CSCAA Honors Kris Kubik and Susan Teeter With Prestigious Trophy

Photos Courtesy: Peter H. Bick & Andy Ringgold

The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America have selected Kris Kubik and Susan Teeter as recipients of its highest award, the National Collegiate and Scholastic Trophy.

Teeter, the head women’s swimming coach at Princeton for the past thirty-three years, and Kubik, Texas’ the longtime men’s associate head swimming coach who retired last year will be recognized at the CSCAA’s 57th Annual Awards Banquet on May 8th at the Bahia Resort in San Diego.

The National Collegiate and Scholastic Swimming Trophy, is presented annually to an individual or organization which, in the estimation of the recipient’s peers has contributed in an outstanding way to swimming as a competitive sport and healthful recreational activity.  This award is also presented by NISCA to the individual or organization which has made the most significant contributions to aquatic sports at the interscholastic level.

Quotes about Susan Teeter

“There are few coaches in the sport of swimming, or throughout the NCAA for that matter, who have had as much success as Coach Teeter.  She is a legend by all standards. Her talents and her impact extend well beyond the technical aspects of coaching, as she has truly changed the lives of over three decades of Princeton swimmers through her total commitment to developing the whole student-athlete.”
–Princeton Director of Athletics Mollie Marcoux Samaan

“I want to congratulate Susan on this tremendous and well deserved award. Over her 33 year career, Susan has helped countless women become better athletes, but more importantly, she has helped us all become stronger and more empowered women. Susan legacy’s will live on for generations, and while Susan will be greatly missed on the pool deck, we know she will continue to remain involved and help shape the next generation of young women.” Alicia Biggs (Aemisegger) ‘2010, Princeton Female Female Athlete of the Decade

“It is very hard to put into words all that Susan has done. Susan’s constant guidance and support of working with both teams laid the groundwork for helping produce the best, most well-rounded student athletes and alumni in the country. The hundreds that she has come in contact with have had the opportunity of learning not only about training and teamwork, but more importantly the necessary skills to lead an enjoyable and productive life” – Rob Orr, Princeton Men’s Coach

Quotes about Kris Kubik

“Every once in a while, we come across someone in our sport who is just a prodigy at anything and everything he does.  Kris is one of those guys. He’s a genius from knowing how to fix anything that goes wrong including me!  He has made it his primary tenet to take care of the guys on the team and take care of me.  Kris has never worried about himself this whole time.  – Eddie Reese, Texas Men’s Coach

 “I remember getting ready for the Olympic finals of the 100 breaststroke.  Kris gave me a picture of myself he found somewhere, where I’m flexing my muscles. I was probably seven years old. He gave it to me, and underneath it, it said, `This kid has always dreamed of winning a gold medal!’ You get so wrapped up in a pressure-packed situation, and a moment like that brings it all back into perspective. He puts swimming at the ground level and puts life first. His point was, `You’re still that little kid. Just go have fun and enjoy yourself.'” –Brendan Hansen, Class of 2005

 “In 2004, I missed making the U.S. Olympic team by one spot, and I was so devastated,” said Texas-Ex and Olympic gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale. “I didn’t know what to do. I was bawling my eyes out, and it was the biggest disappointment to me. Kris talked to me afterward, and he was the perfect guy with words. The scoreboard was still showing the results from the 100 free finals. He said, `Remember this feeling right now and promise yourself you won’t let yourself have this pain and disappointment ever again.’ He helped me get through that a lot. Over the next four years, people like Kris and Eddie Reese were so positive.” – Garrett Weber-Gale, Class of 2007

“The drudgery of our sport can knock you down, so you have to carry a sense of humor with you day in and day out, mornings and afternoons. It’s nice to have someone like Kris around. Simply put, I never walk away from Kris without feeling a little bit better.  With all of the success he has enjoyed at Texas, he still is no different than when I met him 27 or 28 years ago. He might brag on some of his athletes, but it is never about what he does or what the program does under his watch. If you’re a parent, you would like your kids to be around him.” – Jack Bauerle, University of Georgia Head Coach

 “He’s just a good friend who looks out for me. He knows when I need to be sent home or when I need something special. He reads everybody like that, and he is real good at it. It has kept me going forever, and it keeps me looking forward to workouts. He makes sure I make the right decisions. It would have been a challenge without him, and fortunately, I never had to find that out.” – Eddie Reese

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