COVID-19 Leads to YMCA Long- and Short-Course Nationals Cancellations for 2021

Photo Courtesy: YMCA

COVID-19 Leads to YMCA Long- and Short-Course Nationals Cancellations for 2021

The YMCA of the USA announced Monday that YMCA Nationals would be cancelled throughout 2021 as the country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision cancels “all national competitive sports events,” with nationals over both courses being the biggest dates on the calendar. The events are usually scheduled for the end of the spring season and in late July-early August as a capstone to the summer, one of the top meets in the country for swimmers from youth ages through high school.

From the cancellation letter:

We recognize that this is the second time we are sharing what is very disappointing news for the athletes, teams and families who were hopeful that the YMCA Short Course National Championships would be held next year. However, Y-USA made this decision weighing several factors, including the continued increase in COVID cases nationally, the ever-evolving state and local guidelines and restrictions, the anticipated widespread availability of a vaccine or other treatments and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At this time we are not in a position to know if we can guarantee the safety and well-being of participants, coaches, spectators and staff at our national sporting events in 2021. We will share updates on 2022 national events as they become available.

Both 2020 Y Nationals were cancelled this season due to the pandemic. It’s another blow to YMCA programs that have seen drastic reductions in competitive swimming or outright cancellations of programs in various areas of the country.


    • Heather Underwood

      Lots of states arent holding meets right now (we are in ny and only able to practice 3 days a week…we are 1 of 2 out of 7 teams in our district even swimming right now) I can understand why they cancelled…not enough time for swimmers to be swimming at their best

    • avatar

      Agree !

    • Joanne Newton

      Dwight Thomas Davis that’s what we thought in early spring when they cancelled summer Nats yet look where we are today. Worse off than in the summer.

    • Nicole Josephs

      The YMCA canceled all of their nationals, not just swimming.

  1. Elizabeth Temple Howe

    Half of our state cancelled the entire season. We have fortunately been able to swim, but our 2021 zones were cancelled in September.

    • avatar
      Jimmy Swim Team

      Its just a ploy or excuse to get rid competitve swim teams at YMCAs. Look at what Florida YMCA did and I think Ohio did the same thing. Instead of trying, just more excuses. At some point people have to be able to make decisions for themselves and not have these organizations just throw their hands in the air and make excuses because its to hard. I am glad my kids no longer swim for YMCA teams.

  2. Ryan Connell

    The YMCA is the most ridiculously risk averse entity on the face of the earth.

  3. Ryan Connell

    It would’ve been better to create smaller sites (like the US Open). But no, we must PANIC.

    • Holden Bank

      If you understood the dire financial straits the Y movement is in, because they’re non- profits that support a huge number of underserved communities, you’d actually get it.

    • April Sinor Bonnette

      The problem is in some community’s it’s all there is for swimming like my community I drive an hour each way for my kid to swim competitive

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