recreation
  • Katie Mack: (2nd Team) – Communication
  • Lauren Wetherell: (2nd Team) – Psychology
  • Lynae Shorter: Journalism and Electronic Media
  • Madison Reese: (2nd Team) – Sociology
  • Mona McSharry: Kinesiology
  • Sara Stotler: Sport Management
  • Tanesha Lucoe: Journalism and Electronic Media
  • Tori Brostowitz: (2nd Team) – Mathematics

Texas A&M :

  • Abigail Ahrens:  Education
  • Abigail Grottle:  Management
  • Alice Marini: (2nd Team)- Modern Languages
  • Aviv Barzelay:  Sport Management
  • Chloe McKnight: (2nd Team)- General Studies
  • Chloe Stepanek:  Biomedical Sciences
  • Desirae Mangaoang: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Giulia Goerigk:  Business Administration
  • Hannah O’Leary: (2nd Team)- General Studies
  • Hayden Miller:  Business Administration
  • Joelle Reddin: (2nd Team)- Education
  • Jordan Buechler:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Joslyn Oakley:  Sociology
  • Kaitlyn Owens:  Animal Science
  • Miranda Grana:  General Studies
  • Payton Props: (2nd Team)- Community Health
  • Rachel Love: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Sarah Holt: (2nd Team)- Management
  • Sarah Walker:  General Studies


  • Nina Vadovicova: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Lauren Cey: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Leah Fletcher: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Serena Gould: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Anna Kwong:  Biology
  • Tania Quaglieri: (2nd Team)- Business Analytics
  • Shannon Parrau: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Jordyn Warner: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Madison Giglio: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering
  • Lauren Kilgore: (2nd Team)- Pharmacy

Tulane :

  • Katie Lipsey: Communications


  • Amy Zhang: (2nd Team)- Electrical Engineering
  • Ana Jih-Schiff: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Angela Quan: (2nd Team)- Pre-Computational and Systems Biology
  • Ashley Stenstrom: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Brooke Schaffer: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Crystal Murphy: Cognitive Science
  • Elena Dry: (2nd Team)- Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
  • Emma Matous: (2nd Team)- International Development Studies
  • Eva Carlson:  Psychology
  • Fiona Schere: (2nd Team)- Pre-Cognitive Science
  • Gizem Guvenc: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Joanie Cash: (2nd Team)- Communication
  • Kathryn Lundh: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Laura Fisher: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Lauren Hallaselka:  Pre-Business-Economics
  • Maya Salvitti: (2nd Team)- English
  • Maya Shtolzberg: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Maya Wilson: (2nd Team)- Education
  • Morgan Hawes: (2nd Team)- Communication
  • Paige MacEachern:  Psychology
  • Riley Dix: (2nd Team)- Pre-Psychology
  • Sarah Bennetts: (2nd Team)- Ecology, Behaviorism and Evolution
  • Taylor Schaffer: (2nd Team)- Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
  • Zoe Jespergaard:  Applied Linguistics

UC San Diego:

  • Eva Boehlke: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Miranda Renner: (2nd Team)- Microbiology

UNC Asheville:

  • Abby Parks:  Accounting and Economics
  • Caroline Crouse:  Psychology

UNC Chapel Hill:

  • Aislin Farris: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Ava Muzzy: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Sport Science
  • Elizabeth Sowards:  Media and Journalism
  • Georgia Nel:  Business Administration
  • Greer Pattison:  Economics
  • Lily Reader:  Media & Journalism
  • Lindy Bilden: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Madeline Smith:  Exercise and Sport Science
  • Mary Macaulay: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Michelle Morgan: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Samantha Armand: (2nd Team)- Peace, War, and Defense
  • Sebastian Lunak: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Skyler Smith:  Exercise and Sport Science

UNC Wilmington:

  • Cameron Snowden: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Brooke Knisely: (2nd Team)- Public Health
  • Ethan Badrian: (2nd Team)- Business


  • Ava Olson: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Calysta Bartlett: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Cameron Mykkanen: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Chelsey Dorosh: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Dominika Trentkiewicz: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Erika Carlson: (2nd Team)- Construction Engineering
  • Pilar Cohen: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Ruby Howell:  Elementary Education


  • Emilia Nilsson Garip:  Communications
  • Erin Palmer: (2nd Team)- Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Holly Waxman:  Biology
  • Kathryn Grant:  Sociology
  • Landon Nava: (2nd Team)- Recreation & Leisure Studies
  • Norah Hay: (2nd Team)- Management/Marketing
  • Summer Stanfield: (2nd Team)- Management Information Systems
  • Sydney Kowalski: (2nd Team)- Educational Psychology

Vanderbilt :

  • Kailia Utley: Classical & Mediterranean Studies/Medicine, Health & Society
  • Faith Knelson: (2nd Team)- Communications/Anthropology
  • Mercedes Traba: (2nd Team)- Child Development/Psychology
  • Audrey Pastorek: (2nd Team)- Business

Villanova :

  • Arabella Lee: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Meghan Tiernan: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Molly Benson: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Nicholas Jubilee: (2nd Team)- Nursing


  • Abby Harter: Applied Statistics
  • Alex Walsh: Computer Science
  • Amanda Leizman: (2nd Team) – Public Policy and Leadership
  • August Lamb: (2nd Team) – Data Science
  • Cavan Gormsen: Undeclared
  • Ella Bathurst: (2nd Team) – Commerce
  • Ella Nelson: Commerce
  • Gretchen Walsh: Commerce
  • Izzy Bradley: Youth & Social Innovation
  • Jasmine Nocentini: Commerce
  • Madelyn Donohoe: (2nd Team) – Counselor Education
  • Madison Grosz: (2nd Team) – Public Policy and Leadership
  • Maggie Schalow: Undeclared
  • Maxine Parker: Applied Statistics
  • Morgan Manley: (2nd Team) – Undeclared
  • Reilly Tiltmann: Kinesiology
  • Zoe Skirboll: Media Studies

Virginia Tech:

  • Anna Summers: Public Health
  • Brooke Zettel: (2nd Team) – Marketing
  • Carmen Weiler Sastre: Biology
  • Emily Claesson: Public Health
  • Emma Atkinson: Public Health

Washington State:

  • Alexandra Vartiainen: (2nd Team)- Management/Marketing
  • Anna Rauchholz: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Emily Lundgren:  Digital Technology and Culture
  • Kiana Swain: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Lauren Wille: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Wan Chen Wang: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology

West Virginia :

  • Abigail Sullivan:  Accounting
  • Sara Haggerty: (2nd Team)- Painting
  • Sarah Krusinski: (2nd Team)- Health and Wellness
  • Aiden Bond: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Sophia Heilen: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science

William and Mary:

  • Aiden Bond: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Sophia Heilen: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science


  • Abby Carlson: Computer Sciences and Data Science
  • Abby Wanezek: Kinesiology
  • Alivia Lindorfer: Public Affairs PPA
  • Ally Silvestri: (2nd Team)- Health Promotions and Health Equity
  • Blair Stoneburg:  Civil Engineering
  • Callahan Dunn: Health Promotions and Health Equity
  • Chris Morris: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Elle Braun:  Elementary Education and Special Education
  • Emily Ecker: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Hailey Tierney: Undeclared
  • Jude Williams: (2nd Team)- History
  • Kaylyn Schoof: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Mackenzie McConagha: Community and Organizational Development
  • Phoebe Bacon: Health Promotions and Equity
  • Ryane Neal: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Julie Rebek: (2nd Team)- Digital Arts and Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies


  • Carly Palmer: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Tara Joyce: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering

Xavier :

  • Erin Ritz: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Jordyn Libler: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Alex Massey: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Ava Franks: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Caroline Riggs: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Gloria Lai:  Economics
  • Hayden Henderson: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Junseo Kim: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Laurel Jin: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Lily Horenkamp: (2nd Team)- Economics

CSCAA Division I Men

Air Force:

  • Tommy Nagle: (2nd Team)- Computer Science


  • Thomas Hagar:  Mechanical Engineering
  • James Marcum:  Psychology
  • Zarek Wilson:  Business
  • Charlie Hawke:  Electrical Engineering
  • Tim Korstanje:  Finance and Economics
  • Peter Edin: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Trey Sheils: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Eric Stelmar: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Brendan Conners: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Colten Cryer:  Chemical Engineering


  • Ryan Purdy: (2nd Team)- Leadership Learning Innovation

Auburn :

  • Aidan Stoffle:  Business Administration
  • Andrew Simmons: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Evan McInerny: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Grant Davis:  Communications
  • Hunter Kebler: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Jacques Rathle:  Finance
  • Jon Vanzandt:  Business
  • Josh Noll:  Business
  • Liam Heary: (2nd Team)- Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Lucas Thomas: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Mason Mathias:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Nate Stoffle:  Management Information Systems
  • Tate Cutler: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Whit Andrus: (2nd Team)- Music

Boston University:

  • Kyle Falkstrom: (2nd Team)- Physical Therapy

Brigham Young University:

  • Brad Prolo:  Management Information Systems
  • Chase Hindmarsh: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Darwin Anderson: (2nd Team)- Spanish
  • Emerson Edwards:  Human Resources Management
  • Jordan Tiffany:  Human Resources Management
  • Luigi Riva:  Economics
  • Russell Haws: (2nd Team)- N/A

Brown :

  • Aidan Wilson: (2nd Team)- Modern Culture and Media
  • Andrew Berzolla: (2nd Team)- Economics and Political Science
  • John Hardart: (2nd Team)- Computational Biology
  • John Kelly:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Marcel Mateos-Salles: (2nd Team)- Computer Science and Economics


  • Chris Fabian: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • Chris Kopac: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Nathan Warson: (2nd Team)- Business

Cal Baptist:

  • John Angelovic: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Jacob Penman: (2nd Team)- Software engineering
  • Mark Kovacsics: (2nd Team)- International Business Management


  • Alex Givens: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Drew Hawthorne: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Hunter Gubeno:  Marketing
  • Langely Petersen: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Cleveland State University:

  • Jackson Nester: (2nd Team)- Engineering
  • Tyler Schultze: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering


  • Demirkan Demir: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Isaac Beers: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Joseph Nicol: (2nd Team)- Banking, Corporate, Finance, & Securities Law
  • Joshua Corn: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Stanford Li: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Zach Vasser: (2nd Team)- Banking, Corporate, Finance, & Securities Law
  • Zion James: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Kyle Schubert: (2nd Team)- Engineering
  • Yan Dvoretskiy: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Ben Cutforth: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Dylan Felt: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Andromachi Tasakou: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • Gavin Currie: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Kevin Siegfried: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Matthew Namakonov: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • Tonislav Sabev:  Finance


  • Alex Lynch: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Dylan Wright: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Joe Hancock: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Kieran Watson: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Marco Nosack: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Nathan Cox: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science
  • Zyad Morsy: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Jakub Kwasny: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Eric Brown:  Computer Science
  • Gio Linscheer:  Management
  • Jake Mitchell:  Health Education and Behavior
  • Joaquin Gonzalez Pinero:  Food and Resource Economics
  • Josh Liendo:  Education Sciences
  • Josh Parent: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Macguire McDuff:  Computer Science
  • Mason Laur:  Sport Management
  • Oskar Lindholm:  Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
  • Peyton Donald:  Linguistics
  • Scotty Buff:  Chemistry
  • Skip Donald:  Education Sciences

Florida Atlantic:

  • Jack Sheehan: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Science M.S.
  • Dalton Lillibridge: (2nd Team)- Counselor Education MED

Florida State :

  • Tommaso Baravelli:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Mason Herbet:  Mechanical Engineering
  • David Vargas:  Economics
  • Peter Varjasi:  Industrial Engineering
  • Sam Bork: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Jaka Pusnik: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Jesco Helling:  Biochemical Engineering


  • Guy Gropper: (2nd Team)- Business Analytics

George Mason :

  • Tate Anderson: (2nd Team)- Community Health

George Washington:

  • Ben Bradley: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Connor Rodgers: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Djurdje Matic:  Business Administration
  • Holden Wheeler: (2nd Team)- International Relations
  • Justin Dostal: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Michael Wood: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science
  • Mikhail Lyubavskiy: (2nd Team)- Business

Georgetown :

  • Charles Reichle: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • Hriday Parekh: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • Nicolas Santiago: (2nd Team)- Accounting


  • Aaron Seymour:  Chemistry
  • Bradley Dunham:  Natural Resources Conservation
  • Dillon Downing:  Management/Marketing
  • Jackson Bates: (2nd Team)- Cell Biology
  • Matthew Bray: (2nd Team)- Computer
  • Miles Simon:  Sport Management
  • Sam Powe:  Finance
  • Tomas Koski:  Business

Georgia Tech:

  • Antonio Romero: (2nd Team)- Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Charles Perks: (2nd Team)- Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Nils Bognar: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Rei Kuramoto: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering

Grand Canyon:

  • Alex Volkov: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Eli Cohen: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Guillermo Carrey: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Isaac Poole: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Mohamed Mohamady: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Rapha Nakashima: (2nd Team)- Business Management
  • Reece Robles: (2nd Team)- Marketing


  • Aayush Deshpande: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Anthony Rincon: (2nd Team)-
  • Ben Littlejohn: (2nd Team)- Applied Mathematics
  • Cole Kuster: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • David Greeley: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • David Schmitt: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Denny Gulia-Janovski: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Dylan Rhee: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Harris Durham: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Luke Foster: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Marcus Holmquist: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Nick Nocita: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science & Public Policy
  • Noah Brune: (2nd Team)- Applied Mathematics
  • Oliver Pilkinton: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Raphael Tourette: (2nd Team)- Applied Mathematics
  • Shane Washart: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Simon Lamar: (2nd Team)-  Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Sonny Wang: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Will Grant:  History


  • Mackaby Pennington:  Environmental Science
  • Mando Nguyen: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Mario Surkovic: (2nd Team)- Business


  • Cole Tremewan: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Benson Wong: (2nd Team)- Liberal Studies
  • Billy Cruz: (2nd Team)- Non-Degree Baccalaureate
  • Carson Tyler:  Political Science
  • Dylan Smiley:  Real Estate
  • Gavin Wight:  Marketing
  • Jackson Carlile: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Jassen Yep:  Economics/Sociology
  • Josh Matheny:  Economics
  • Luke Barr:  Management
  • Mason Carlton: (2nd Team)- Information Systems
  • Max Cahill: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Maxwell Reich:  History
  • Mikkel Lee:  Finance
  • Quinn Henninger:  Finance
  • Toby Barnett:  Business Exploratory
  • William Jansen: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Carson Hick:  Political Science
  • Gavin Hang: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Jack Hamilton: (2nd Team)- Architecture
  • Ryan Merani:  Health
  • Samuel Duncan: (2nd Team)- Finance

Lindenwood :

  • Elliott Irwin: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Matheo Mateos: (2nd Team)- Business Administration


  • Adam Sneden: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Aidan Kreiley: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Aidan Paro: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Che Stephens: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Dalton Lowe:  Marketing
  • Denis Loktev: Business Administration
  • Denis Petrashov:  Liberal Studies
  • Gustavo Saldo:  Psychology
  • Ilia Sibirtsev:  Communications
  • Luke Shourds: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Murilo Sartori:  Accounting
  • Raymond Winn IV: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Vladimir Dubinin:  Business Administration


  • Andrew Garon:  Electrical Engineering
  • Gavin Rogers: (2nd Team)- Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Jere Hribar:  Finance
  • Karlo Percinic:  Business Analytics


  • Caleb Kelly: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Harry Hearn: (2nd Team)- Biohealth
  • Henry Mueller: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Joe Hayburn: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Max Verheyen: (2nd Team)- Emerging Media


  • Cameron Luarde: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Chrismon Clark: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Connor Hunt: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Eitan Ben Shitrit:  Computer Science
  • Ethan Schwab: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Gal Cohen Groumi:  Statistics
  • Jack Callan: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Jaeddan Gamilla: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Matthew Kroll: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Yugo Tsukikawa Jr: (2nd Team)- Economics


  • Bar Soloveychik:  Computer Science
  • Casey Stowe:  Biology
  • Christopher Nagy:  Computer Engineering
  • Desmon Sachtjen: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Jack Ballard: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Joe Rudd:  Kinesiology
  • Ryan Slonac: (2nd Team)- Business
  • William Christenson: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering


  • Calvin Windle: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Darden Tate:  Health Science and Human Performance
  • Frederik Rindshoj:  Apparel & Textiles
  • Grant Bochenski:  Health Science and Human Performance
  • Jan Zubik:  Architecture
  • John Watson: (2nd Team)- Journalism
  • Lina Bank: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Logan Ottke: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Matthew Mortenson: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Taylor Williams: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance
  • William Goodwin:  Business Administration

Missouri State :

  • Dylan Moffatt: (2nd Team)- Dietetics
  • Jack Grandy: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Ben Irwin: (2nd Team)- Operations Research
  • Richie Trentalange: (2nd Team)- Quantitative Economics

Nebraska Omaha:

  • Ian Blackstock: (2nd Team)- Emergency Management and Disaster Science

NC State:

  • Jerry Fox:  Industrial Engineering
  • JT Ewing: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Luke Miller:  Business Administration
  • Noah Henderson:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Owen Lloyd:  Business Administration
  • Quintin McCarty:  Communications
  • Sam Flack: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Sam Hoover:  Industrial Engineering
  • Stephen Conrad: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Aaron Baltaytis: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Alex Mo: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrew Martin:  Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Connor Morikawa: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • David Gerchik: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Matthew Lucky: (2nd Team)- Nueroscience
  • Tona Zinn: (2nd Team)- Social Policy

Notre Dame:

  • Andrew Guziec: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Cason Wilburn:  Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Dillon Edge:  Finance
  • Luka Cvetko:  Computer Science & Engineering
  • Luke Uttley: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Parker Macy: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Ryan Malicki: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Sean Faikish: (2nd Team)- Marketing

Ohio State:

  • Charles Gustafson:  Computer Science
  • Daniel Baltes:  Atmospheric Science
  • Karl Helmuth: (2nd Team)- Actuarial Science
  • Luke Paxton: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Lyle Yost:  Spanish
  • Mario McDonald:  Exercise Science
  • Mohamed Noaman:  Economics
  • Rylan McDaniel: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Samuel Campbell:  Business


  • Christian Bart: (2nd Team)- Public Administration
  • Christopher Palvadre: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Ian Allen: (2nd Team)- Philosophy

Old Dominion:

  • Bryce Mortimer: (2nd Team)- Sport Management


  • Andrew Dai: (2nd Team)- Business Analytics concentration, Statistics concentration
  • Benjamin Feldman: (2nd Team)- Philosophy, Politics, & Economics
  • Daniel Gallagher: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • James Curreri: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Jason Schreiber: (2nd Team)- Finance concentration, Operations, Information, & Decisions concentration
  • Kevin Keil: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Peter Whittington: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sam Donchi: (2nd Team)- Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Penn State:

  • Ben Doyle: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Daniel Mcgaughey: (2nd Team)- Information Technology
  • Lachlan Byrne: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Sean Honey: (2nd Team)- Engineering


  • Adam Mahler: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Cameron Cash:  Biological Sciences
  • Daley Fraser:  Computer Science
  • Jackson Salisbury:  Accounting
  • Marcin Goraj: (2nd Team)- Nutrition
  • Max Matteazzi:  Coporate/Community Relations
  • Michal Piela: (2nd Team)- Arts & Sciences

Princeton :

  • Anastasios Callanan:  Neuroscience
  • Arthur Balva: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Conor McKenna: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • George Callanan:  Economics
  • John Ehling: (2nd Team)- Area Studies e.g., African, Middle Eastern
  • Lucas Strobek: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Lucas Tudoras: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Max Kreidl: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Max Seidel: (2nd Team)- Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Mitchell Schott: (2nd Team)- Area Studies e.g., African, Middle Eastern
  • Nicholas Lim: (2nd Team)- Government & International Studies
  • Parker Lenoce: (2nd Team)- Economics

Purdue :

  • Aaron Frollo: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Andrew Witty: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Coleman Modglin: (2nd Team)- Construction Management
  • Dylan Burau: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Ethan Shaw: (2nd Team)- Supply Chain & Sales Engineering Technology
  • Holden Higbie:  Selling & Sales Management
  • Idris Muhammad: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Jordan Rzepka:  Selling & Sales Management
  • Maxwell Miller:  Biomedical Sciences

Queens (NC):

  • Andreas Maerz: (2nd Team)- Management & Finance
  • Declan Gleason: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Frank Jablcnik: (2nd Team)- Interior Architecture & Design
  • Matej Dusa: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Yannick Plasil: (2nd Team)- Finance & Accounting

Seton Hall :

  • Clil Halevi: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Sean Vizzard: (2nd Team)- Biology

South Carolina:

  • Connor Fry:  Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
  • Daniel West: (2nd Team)- Marine Science
  • Liam Kerns: (2nd Team)- Biological Sciences
  • Linus Kahl: (2nd Team)- Services Management
  • Luke Devore: (2nd Team)- Earth & Environmental Resources Management
  • Maxwell Spencer:  Exercise Science
  • Rateb Hussein: (2nd Team)- International Business
  • Raymond Prosinski: (2nd Team)- Pre-Business
  • Ryan Hufford: (2nd Team)- Cardiovascular Technology
  • Wylie Kruse: (2nd Team)- Real Estate

Southern Cal:

  • Artem Selin:  Not Listed
  • Ben Dillard:  Economics
  • Griffin O’Leary:  Business Administration
  • Harry Homans:  N/A


  • Angus Corbeau: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Christopher Mykkanen:  Masters in Civil Engineering
  • Colin Feehery:  Applied Physiology and Sports Management
  • Danny Kovac:  Masters in Management
  • Hunter Lund: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Jack Easton: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Jack Forrest:  Finance and Data Science
  • Joe Rusnock: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • John Culver: (2nd Team)- Finance and Economics
  • Nicolas Sobenes: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Rob McCall: (2nd Team)- Psychology and Data Science
  • Sage Sungail: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Wyatt Fields:  Finance and Data Science

St. Bonaventure :

  • Alexander Behr: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • James Nord: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Aaron Sequeira:  Management, Science and Engineering
  • Andrei Minakov:  Science, Technology and Society
  • Andres Dupont:  Economics
  • Andrew Matejka: (2nd Team)- History
  • Avery Voss:  Computer Science
  • Ethan Dang: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Ethan Harrington: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Gabe Machado: (2nd Team)- Earth Systems
  • Henry McFadden:  Undeclared
  • Hunter Hollenbeck:  Electrical Engineering
  • James Morrissey: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Jonathan Tan:  Undeclared
  • Josh Zuchowski:  Economics
  • Kaihan Gu:  Bioengineering
  • Liam Custer:  Management, Science and Engineering
  • Luke Maurer:  Economics
  • Matt Fenlon: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Preston Forst: (2nd Team)- Management, Science and Engineering
  • Rex Maurer:  Undeclared
  • Rick Mih:  Economics
  • Ron Polonsky:  Computer Science


  • Bryden Hattie:  Advertising
  • Flynn Crisci:  Business Analytics
  • Gus Rothrock: (2nd Team)- Supply Chain Management
  • Jed Garner: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Joaquin Vargas:  Information Sciences
  • Joey Tepper:  Chemistry
  • Martin Espernberger:  Electrical Engineering
  • Micah Chambers:  Kinesiology
  • Nicholas Stone:  Sport Management
  • Rafael Ponce De Leon: (2nd Team)- Supply Chain Management


  • Alec Enyeart:  Communication & Leadership
  • Brendan McCourt:  Exercise Science
  • Camden Taylor:  Undeclared
  • Coby Carrozza:  Advertising
  • Jake Foster:  Non-degree seeker
  • Logan Walker: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Luke Hobson:  Advertising
  • Manning Haskal:  Undeclared
  • Noah Duperre:  Psychology
  • Pierce Brooke:  Psychology
  • Tanner Braunton:  Advertising
  • Will Modglin:  Undeclared
  • Will Scholtz:  Economics

Texas A&M :

  • Alex Sanchez:  Sport Management
  • Baylor Nelson:  University Studies: Journalism
  • Connor Foote:  Construction Science
  • Lane White: (2nd Team)- General Studies
  • Logan Brown:  Business Administration
  • Matthew Aigner: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Munzer Kabbara:  International Studies


  • Alec Hubbard:  Engineering
  • Elliott Dillon:  Accounting
  • Luke Dimiceli: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Nigel Forbes: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Ollie Cazaly: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology


  • Brian Benzing:  Sport Management
  • Sean Colson: (2nd Team)- Business Administration

UC San Diego:

  • Luigi Perez Franco: (2nd Team)- Human Biology


  • Daniel Nicusan: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Oliver Gassmann: (2nd Team)- Business Administration


  • Alejandro Vazquez: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Cooper Kiel: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Danny Beji: (2nd Team)- Hospitality & Recreation Management
  • George Ratiu: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Hayden Lambert: (2nd Team)- Criminal Justice
  • Michael Breitbart: (2nd Team)- Health Administration
  • Nate Thomason: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering
  • Wikus Potgieter: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering

UNC Chapel Hill:

  • Boyd Poelke:  Business Administration
  • Colin Whelehan: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Louis Dramm:  Neuroscience
  • Noah Rutberg:  Business Administration

UNC Wilmington:

  • Carlo Lopez: (2nd Team)- Master of Science Business Analytics
  • Dave Fitch: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Dylan Citta: (2nd Team)- Sociology
  • Robert Tars: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Silas Crosby: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science


  • Alfred Horner:  Finance
  • Brandon Miller: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Dylan Becker: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Elias Petersen:  Communications
  • Baylor Lewis: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Evan VanBrocklin: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Tomas Chocholaty: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Cameron Daniell: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Carl Bloebaum: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering

Villanova :

  • Nolan Danus: (2nd Team)- Finance


  • Colin Bitz: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Matt Brownstead: Commerce
  • Matt Styczen: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Matthew Heilman: (2nd Team)- Commerce
  • Max Iida: (2nd Team)- American Studies
  • Oliver Mills: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Sam O’Brien: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Tanner Hering: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Teddy Cross: (2nd Team)- Arts & Sciences
  • Will Cole: (2nd Team)- Foreign Affairs

Virginia Tech:

  • Ananias Pouch:  Criminology
  • Carl Bloebaum: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Cobi Lopez Miro: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Forest Webb: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Joseph Hong: (2nd Team)- Industrial Engineering
  • Luis Dominguez Calonge:  Biology

West Virginia :

  • Owen Recker:  Global Supply Chain Management


  • Ben Wiegand:  Kinesiology
  • Daniel Muller:  Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
  • Matthew Segal: (2nd Team)- Molecular Biology
  • Chris Morris:  Kinesiology


  • Adam St. John: (2nd Team)- Actuarial Science


  • Quinn Cynor: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Derek Long: (2nd Team)- Exercise Physiology
  • Gavin Smith: (2nd Team)- Finance

Xavier :

  • Aiden Leamer:  Business Analytics


  • Adam Zapatka: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • Alex Hazlett: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Charlie Egeland: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Deniel Nankov: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Jeanpaul Ditto:  Economics
  • Kiernan Liberman: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Lucius Brown: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Maksymilian Sawoniewicz: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Nareg Minassian: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Nicholas Chau: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Ray Wipfli: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Whitaker Grover: (2nd Team)- Economics

CSCAA Division II Women


  • Anelise Kim: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Lizzie Meschisen: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Maia Cacchione: (2nd Team)- Biological Sciences
  • Molly Farrell: (2nd Team)- Applied Accounting & Finance


  • Madeline Whitticar: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Riley Hunt: (2nd Team)- Education

Alaska Fairbanks:

  • Charlotte Fletcher-Stables: (2nd Team)- Wildlife Biology
  • Dorka Dancsok: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Angelina Chan:  Nursing
  • Bryn Greenwaldt:  Accounting
  • Nesrine Jelitti:  Exercise Science
  • Makoa Montgomery:  Exercise Science; Biology
  • Meesha Montgomery:  Exercise Science; Minor Neuroscience
  • Amaya Street:  Bio-Chemistry; Physics
  • Maija Kangas: (2nd Team)- Accounting; Spanish

Azusa Pacific :

  • Amanda Anderson:  Master’s of Business Administration
  • Montana White:  Mathematics
  • Allison Ferrer:  Kinesiology
  • Kya Guikema: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Madeline Schultz: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Cal State East Bay:

  • Brooklyn Dressel:  Computer Science
  • Delaney Carlson: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Hannah Sharp: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Miya French: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Olivia Parham: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Tehani Kong: (2nd Team)- Public Health

Catawba :

  • Ella Gutenwik:  Biology
  • Fiona Byrne:  Biology
  • Gabriella Moll:  Business Administration

Colorado Mesa:

  • Ada Qunell:  Exercise Science
  • Amelia Licht:  Business Administration
  • Ellie Wilke:  Business Administration
  • Hanna Sasivarevic: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Izzy Powers:  Counseling Psychology
  • Katerina Matoskova:  Chemistry
  • Kenya Meyer: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Kiara Borchardt:  Exercise Science
  • Lauren White:  Business Administration
  • Maddi Moran:  Psychology
  • Melaina Howard: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology
  • Olivia Hansson:  Mathematics
  • Sophia Bains:  Political Science
  • Sydnee O’Neil:  Art Education

Colorado School of Mines:

  • Anne Osmun:  Civil Engineering
  • Cameryn Schmidt:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Isabella Bono: (2nd Team)- Civil Engineering
  • Luca Burns: (2nd Team)- Physics

Concordia University Irvine:

  • Rachel Maki: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology


  • Alicja Pinkowicz:  Marketing
  • Angie Gomez Garcia: (2nd Team)- Biological Laboratory Science
  • Asyia Shank: (2nd Team)- Medical Case Management
  • Ella Wagner: (2nd Team)- Marketing

Delta State :

  • Dani Solkow:  Biology
  • Hannah Murray:  International Business Management
  • Jordon Kloth:  Environmental Science and Biology
  • Julia Santiago:  Computer & Information Science
  • Kukuwah Bondzie: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Mikayla Kloth:  Environmental Science and Biology
  • Reagan Fulton: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Taya Schmidt:  Psychology


  • Ashlyn Moore:  Clinical Behavior Neuroscience
  • Aurora Duncan:  History
  • Claire Conover:  Biology/Chemistry
  • Ellie Walker:  Communications
  • Josie Bushell:  Exercise Physiology
  • Juls Harden: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Luisa Machado:  Business Economics and Political Science
  • Mariana de Alencar:  Integrated Business
  • Mellie Wijk:  Organizational and Leadership Communications

East Stroudsburg:

  • Vera Renshof: (2nd Team)- Public Health

Emmanuel :

  • Alexandra Cerbino: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Isabell Schiller: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Jan Michalak: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Marcela Alonso: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Susana Ungo:  Biology

Felician University:

  • Juliana Kratka:  Biology


  • Abbie Kmet:  Pharmacy
  • Emily Mears-Bentley:  Psychology
  • Katie Susi:  Exercise Science
  • Macee Reckard:  Exercise Science
  • Macy May: (2nd Team)- Graphic Design
  • Mille Berg: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Sasha Melnyk:  Biology
  • Sofia Lesmes:  Psychology
  • Sydney Jones:  Early Childhood Education

Florida Southern :

  • Ainsley Bennett: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Alizee Pelletier:  Mathematics
  • Allie Brinton:  Graphic Design
  • Elizabeth Sikes:  Biology
  • Jazzy Hoffmann:  Exercise Science
  • Olivia Miles:  Marine Biology
  • Teagan Michalek:  Mathematics Education
  • Vanda Voroshazy: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Fresno Pacific University:

  • Charlotte Wilber: (2nd Team)- Biology

Gannon University:

  • Kyla Miller: (2nd Team)- Digital Media

Grand Valley State:

  • Alice Persson:  Marketing
  • Alysa Wager:  Nutrition
  • Angelica Angilletta: (2nd Team)- Wildlife Biology
  • Annabelle Nixon:  Accounting
  • Carsyn Christoffel: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Jessica McEachern: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Kiersten Harmon:  Exercise Science
  • Linda Frick:  Elementary Education
  • Liv Geiger: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Sadie Huizenga: (2nd Team)- Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Samantha Plough: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Sara Alvarez Fernandez:  Sport Management
  • Sarah Puscas: (2nd Team)- Occupational Therapy
  • Staci Nation: (2nd Team)- Allied Health Sciences
  • Tina Winter:  Nursing

Hillsdale College:

  • Elise Mason:  Religious Studies


  • Amber Baldani: (2nd Team)- International Business Management
  • Tina Cudina: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science


  • Andrea Gomez Espinosa:  Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Brynhildur Traustadottir:  Data Science
  • Caroline Reinke:  Elementary Education
  • Isabella Revstedt:  Business
  • Julia Magierowska: (2nd Team)- Criminal Justice
  • Kirabo Namutebi :  Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Leticia Vaselli:  Business Administration
  • Lillie Arps: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Mattia Rossi: (2nd Team)- Management/Marketing
  • Megan Sunderman: (2nd Team)- Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Mia Krstevska:  Psychology
  • Savannah Mueller: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Stefanie Markwardt:  Exercise Physiology


  • Alexandra Giourtzidou:  Clinical Psychology
  • Luna Mertins:  Clinical Psychology
  • Malaika Schneider:  Environmental Science
  • Shachaf Bachar:  Clinical Psychology

McKendree University:

  • Alexis Kachkin:  Marketing
  • Ana Cecilia Carvalho:  Economics/Finance
  • Andrea Menard Cordoba:  Business Administration
  • Aurora Abbruscato :  Psychology
  • Gabriela Novais:  Business Administration
  • Helena Kurtz: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Jocelyn Zgola:  Biology
  • Natka Kralova:  International Relations

Minnesota State-Moorhead:

  • Sophia Verke: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Maja Krawczyk: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Danielle Davis: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Isabela Cabrera Duarte: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Elizabeth Balent: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Shelby Narramore: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education
  • Jaedyn Davies: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Emily Sauer: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Mia Ross: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Hanna Persson: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Erica Mills: (2nd Team)- Speech Pathology
  • Keara McGee: (2nd Team)- Mass Communication
  • Isabel Harris: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Adele Brandup: (2nd Team)- Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Northern Michigan :

  • Abigail Harned: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Alyssa Bloser: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Anika Wright:  Business
  • Annika Geyer: (2nd Team)- Art
  • Becca Burrows:  Psychology
  • Camilla Carbone:  Marketing
  • Evie Decarlo: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Kalina Ceglinski: (2nd Team)- Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Lauren Plockmeyer: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Mia Strazny: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Zoe Dekievit:  Secondary Education

Northern State :

  • Haley Osborne: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Lilly Grebner:  Pre-Dentistry

Nova Southeastern :

  • Audrey Rackel: (2nd Team)- Real Estate Development
  • Bethany Weber: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Sport Science
  • Emilia Ronningdal:  Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Emily Trieschmann:  Property Management & Real Estate
  • Estelle Bauer:  Psychology
  • Grace Gardner: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Hailey Williams:  Psychology
  • Hannah Montgomery:  Marketing
  • Ilaria Murzilli:  Finance
  • Isabella Hernandez: (2nd Team)- Exercise and Sport Science
  • May Lowy:  Business Administration
  • Mollie Morfelt:  Business Administration
  • Neta Shiff:  Computer Science
  • Solana Capalbo: (2nd Team)- Engineering

Ouachita Baptist :

  • Didi Christenson:  Criminal Justice
  • Keilee Holcomb: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Alexa Gonczi:  Psychology
  • Colleen Hudson: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Luna Vejarano: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Kaitlyn Madigan: (2nd Team)- Speech Pathology
  • Joslyn Jurski: (2nd Team)- Accounting

Rockhurst :

  • Alexandre Adum: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Caroline Knopke: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Laetitia Bouc: (2nd Team)- Economics


  • Abigayle Wood:
  • Alonna Clark: (2nd Team)-

Sioux Falls:

  • Inte Pas:  Psychology
  • Val Childs:  Exercise Science
  • Alessia Moro: (2nd Team)- Biology

St. Cloud State :

  • Kailey Fossell:  Nursing
  • Meredith Bangs: (2nd Team)- Speech Communication Disorders

Staten Island:

  • Jordan Swanson: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Emma Chestang: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Cameron Dukat:  Exercise Science
  • Lily Turco: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Roma Vrijhof:  Biology
  • Lara Wiedemann:  Business
  • Morgan Wimberly:  Business
  • Kathryn Elnicki: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Sierra Gillan:  Exercise Science
  • Laura Hodgson:  Business
  • Katie Horan: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Sidni Meister:  Exercise Science
  • Tilde Morin:  Business
  • Emma Panaroni: (2nd Team)- Education
  • Brooke Punnewaert: (2nd Team)- Economics

Truman State :

  • Emily Traube:  Psychology
  • Meg Heveroh:  Accounting

Wayne State :

  • Alli Vassilakos:  Management
  • Barbara Munoz Quintero:  Management
  • Diana Muccioli: (2nd Team)- Design
  • Elly Belmore:  Exercise & Sport Science
  • Evie Dice:  Exercise & Sport Science
  • Hannah Gurecki:  Sociology
  • Megan Sieloff:  Exercise & Sport Science
  • Mikaela Senkus:  Civil Engineering

West Chester:

  • Abigail Sullivan: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Danielle Stewart:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Keeley Durkin:  Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Lenya Ryan:  Criminal Justice
  • Lila Dicarlo:  Accounting
  • Maddy Koehle:  Nursing
  • Mckenzie Hemingway:  Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Mikayla Niness:  Nursing
  • Sam Trumble:  Biology
  • Sara Haggerty: (2nd Team)- Painting
  • Sarah Krusinski: (2nd Team)- health and wellness
  • Sophia Gerhart:  Accounting

Western Colorado :

  • Makenna Lambert: (2nd Team)- Environment and Sustainability
  • Morgan Nielsen:  Pre-Physical Therapy

West Florida:

  • Adriana Mieses Sanchez:  Biology
  • Aubrey Klausner: (2nd Team)- Sports Management
  • Brooke Dorr:  Exercise Science
  • Ellie Rothfuss: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Lutnya Bogdanova:  Exercise Science
  • Mikayla Puckett:  Exercise Science
  • Nina Imboden:  Undecided
  • Olivia Nelson:  Nursing
  • Riley MacVane:  Business
  • Shannah Dillman:  Biochemistry
  • Sydney Lewis:  Nursing
  • Tori Johnston: (2nd Team)- Social Work

William Jewell :

  • Casey Bach:  Accounting
  • Martina Torrent Brugada: (2nd Team)- Business Administration

Wingate :

  • Amanda Wenhold:  Exercise Science
  • Cornelia Almqvist:  Finance
  • Emily Shuttleworth: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Franziska Muhlberger: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Grace Wilson: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Hana Kubalova:  Marketing
  • Lindsee Newman: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Lucinda Andrews:  Biology
  • Marta Beesmans:  Marketing
  • Nadia Kertynska:  International Business Management
  • Nicol Bellardi: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Nina Azirovic:  Biology
  • Vera Karlsson:  International Business Management

CSCAA Division II Men


  • Bruno Carrillo: (2nd Team)- Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Cooper Rivers: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Joseph Lenczyk: (2nd Team)- Education


  • David Szlobodnyik:  Business
  • Roland Nagy:  Psychology


  • Alix Henras-Marouf: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Balazs Meszaros: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Maksymilian Minichowski:  Exercise Science

Colorado Mesa University:

  • Agata Naskret: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Austin Patterson:  Exercise Science
  • Ben Sampson:  Sport Management
  • Benedict Nagy: (2nd Team)- Film
  • Dejan Urbanek:  Computer Science
  • Gavin Anderson:  Accounting
  • Jacob Troescher:  Computer Science
  • Jameson McEnaney:  Undeclared
  • John Walgast: (2nd Team)- History Education
  • Max Ayres:  Exercise Science

Colorado School of Mines:

  • Garrett Waite: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Gavin Gilmore: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Gavin Moore: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Jack Engler: (2nd Team)- Petroleum Engineering
  • Jaron O’Grady: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Joe Hutchinson: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Jordan Tierney: (2nd Team)- Applied Mathematics
  • Jorie Selig: (2nd Team)- Electrical Engineering
  • Joseph Lev-Tov:  Electrical Engineering
  • Lucas Hoke: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Ronan Lauinger:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Seth Krause: (2nd Team)- Computer Science


  • Gerard Labernia Oms: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Kevin Mills: (2nd Team)- Business Management MBA
  • Maciej Konarski:  Human Resources Management
  • Owen Stender:  Business Administration

Davis & Elkins :

  • Enrique Garcia: (2nd Team)- Economics

Delta State :

  • Aaron Fernandes: (2nd Team)- Business Administration MBA
  • Braden Moore:  Biology
  • Janne Bodemer: (2nd Team)- Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Mateus Franco:  Computer & Information Science
  • Simon Pereira: (2nd Team)- Aviation
  • Tristen Fant: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Aidan Scott:  Exercise Physiology
  • Alejandro Villarejo:  Computer Science Software Engineering
  • Alvaro Zornoza Quiros:  Mathematics
  • Austin Metzler: (2nd Team)- Computer Science Software Engineering
  • Charles Earl:  Accounting/Finance
  • Colby Hughes: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Davi Mourao:  Management/Marketing
  • Elliot Weber: (2nd Team)- Cyber Risk Management
  • Grant Johnson: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Ivan Dubinin:  Mathematics
  • Maximilian Hagl: (2nd Team)- Computer Science Software Engineering
  • Nathan Moore: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Viktor Khnykin:  Art History
  • Yuri Cabral:  Business Economics


  • Adam Hornak: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Camilo Marrugo Montano:  Business Administration
  • Luca Chiandussi:  Graphic Design
  • Marko Priednieks:  Business Administration
  • Matteo Filippi:  Computer Science
  • Rafael Lozano Machado: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Randy Keener:  Computer
  • Santiago Arteaga:  Business Administration
  • Tim Stollings:  Business Administration
  • Zein Kawas:  Business Administration

Florida Southern:

  • Brandon Wilson:  Computer Science
  • Cameron Lai-Harris:  Computer Science
  • Kyle Micallef: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Nino Viallon:  Finance
  • Peter Csicsaky:  Business Administration
  • Tristan Clanton: (2nd Team)- Accounting

Fresno Pacific :

  • Jan Bialecki: Pre-Law

Grand Valley State :

  • Aaron Dies:  Computer Science
  • Brennan Neitzel:  Electrical Engineering
  • Eric Hieber:  Business
  • Jon Kantzenbach:  Marketing
  • Jona Finn Sue: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Matthew Lane:  Communications
  • Roger Miret Sala:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Thomas Zoldowski:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Will Herwig: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science

Henderson State :

  • Jack Armstrong: Nursing


  • Aqeel Joseph:  Business
  • Bartosz Mielniczuk: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Cedric Buessing:  Business
  • Jackson Vanwanzeele:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Jason Lenzo:  Athletic Training
  • Jeron Thompson:  Education Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Mihir Ambre:  Management/Marketing
  • Oskar Sawicki:  Business
  • Silas Buessing:  Mechanical Engineering
  • William Pettifer: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education


  • Athanasios Diamantidis:  Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Julien Dampenon: (2nd Team)- International Business Management
  • Luke Mikesell: Criminology
  • Ty Uhlig: (2nd Team)- Early Childhood Education

Lynn :

  • Kamil Piotrowicz:  International Business Management
  • Maurice Grabowski:  International Business Management

McKendree :

  • Abram Hagedorn: (2nd Team)- Economics/Finance
  • Alireza Yavari:  Exercise Science
  • Archie Minto:  Economics
  • Arthur Souza:  Economics/Finance
  • Christian Davidson:  Economics/Finance
  • Filipe Pinheiro:  International Relations
  • Jackson Lustig:  Communications
  • Leonardo Gandaria-Hernandez:  Exercise Science
  • Mario Perez:  Economics/Finance
  • Tyson Upton:  Sports management

Missouri S&T:

  • Adam Wiedemeier:  Psychology
  • Jordan Christensen: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Kevin Williams:  Aerospace Engineering
  • Nate Baxter:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Noah Clancy:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Oscar Iden: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering


  • Ben Johnson: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Connor Daigle: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Cypris Wilkinson: (2nd Team)- Mass Communication
  • Harrison Dorsey: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science
  • James Franck: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Jered Poland: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Joshua Sauer: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Juan Celis:  Business
  • Parker Bell: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Reese Cobb: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Will Mahone:  Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Northern Michigan :

  • Alessandro Rosatelli: (2nd Team)- Pre-Law
  • Daniel Khmara: (2nd Team)- Computer & Information Science
  • Erikas Kapocius: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Jef Leroux:  Computer Science
  • Thibault Auger:  Business
  • Tobias Stiles:  Arts & Sciences
  • Will LaCount:  Biology

Nova Southeastern:

  • Gustav Henriksen:  Business Administration
  • Luca Alessandrini:  Sport & Recreation Management
  • Marcel Snitko:  Data Analytics
  • Mateus Ribeiro:  Nutrition
  • Rhett Moore: (2nd Team)- Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Umberto Marsic: (2nd Team)- Business Administration

Ouachita Baptist :

  • Elijah Christenson:  Pre-Medicine
  • Jeff McCoy: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Sam Ragsdell: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Tyler Andruss: (2nd Team)- Accounting

PennWest Clarion:

  • David Bocci:  Sport Management

Quincy :

  • Wyatt Walsh:  Computer Science

Rockhurst :

  • Ali Usama:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Omar Abla:  Cybersecurity


  • Luke Dinges:
  • William Slowey:
  • Seth Basinger:
  • Michael Tucker: (2nd Team)
  • Elliot Fox: (2nd Team)

St. Cloud State :

  • Cade Rosenwald:  Accounting
  • Didac Silva Alcoba:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Emile Dost: (2nd Team)- Management
  • Jayden Porter:  Business Administration
  • Max Matthaei: (2nd Team)- Finance
  • Raf Hendriks:  Business Administration


  • Adrian Aguilar:  Finance
  • Barnabas Fluck:  Accounting
  • Blake Moran:  Marketing
  • Cameron Taddonio: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Gabriel Araya: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Gabriel Rzezwicki: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Jared Mindek:  Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management
  • Sam Goncharuk: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Tibor Tistan:  Business

Truman State University:

  • A.J. Kohler: (2nd Team)- Accounting

Wayne State:

  • Alex Duhaime: (2nd Team)- Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Hans Anderson:  Chemistry
  • Jeffrey Cottingham: (2nd Team)- Exercise & Sport Science
  • Jimmy Violassi: (2nd Team)- Nutrition & Food Science
  • Joey Dombkowski: (2nd Team)- Nutrition & Food Science
  • John Martin:  Mechanical Technology
  • Jordan Fox: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Mohamed Khalil Ben Ajmia: Sport Management
  • Trevor Jones:  Business Administration
  • Wen Wadsworth-Curcuru: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering

West Chester:

  • Aidan Faikish: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Brey Wright: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Dalton Fink:  Business
  • Daniel Dunigan:  Business
  • Devin Metzger:  Political Science
  • Joel Dunnigan:  Business
  • Kolos Nagy:  International Business Management
  • Paul Demesy:  Physics

West Virginia Wesleyan :

  • Marcus Walker: (2nd Team)- Accounting

William Jewell :

  • Connor Sawyer: (2nd Team)- Digital Media
  • Caio Cavarsan: (2nd Team)- Physics

Wingate :

  • Andres Martijena:  Finance
  • Anton Witzell:  Finance
  • Connor Wright: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Damir Ipkaev:  Marketing
  • Gabriel Costa:  Marketing
  • Jack Wisniewski: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Manoel Silva:  Exercise Science
  • Martin Racek: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Miguel Marcos:  Exercise Science
  • Ney Chagas Filho:  Finance

CSCAA Division III Women


  • Hannah Fathman:  Political Science

Allegheny :

  • Olivia Kraus: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience


  • Donna Zhang: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Grace Walker:  Film
  • Lauren Eng:  Pre-Medicine
  • Lucy Smith:  Undeclared
  • Maeve Kelley:  Undeclared
  • Megan Lee-1st team:  Civil Engineering
  • Paige Arnold:  Undeclared
  • Sydney Bluestein: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine

Bates :

  • Grace Wenger:  Biochemistry
  • Margie McLeod:  Chemistry
  • Marrich Somridhivej: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Natalie Young:  Neuroscience
  • Sarah Palmer:  Undecided
  • Sophie Cassily:  Earth Science

Bowdoin :

  • Elizabeth Walsh:  Economics
  • Ella Martin: (2nd Team)- Spanish
  • Harper Stevenson: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Sadie Smith: (2nd Team)- Education
  • Sydney Lillis:  Undeclared


  • Jana Woo: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Marcel Liu: (2nd Team)- Physics

Cal Lutheran :

  • Alice Peterson: (2nd Team)- Computer & Information Science

Calvin :

  • Emma Merkel:  Nursing
  • Meghan Bengelink: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Sadie Norman: (2nd Team)- Business

Carleton :

  • Brenna Russell: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Hailey Westrup:  Undecided

Carnegie Mellon :

  • Arnav Deshpande: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Christian Lanuza: (2nd Team)- Statistic and Machine Learning
  • Eliana Szabo: (2nd Team)- Materials Science and Engineering
  • Elizabeth Shaffer: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Kyndall Tatum: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Sophie Elliott:  Neuroscience

Case Western Reserve :

  • Abigail Wilkov: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Angeli Paull:  Nutrition
  • Claire Kozma:  Nutrition
  • Elena Igic: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Eliza Dixon:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Jocelyn Schechter: (2nd Team)- Aerospace Engineering
  • Kelly Vann:  Biomedical Engineering


  • Alison Cowan: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Adelyn Diaz:  Environmental Science
  • Alesha Kelly:  Biochemistry
  • Alicia Soosai:  Business
  • Annabel Olivo:  Business
  • Bridget Ye:  Business
  • Carly Weigel: (2nd Team)- Social Sciences
  • Elisabella Forest: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Ella McEver:  Biology
  • Emily Xu:  Biology
  • Ioanna Georgopoulou:  Economics
  • Jane Candy:  Environmental Science
  • Julia Pioso: (2nd Team)- Chemical Engineering
  • Junichiro Asano:  Computer Science
  • Karen Zhao: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Lauren Richards:  Biochemistry
  • Nayna Pashilkar:  Data Science
  • NouNou Chang: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Samantha Bertschi:  Economics
  • Sophia Zhao:  Economics
  • Veronica Fong: Economics


  • Alexis Romero: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Allyson Yao:  Computer Science
  • Anna Zeren: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Katy Shaw:  Engineering
  • Mackenzie Mayfield:  Biology
  • Madeleine Kan:  Engineering
  • Milan Manfredi: (2nd Team)- Data science
  • Revere Schmidt:  Biology


  • Cai Hall: (2nd Team)- Public Administration


  • Megan Norris:  Biology

Colorado College:

  • Collin Ralston: (2nd Team)- Molecular Biology
  • Emma Krasemann: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Alexis Lee: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Keller Pooley: (2nd Team)- Undeclared

Denison :

  • Alexis Radhakrishnan:  Education
  • Amber Croonquist:  Biology
  • Annie Pfeufer:  Computer Science & Data Analytics
  • Emily Harris:  Economics
  • Emma Pritchett:  Journalism
  • Esme Wright:  Biology & German
  • Jasmine Park:  Biology
  • Kerstyn Johnson:  Theatre & Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Lu-Si Minnich:  Economics
  • Maja Palmroos: (2nd Team)- Data Analytics & Mathematics
  • Molly Mcintyre: (2nd Team)- English
  • Natalie English:  Economics
  • Olivia Morse:  Physics
  • Phoebe Ferguson:  Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Quinn Brown:  Psychology
  • Rebecca Martin: (2nd Team)- Biology & Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Tara Witkowski:  Biology & Global Health

Emory :

  • Ali Kaiser:  Chemistry
  • Avery Sammons:  Business
  • Caroline Zhu:  Nursing
  • Cece York:  International Studies
  • Isabel Huang:  Health Science and Human Performance
  • Jane Sanderson:  International Studies
  • Katherine Swan:  Undecided
  • Katie Cohen:  Undecided
  • Leaya Ma: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Maddie Palatt: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Maren McDonald:  Business
  • Megan Jungers:  Neuroscience
  • Meredith Teague:  Biology
  • Morgan Main:  Business
  • Penelope Helm:  Environmental Science
  • Penny Celtnieks:  International Studies
  • Pooja Hemige:  Chemistry
  • Ren Watt: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Sammy McClintock: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Sarah Daly: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Sloane Donovan:  Biology
  • Sophia Mruk: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Susan Mumford: (2nd Team)- Anthropology
  • Tess Klugherz:  Biology


  • Bramley Hawkins:  Environmental Studies
  • Delaney Reck:  Environmental Studies
  • Natalie Winsiewski:  Sociology
  • Olivia Pyott: (2nd Team)- Biology

Gustavus Adolphus :

  • Lucy Peterson:  Environmental Studies
  • Peyton Richardson: (2nd Team)- Biology

Hamilton :

  • Jade Matthias:  Government

Hope :

  • Anna Stolle: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Cameron Hamilton: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Delaney Wesolek:  Nursing
  • Graham Eisenmann: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Greta Gidley:  Education
  • Katie Hermann:  Exercise Science
  • Laurel Wasiniak:  Chemical Engineering
  • Lauren Ryle:  Business

Ithaca College:

  • Abigail Marraccino:  Speech Language Pathology
  • Angela Burke:  Exercise Science
  • Audrey Scott: (2nd Team)- Health Sciences
  • Eliza Salus: (2nd Team)- Clinical Health Studies
  • Jenell Slesser: (2nd Team)- Occupational Therapy
  • Kailee Payne:  Environmental Science

Johns Hopkins :

  • Kristin Cornish:  Economics
  • Rachel Davis: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Cameron Roche:  International Studies
  • Avery Clapp: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Claire Han:  Molecular Biology
  • Makenzie Higgins:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Kimberly Lan:  English
  • Michelle Liu:  Neuroscience
  • Kate Petitt:  Neuroscience
  • Taylor Rohovit:  Computer Science
  • Julia Tuinman:  Computer Science
  • Katherine Chelus: (2nd Team)- Molecular Biology
  • Elizabeth Cohen:  Molecular Biology

Kenyon :

  • Anna Clare Fleenor: (2nd Team)- Environmental Studies
  • Ashlyn Widmer: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Brooke Heis: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Caleigh Wukitch:  Neuroscience
  • Ceyda Yazici:  Biochemistry
  • Gabriella Wei:  Sociology
  • Gwenyth Eisenbeis:  Mathematics
  • Jennah Fadely:  Psychology
  • Katarina Ilic: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Katherine Bogan:  Psychology
  • Lisa Torrecillas-Jouault:  Political Science
  • Lucy Cassell-kelley: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Mary Fergusson: (2nd Team)- History
  • Molly Haag:  Biology
  • Naomi Kennel: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Sarah Hoffman:  Chemistry
  • Sydney Buchman:  Molecular Biology
  • Sydney Geboy:  Psychology
  • Sydney McCallie:  Studio Arts

Luther College:

  • Emily Ostermann: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Kate Denner: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Mia Prater:  Chemistry

Mary Washington:

  • Bridget Wilson:  Education
  • Kinsey Brooks:  Nursing


  • Aitor Arrese-Igor: (2nd Team)- Computer Science and Business Analytics
  • Annika Naveen:  Biological Engineering
  • Camila Pierce:  Computer Science
  • Emma Scott: Mechanical Engineering
  • Fiora Beratahani: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hannah Donner: (2nd Team)- Biological Engineering
  • Iris Yang:  Computer Science, Business Analytics
  • Kailey Epstein: (2nd Team)- Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Kate Augustyn:  Biological Engineering
  • Lauren Levy:  Biological Engineering
  • Melody Wen:  Computer Science, Data Science, and Economics
  • Natalie Tang:  Computer Science
  • Rachel Loh: Computer Science and Music
  • Sydney Smith:  Bioengineering
  • Taylor Wagner: (2nd Team)- Biological Engineering

Mount Holyoke :

  • Madeleine Sewell: (2nd Team)- Biology


  • Aanya Wala:  Liberal Studies
  • Anna Li:  Individualized Study
  • Calista Lynch:  Liberal Studies
  • Claire Stephenson: (2nd Team)- International Relations
  • Emily Ma:  Biology
  • Hope Xayaveth:  Liberal Studies
  • Isabel Oldham:  Urban Design and Architecture
  • Issara Schmidt: (2nd Team)- Mathematics and Economics
  • Jolie Le Fauve:  Business
  • Kaley McIntyre:  History
  • Maya Williams: (2nd Team)- Liberal Studies
  • Nicole Ranile:  Liberal Studies
  • Reina Gomez:  Biology
  • Youngju Baik:  Liberal Studies
  • Zeynep Tokuz:  Liberal Studies

Ohio Northern University:

  • Selby Wilt: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering


  • Abigail Liao:  Economics
  • Abigail Raclaw: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Abigail Smith:  Computer Science
  • Alexandra Turvey:  Biology
  • Asha Bansal:  Molecular Biology
  • Charlotte Friedman: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Chesna Pelka:  Environmental Science
  • Emmie Appl:  Molecular Biology
  • Francesca Coppo:  Undeclared
  • Gabriella Calvi:  Molecular Biology
  • Katherine Gould:  Neuroscience
  • Kathryn Jones:  Undeclared
  • Maren Rusk:  Undeclared
  • Sabrina Wang:  Chemistry


  • Abigail Springer: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Andrea Brenstrom: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Avery Wells: (2nd Team)- Not Listed
  • Ella Suazo: (2nd Team)- Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Emma Jones: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Emma Parker: (2nd Team)- Liberal Studies
  • Kendall Stigall: (2nd Team)- Not Listed
  • Roxanne Williams: (2nd Team)- Not Listed
  • Sarah Szafranski: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Sydney Patterson: (2nd Team)- Not Listed


  • Anna Peshenko:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Gwen Petrie: (2nd Team)- Industrial Design
  • Madilyn Williams:  Physics


  • Ella Pennington:  BS Biomedical Engineering

Saint Lawrence:

  • Amelia Stacy: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Cordelia Keberle: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Faith Rhinehart: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Lulu Rauch: (2nd Team)- Environmental Studies
  • Mick Tesluk: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Norah Kuduk: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Sarah Bellefleur: (2nd Team)- Mathematics

Saint Mary’s College of Maryland:

  • Kelsie Miller:  Biology

Smith :

  • Katherine Welsh:  Chemistry

Springfield :

  • Elizabeth Santos: (2nd Team)- Social Work
  • Erin Kelaher:  Pre-Prof Athletic Training
  • Kay Shen:  Exercise Science / Applied ES
  • Nina Lamb:  Criminal Justice

SUNY Geneseo:

  • Alexandra Pucci-Schaefer: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Amaya Digiovanni:  Education
  • Lydia Benjamin: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Madison Sargent: (2nd Team)- Sociomedical Sciences

Swarthmore :

  • Ainsley Jane Tambling:  Biology
  • Annaliese Chen:  Political Science
  • Ashley Wong:  Biology
  • Elle Anthony:  Environmental Science
  • Erin Szuromi:  Physics
  • Kaja Arusha:  Biology
  • Lauren Rohde:  Political Sociology

Trinity TX`:

  • Amy Benson:  Undeclared
  • Brooklyn Fuscone: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Caroline Myers:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Emma Hagan:  Psychology and German Studies
  • Kendal Southwell: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Konstantine Partalas: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Kyla Foxhoven:  Undeclared
  • Neely Burns:  Biochemistry

Tufts :

  • Aliyah Larson: (2nd Team)- Archaeology
  • Arya Gupta: (2nd Team)- International Relations
  • Avery Newcomer: (2nd Team)- Cognitive Brain Science
  • Cierra McCarty: (2nd Team)- International Relations
  • Elena Harrison:  Cognitive Brain Science
  • Elias Brandt: (2nd Team)- Visual Arts
  • Emma Claus:  Electrical Engineering
  • Madeleine Dunn:  Biopsychology
  • Madison Hagberg:  Environmental Studies
  • Malia Leung:  Biology
  • Mia Solomon: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering

UW-Eau Claire:

  • Elaina Plonis:  Astrophysics
  • Kiara Bissen:  Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Sydney McGuine:  Public Health


  • Alison Roche:  Computer Science & Mathematics
  • Andrea Leng:  Biology: Neuroscience
  • Hannah Lee:  Undeclared
  • Isabella Barrientos:  Healthcare Management; Supply Chain, Operations and Technology
  • Isabelle Gattone:  Chemical Engineering
  • Lili Sandor: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Madison Okon: Undeclared
  • Noa Miller:  Biology: Neuroscience
  • Rin Iimi: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering
  • Riya Sahota:  Anthropology: Global Health and the Environment
  • Rosie Finglass: (2nd Team)- Master of Architecture
  • Roslyn Tischke: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Shanze Karimi:  Undeclared

Wellesley :

  • Jaya Magavi: (2nd Team)- Undeclared
  • Kavita Sekhon:  Biology, Political Science
  • Tracey Liu:  Neuroscience

Wheaton MA:

  • Bella Barrett: (2nd Team)- Elementary Education & Psychology
  • Katie Walz:  Environmental Science
  • Lily Watson:  Psychology & Theatre
  • Morgen Coughlin Doyle: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science

Williams :

  • Abigail Greenberg:  Undecided
  • Adelaide Herman: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Amanda Wager:  History
  • Caitlin Murphy: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Charlotte Wishnack:  Biology
  • Elizabeth Ramoy: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Emma Schulman:  Economics
  • Frances Hayward:  Political Science
  • Gabriella Lopez-Ona: (2nd Team)- History
  • Irene Yang:  Biology
  • Lillian Bushway: (2nd Team)- Chinese Language & Literature
  • Lily Codd:  Biology
  • Ruby Groves: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Samantha Kilcoyne:  Computer Science
  • Sarah Johnson: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Sophia Verkleeren:  Chemistry
  • Zora Vujovic:  Comparative Literature


  • Ollie Bream:  Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSCAA Division III Men

Alfred State

  • Conor Compton:  Heavy Equipment Operations


  • Fyn Nadel: (2nd Team)- History
  • Henry Liu:  Undecided
  • Jaden Olson: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Jeffrey Gerber:  Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy
  • Tyler Knightly: (2nd Team)- Economics

Bates College:

  • John Weigel:  Undecided
  • Mark Gregory:  Neuroscience
  • Maximillian Cory:  Biochemistry
  • Nathaniel Pierce:  Physics
  • Tim Johnson:  Undecided


  • Joshua Tolson: (2nd Team)- Animal Science

Bowdoin College:

  • Alexandre Grand’Pierre:  Computer Science
  • Jack Tran:  Biochemistry
  • Raphael Grand’Pierre:  Undeclared
  • Tatum Zupnik:  Economics

Brandeis University:

  • Samuel Dienstag:  Finance


  • Cole Weiderman: (2nd Team)- History
  • Marcel Liu: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • Simon Hu: (2nd Team)- Computation and Neural Systems

California Lutheran :

  • Lincoln Hall: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Charles Platt:  Business
  • Eric Chimes:  Kinesiology
  • Forrest Peterson:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Julien Camy:  French
  • Vladimir Molin:  Kinesiology
  • Wil Goodpaster: (2nd Team)- Business

Carnegie Mellon University:

  • Aaron Lee:  Information Systems
  • Aleksander Tarczynski:  Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Brayden Morford:  Mechanical Engineering
  • David Lloyd:  Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Jonathan Lindstrom: (2nd Team)- Information Systems
  • Ljubomir Popovic: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Miles Haraldsson:  Materials Science and Engineering
  • Santiago Gomez:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Tyler Hoyt: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Willem Goedecke:  Civil & Environmental Engineering

Case Western Reserve University:

  • Emil Lasida: (2nd Team)- Computer Engineering
  • John Drumm:  Finance
  • Peter Meng:  Finance
  • Rei Miyauchi: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Engineering


  • Hudson Tritter:  Biology
  • Wenxuan Tang: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Spencer Dearman:  Computer Science
  • Jonathan Tang:  Economics
  • Garrett Clasen:  Economics
  • Dylan Danaie:  Economics
  • Kyle Garcia:  Economics
  • Marcell Milo-Sidlo:  Economics
  • Jesse Ssengonzi:  Economics
  • Jason Starbuck:  Economics
  • Cooper Costello:  History
  • Igor Benderskii:  Physics
  • Sebastien Vernhes:  Physics


  • Anderson Breazeale:  Economics
  • Bennet Matazzoni: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Dylan Krueger:  Economics
  • Frank Applebaum:  PPE
  • Henrik Barck: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Sun Young Byun: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Theodore Johnson:  Economics

Coast Guard:

  • Noah Reice: (2nd Team)- Management

Colorado College:

  • Aidan Richter: (2nd Team)- Molecular Biology

  • Jack Hussin: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Wyatt Wellehan: (2nd Team)- Undeclared

Connecticut College:

  • Justin Finkel:  Biology
  • Cameron Bizjak: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Evan Lyons: (2nd Team)- Economics

Denison :

  • Christian McIntire:  Data Analytics
  • Connor Brown: (2nd Team)- Financial Economics
  • Drue Thielking: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Gavin Jones:  Economics & Communications
  • Liam Nelson:  Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Lucas Conrads:  Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Luke Landis:  History
  • Max Soja:  Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Nick Fogle:  Psychology & Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies
  • Nick Settembrine: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Patrick Daly:  Economics
  • Tyler Distenfeld:  Biology


  • Teck Koh: (2nd Team)- Psychology


  • Adam Braunschweig:  Neuroscience
  • Adam Copses: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Alex York: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine
  • Alexander Pollack:  Philosophy Politics and Law
  • Anderson Holcomb: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Caden Bjornstad:  Business
  • Christopher Dieffenthaller: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Cooper Muench: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Crow Thorsen:  International Studies
  • Dylan Yin:  Business
  • Graham Zucker:  Mathematics
  • Harrison Pire: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Hayden Tupper:  Business
  • Jason Amato: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Jeff Echols:  Psychology
  • Liyang Sun:  Biology
  • Logan D’Amore: (2nd Team)- Business
  • McKee Thorsen:  Undecided
  • Nicholas Goudie:  Acting
  • Nolan Lahmann:  Biology
  • Patrick Horton: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Ryan Gibbons: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Sven Becker: (2nd Team)- Mathematics
  • Will Kerscher: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Will Kohn:  Computer Science

Franklin & Marshall :

  • Ben Lockey:  Economics


  • Declan Sheeran: (2nd Team)- Health Sciences

Grinnell :

  • Kevin Fitzgerald: (2nd Team)- Computer Science and Psychology

Gustavus Adolphus :

  • Matt Strom:  Computer Science

Hartwick :

  • Michael Schultz:  History


  • Christian Dunaitis:  Business
  • Colin Kalkman:  Biology

Ithaca :

  • Alec Kutsner:  Exploratory Pathways
  • Ethan Godfrey: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • James Collishaw:  Clinical Health Studies
  • Matthew Mitros:  Clinical Health Studies

John Carroll:

  • Forrest Campbell:  Educational Administration

Johns Hopkins :

  • Avery Clapp:  Computer Science
  • Bryce Lloyd:  chemical and biomolecular eng
  • Daniel Byrnes: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Eric Ji:  Electrical Engineering
  • Joe Castagno: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Kellen Roddy:  Chemical Engineering
  • Matthew Hartshorn:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Brandon Stride:  Computer Science


  • Bengisu Caymaz: (2nd Team)- Neuroscience
  • Daniel Brooks:  Economics
  • Ethan Manske:  Biology
  • Israel Zavaleta:  Psychology
  • Marko Krtinic:  Molecular Biology
  • Maxwell Nonnenmacher:  Political Science
  • Noah Hargrove:  Economics
  • Noel Tumbasz:  Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Owen Peterson: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • Roman Savage:  Economics

Luther :

  • Jack Bell: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science


  • Aitor Arrese-Igor: (2nd Team)- Computer Science and Business Analytics
  • Arnold Su:  Mathematics with Computer Science
  • Brian Li:  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Jacob McCarran:  Physics and Artificial Intelligence & Decision Making
  • Jaden Luo:  Chemistry & Biology and Physics
  • Jason Wang: (2nd Team)- Biological Engineering
  • John Tietjen: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Roderick Huang: (2nd Team)- Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Theo Chen:  Computer Science and Engineering
  • Tobe Obochi:  Computer Science and Engineering


  • Connor Vincent:  Business
  • Emmett Ralston:  Computer Science
  • Greg Wehbe:  Liberal Studies
  • Kevin Wu:  Business
  • Victor Derani:  Undecided
  • Zach Spain: (2nd Team)- Real Estate
  • Jaeden-hans Yburan:  Global Public Health

Ohio Northern:

  • Holden Cubberley:  Graphic Design


  • Erik Fendorf: (2nd Team)- Economics


  • Adrian Clement:  Computer Science
  • Gordon Kenny: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Ian Conner:  Undeclared
  • Isaac Pan:  Mathematics
  • Kyle Huang:  Undeclared
  • Larry Yu:  Physics & Computer Science
  • Liam Gilbert-Lawrence: (2nd Team)- PPE
  • Tag Curwen:  Economics
  • Ted Hwang: (2nd Team)- Economics


  • Andrew Heaston: (2nd Team)- Environmental Science
  • Cole Goyette: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Conor Wherry: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Davis Wingard: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Ethan Chir: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Jay Deng: (2nd Team)- Not Listed
  • Ron Gvishi: (2nd Team)- Physics
  • Thomas Long: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • William Coziahr: (2nd Team)- Computer Science


  • Ben Sippel: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Drew Scheib:  Chemical Engineering
  • Gellert Kish:  Media Arts and Technology
  • Mike Atanasoff: (2nd Team)- Cybersecurity
  • Neko Ferrara: (2nd Team)- Cybersecurity


  • Vineet Ranade:  Computer Engineering


  • Mike Dowd: (2nd Team)- Computer Science


  • Michael Fracchiolla:  Chemical Engineering
  • Toby Cahnbley: (2nd Team)- Computer Science


  • Ethan Brewer: (2nd Team)- Business

Saint Mary’s MD:

  • James Schwenk:  Biology


  • Christian Butlet: (2nd Team)- Health Science / Pre-PT

SUNY Geneseo:

  • Brian Pabisch:  Biology
  • Gannon Moore:  Business Administration
  • Griffin Merkling:  Geology
  • Jacob Calus: (2nd Team)- Biology

SUNY Cortland:

  • Lance Meeson: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science

Swarthmore :

  • Ben Freeman: (2nd Team)- Engineering
  • Danny Castle: (2nd Team)- Undecided


  • Andrew Kidchob:  Accounting
  • Brian Bull:  Accounting
  • Dixon Kahler:  Accounting
  • Ethan Weiss: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Gavin Formon:  Economics
  • James McChesney:  Accounting
  • Michael Wu: (2nd Team)- Chemistry
  • Ryan Vandeveen:  Management
  • Shawn Kushner:  Computer Engineering

Trinity (TX):

  • Kendal Southwell: (2nd Team)- Biochemistry
  • Konstantine Partalas: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Michael Kohl:  Geoscience
  • Nathaniel Early:  Computer Science

Tufts :

  • Armaan Sikka:  cognitive brain science
  • Cameron Yuen:  Computer Science
  • Darrien Johnsen: (2nd Team)- Mechanical Engineering
  • Emmett Adams:  Clinical Psychology
  • Eric Lundgren:  Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Ethan Schreier:  quantitative economics
  • Jack Nussbaum:  undeclared
  • Jeremy Lawrence: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Peter LaBarge:  Genetics
  • Quinci Wheeler: (2nd Team)- quantitative economics
  • Will Stearns:  Computer Science

United States Merchant Marine Academy:

  • Daniel Scherrer:  Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Teague Mayer:  Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management

UW-Eau Claire:

  • Ben Keller: (2nd Team)- Physical Education
  • Blake Wallen:  Accounting


  • Alex McCormick:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel Sibley:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Ethan Feng:  Biology: Genomics/Computation
  • Justin Rockaway:  Mathematics
  • Kyle Wolford:  Computer Science
  • Mark Lipkin:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Nathan Lin:  Biology
  • Pace Edwards:  Accounting
  • Ryan Hillery:  Psychological & Brain Sciences: Cognitive Neuroscience

Wheaton College (IL):

  • Anthony Fitzgerald:  Political Science

Williams :

  • Aidan Lee: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Alden White: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Alex Atherton:  Computer Science
  • Barrett Heritage:  Mathematics
  • Carter Anderson:  Physics
  • Carter Roebuck: (2nd Team)- Undecided
  • Charlie Venci:  Economics
  • Ev Nichol:  Biology
  • Haochen Liu:  Undecided
  • Harrison Williams: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Jack Marquardt: (2nd Team)- History
  • Jacob Grover:  Economics
  • Michael Grover:  Physics
  • Oliver Schalet:  Chemistry
  • Theo Randall:  Undecided



  • Amelia Edens:  Psychology
  • Claire Hines: (2nd Team)- Business Administration

Ave Maria:

  • Maryanna Matista: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Sarah Hicks: (2nd Team)- Nursing


  • Elizabeth Williams: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Jaylyn Harrison: (2nd Team)- Business
  • Kayla Logeais: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Lara Galy: (2nd Team)- Engineering
  • Makalynn VanEerden: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Mikaela Vanasdale: (2nd Team)- Education

Brenau :

  • Emma Verkuyl:  Biology
  • Olga Bukowska:  Psychology
  • Sofia Bellocchio: (2nd Team)- Acting
  • Tessa Ip Hen Cheung:  Business


  • Marlien Crewe-Brown: (2nd Team)- Health Science and Human Performance


  • Aldara Gonzalez Riano:  Business Administration
  • Anastasiia Shatalova:  Psychology
  • Emilia Martinez: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Filippa Malmstrom: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Isabella Cooksey:  Education
  • Judit Garreta Yuste:  English
  • Maddi Barbee:  Exercise Science
  • Michelle Weiss:  Education
  • Nikita Konovets:  Information Technology
  • Peyton Berter: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Valentina Zapata:  Exercise Science


  • Jada Shorter: (2nd Team)- Accounting
  • Sulinke Van den Berg: (2nd Team)- Education

Keiser :

  • Aubrey Bach:  Business Administration
  • Austin Bryson: (2nd Team)- Biomedical Sciences
  • Danai Sofoulis:  Exercise Science
  • Eve Mair:  Business Administration
  • Giulia Mantuan:  Business Administration
  • Greta Aldrovandi:  Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Ines Laurent:  Sport Management
  • Julia Olivas Pujol:  Health Science and Human Performance
  • Karoline Kristensen:  Business Administration
  • Kira Runnels:  Criminal Justice
  • Lily Robinson:  Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Lorie Seranski:  Biomedical Sciences
  • Marine Lecomte:  Applied Engineering
  • Miriam Wolfrum:  Cinematic Arts
  • Nikoline Biltoft-Jensen:  Psychology
  • Rachel Bradley:  Exercise Science
  • Segel Acuna: (2nd Team)- Sport Management
  • Timea Aspegren:  Psychology
  • Zselyke Papp:  Psychology

Lindsey Wilson College:

  • Alejandra Martinez: (2nd Team)- Communication, Journalism, & Related Programs
  • Allie Rutherford:  Psychology
  • Jordyn Minifie:  Psychology
  • Júlia Secanell Ticó: (2nd Team)- Communication, Journalism, & Related Programs
  • Karolina Bidnik: (2nd Team)- Sustainability Studies
  • Maaike Broersma:  Psychology
  • Natalia Gorska:  Business
  • Natascha Evreinoff Salinas:  Mathematics
  • Sara Motyl:  Biology
  • Savannah Schoeman: (2nd Team)- Counseling

Milligan :

  • Alex Hayashi: (2nd Team)- Political Science
  • Elizabeth Mahan:  Nursing
  • Gabby MacPherson:  Nursing
  • Hanne te Velthuis:  Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Kaylee Williams:  Exercise Science
  • Mary Grace Bitting:  Graphic Design
  • Suzy Aguirre: (2nd Team)- Psychology

Saint Mary:

  • Ayla Pierce: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Neena Lorenz: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Olivia Ringle: (2nd Team)- Psychology
  • Reagan Baird: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Reagan Salsbury: (2nd Team)- Nursing

Union KY:

  • Emma Phillips:  Nursing
  • Izzy Proctor: (2nd Team)- History and Political Science
  • Lise Puissant:  Criminal Justice
  • Erin Pease: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Ceci Gimenez Martinez: (2nd Team)- Business Management
  • Audrey Easter: (2nd Team)- Graphic Design



  • Matt Dumbsky: (2nd Team)- Communications
  • Titus Smith: (2nd Team)- Education

Ave Maria:

  • Christian Steele: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Eduardo Martiniano:  Computer & Information Science

Bethel University Indiana:

  • Owen Fleck: (2nd Team)- Business

Campbellsville University:

  • Llewellyn Crewe-Brown: (2nd Team)- Logistics, Materials, & Supply Chain Management
  • Luis Castro: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Sebastian Escobar:  Business


  • Andres Caicedo: (2nd Team)- Information Technology
  • Andrew Farthing:  Information Technology
  • Dorian Bachlaj:  Cyber Security
  • Eli Henry: (2nd Team)- Information Technology
  • Joan Cortadellas Llubera:  Exercise Science
  • Leon Irmer:  Business Administration
  • Marcelo Rojas Ariza:  Business Administration
  • Marcos del Vado Sanz:  Psychology
  • Mikolaj Kala:  Business Administration
  • Ruben Gonzalez De Oliveira: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Ruthiik Satti:  Business Administration
  • Thomas Holzkamm:  Sport Management
  • Will Gilbert:  Information Technology


  • Alex Kusik:  Applied Engineering
  • Andrew Cestra:  Business Administration
  • Artur Berezkin:  Finance
  • Austin Ackerman: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Austin Bryson:  Biomedical Sciences
  • Carlos Trinidad Sancho:  Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Daniel Maudes Domenech:  Applied Engineering
  • Fynn Kunze:  Business Administration
  • Gaetano Zapata:  Business Administration
  • Matheus Queiroz:  Business Administration
  • Noel de Geus:  Applied Engineering
  • Robin Kilian:  Business Administration
  • Segel Acuna:  Sport Management
  • Theodor Myklebusthaug:  Applied Engineering

Lindsey Wilson :

  • Chase Hickman: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Clinton Eales:  Business Administration
  • Fabio Martin Rojo:  Mathematics
  • Malte Ahrens:  Communication, Journalism, & Related Programs
  • Max van Schagen:  Sport & Leisure Studies

Milligan University:

  • Adam Bengtson: (2nd Team)- Graphic Design
  • Andre Bazzana:  Graphic Design
  • Ben Hawkins:  Business Administration
  • Caleb Fry:  Computer Science
  • Jack Allen: (2nd Team)- Economics
  • Jacob Miller:  Computer Science
  • John Cox: (2nd Team)- Biology
  • Nicholas Harviel: (2nd Team)- Computer Science
  • Paxton Smith:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Peter Gilbert:  Computer Science
  • R.J. Brumit:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Robert Tars: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Sergio Tudor:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Simon Popelka: (2nd Team)- Business Administration
  • Stephen Gilbert:  Computer Science
  • Zac Nelson: (2nd Team)- Computer Forensics & Counterterrorism

Saint Mary:

  • Gavin Wagner: (2nd Team)- Cybersecurity
  • Lucas Sandoval: (2nd Team)- Cybersecurity
  • Luke Denney: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Luke Taylor: (2nd Team)- Pre-Medicine

Union KY:

  • David Muniz Espin: (2nd Team)- Nursing
  • Mikita Filipovich: (2nd Team)- Marketing
  • Will Webb: (2nd Team)- Exercise Science
  • Zach Nepogoda:  History


City College San Francisco

  • Ashley Stenstrom:  Psychology
  • Elena Dry:  Moleculat, Cell, and Developmental Biology
  • Emma Matous:  International Development Studies
  • Fiona Schere:  Pre Cognitive Science
  • Hillary Hong:  Psychology
  • Kathryn Lundh:  Psychology
  • Lian Mar:  Psychology
  • Maya Salvitti:  English
  • Maya Shtolzberg:  Biology
  • Riley Dix:  Pre-Psychobiology
  • Serawit Ezra:  Psychology
  • Taylor Schaffer:  Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Indian River State College:

  • Adriana Roldan:  General Biology
  • Ane Meier:  Biology Profesional
  • Giulianna Garcia:  Health Science
  • Maja Przybylska:  Business Administration
  • Sara Safranko:  Psychology

Iowa Central Community College:

  • Canyon Jones: 2nd Team –  Other
  • Morgan Jacobs:  English
  • Paulina Can Barea:  Business

Meridian Community College:

  • Megan Heggie:  N/A

Southwestern Oregon Community College:

  • Claire Eilers:  Paramedicine – AS
  • Daniela Huber:  Associate of Arts Transfer
  • Joane Arzalluz Garzon:  Physics – AS
  • Martinique Greer:  Chemistry – AS
  • Suzanne Vesseur:  Health – AS
  • Taylor Hagedorn:  Natural Resources – AS


Indian River

  • Felipe Costa:  Business Administration
  • Gregory Simonelli:  Accounting
  • Justin Halford:  Psychology
  • Kito Campbell:  Finance/Marketing
  • Sterling Carr: (2nd Team)- Biology

Iowa Central Community College:

  • Adnan Kabuye:  Business
  • Drew Folkerts:  Business
  • Joshua Theis:  General Studies
  • Tomas Jimenez:  Business
  • Xavier Starrett:  Nursing

Southwestern Oregon Community College:

  • Derell Augustine:  Mechanical Engineering – AS
  • Kevin Lucas:  Associate of Science
  • Luke Norris:  Mechanical Engineering – AS
  • Maison Alexander:  Associate of Arts Transfer
  • Marc Jurkat:  Associate of Science
  • Nathaniel Young:  Mechanical Engineering
  • Nils Forster: (2nd Team)- Business – ASOT
  • Rami Escure:  Business – ASOT
  • Sergio Rodriguez:  Culinary Management – AAS
  • Zachary Cozart:  Associate of General Studies

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