Controversy Reigns As Defending 200 Free Olympic Champ Yannick Agnel Could Be Out After 3rd At Trials

Photo Courtesy: Gian Mattia Dalberto/Lapresse

A touchpad controversy has taken over the 2016 French Open National Championships, which is also serving as the French Olympic Trials.

Defending Olympic 200 free champion Yannick Agnel looked to have finished second in the men’s 200-meter free behind Jeremy Stravius, but the clock said otherwise as as Agnel was clocked with a 1:46.99 for third behind Stravius (1:46.18) and Jordan Pothain (1:46.81). Video evidence says otherwise, as Agnel can clearly be seen touching second.

There is still a chance for Agnel to wind up on the Olympic squad as even though the top four swimmers all cleared the FINA A cut of 1:47.97, none met the more difficult French Olympic team cut of 1:46.06.

More interesting is the fact that Agnel had a similar problem during prelims as well.  The touchpad did not register his finish, and after nearly half-an-hour of deliberation, he was awarded with the third seed.

In other action, Coralie Balmy won the women’s 400-meter free in 4:05.38, off her second-ranked season best of 4:04.39 from the Golden Tour.  Femke Heemskerk took second in 4:10.85 with Ophelie-Cyrielle Etienne taking third in 4:11.94.

William Debourges topped the men’s 200-meter breast in 2:12.85.  Thibaut Capitaine took second in 2:12.88 with Thomas Dahlia finishing third in 2:13.13.

Fanny Deberghes claimed the women’s 100-meter breast in 1:08.61.  Charlotte Bonnet placed second in 1:08.88 with Coralie Dobral earning third in 1:09.43.

Beryl Gastaldello took home the women’s 100-meter back in 1:00.26 with Camille Gheorghiu (1:00.74) and Kelsi Worrell (1:01.39) rounding out the top three.


  1. avatar
    Bill Bell

    As I recall Ian Thorpe false- started in the finals of the 400 free @ the ’04 Aussie Trials for Athens but made the team when the second- place finisher graciously withdrew — allowing Thorpedo to get back in ( or maybe it was in orelims — forget) but point is Thorpe got reinstated and won Olympic gold.
    Dollars to francs the same thing’ll happen w/Agnel. Some coin of the realm will change hands and voila! The defending Big O’s champ is back on the blocks @ Rio.
    Gee. Who wudda thunk It? Not even Jim Pkunkett.

  2. Niles Keeran

    Well…then we won’t see his trash talking in Rio. That’s a blessing!

  3. Rick Stanfield

    They’ll probably do what Aussie’s did when Thorpe false started in 4 Free. Let him in and let 2nd place guy be on extra
    Relay or something.