Conor Dwyer Suspended 20 Months After Testing Positive for Anabolic Agent; Announces Retirement

Conor Dwyer has been suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. He has since retired. Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Two-time US Olympian Conor Dwyer was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for testing positive for an anabolic agent in out-of-competition tests collected on November 15, November 27, and December 20, 2018. The decision came from an independent three-member panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), who determined Dwyer, 30, should receive a 20-month suspension.

Dwyer’s 20-month period of ineligibility started on December 21, 2018, which would explain why he had to withdraw from the 2019 World Championship team this year without explanation. The timing suggests USA Swimming must have known about the case before Gwangju but said nothing, drawing parallels to Swimming Australia and Shayna Jack.

He will not be eligible to swim at the 2020 Olympic Trials since his suspension will cede in August 2020, ruling out his chances at a third Olympic berth.

According to USADA, his urine samples were analyzed using a specialized test that differentiates between anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) naturally produced by the body and prohibited anabolic agents of external origin. Anabolic agents have powerful performance-enhancing capabilities and can give an athlete an unfair advantage over fellow competitors.

Following a full evidentiary hearing, the Panel found that Conor Dwyer had testosterone pellets inserted in his body in violation of the rules.

“As noted in the Panel’s decision, USADA is independent of sport and here to help athletes ensure they compete clean and protect their health and wellbeing within the rules,” said USADA Chief Executive Officer Travis T. Tygart, who called for the Russian sports regime to come clean about its wide range of past doping issues or be barred from competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“It’s frustrating that Mr. Dwyer did not take advantage of this support and hopefully this case will convince others to do so in order to protect fair and healthy competition for all athletes.”

Dwyer has since announced his retirement from the sport of swimming following this ruling.

Conor Dwyer swam at two Olympic Games for the United States, swimming on the gold medal winning 4×200 free relay teams in 2012 and in 2016. He also won the bronze medal in the 200 free in 2016 and was fourth in the 400 free in 2016 and fifth in 2012. The medals Dwyer won in 2012 and 2016 will not be disqualified.

He also swam for three World Championships teams in 2013, 2015 and 2017. He last represented the United States at the 2018 Pan Pacs where he was a 1:46.84 in the 200 free (placing 12th in the preliminaries) and was the B-Final champ in the 400 at 3:48.45.

The complete case file can be read in the below pdf file:



    • Corey Welch

      Tricia Anne so that’s why he’s been on vacation for a year!

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      Shut up

      Thanks for your holier than thou words of wisdom that nobody asked for.

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        Here are some more for you – Cheaters never prosper. And he is a cheater. Bet he and Sun Yang could share some tips.

  1. Justin Sabourin

    Not sure why people feel sad for someone who’s cheating ??‍♂️??‍♂️

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      agree, cheaters will always be caught eventually and should not benefit from their cheating in any way. Kudos to all the swimmers and other athletes that compete clean!!!

  2. Brent Fletcher

    Nobody likes a cheat. If you can’t make the cut just embrace what you have accomplished.

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    Paul Jones

    0nly 20 months for 3 positive tests !!!!!! And had testosterone inserted in his body
    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Should got banned for life
    Where is the hardline stance and how did this go under the radar for so long!!!!!!
    Absolute joke dead set cheater !!!!!

    • avatar

      ???? It didn’t go under the radar. He was caught.

  4. Jennifer Lamb

    Interesting hes on IG saying he’s retiring and all the congrats to him for being amazing. Hmmmm.

    • Donald P. Spellman

      Jennifer Lamb : He inadvertently messed up and is accepting the punishment and is moving on. What more do you want him to do right now?

    • Jennifer Lamb

      Donald P. Spellman lol oh I didn’t see that. So he inadvertently inserted chemicals into his body? Gotcha.

    • Ronna Frndz

      we don’t know all the details. the media always leaves pertinent info out. so maybe he really was misinformed.

    • Nick Cittadino

      Ronna Frndz details – he asked a Dr. to insert testosterone pellets into his hip…??‍♂️

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    No talking

    Some of you are ridiculously judgemental…

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      I completely agree!

  7. Linda Hyslop

    Why do athletes continue to dope?

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      Because it works?

  8. Rosemary Mousseau

    What a f***ing idiot!! He didn’t needs drugs !

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      Maybe he always did and just now got caught.

  9. Wendy Morrison

    I’ve never heard of such a thing! There’s no way he can act like he didn’t know this was not ok… smh

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      Such a pity, it now puts a huge ? over his previous results, he was such a talented athlete. What’s done is done, I wish him the best and hope he learns from his past.

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    Interesting and long case file! Although he may have proven he did not mean to intentionally cheat, I would think he is certainly guilty of negligence. Injecting testosterone pellets (bio-identical, and reportedly ok’ed by the doctor) should have raised alarm bells and further medical consultation. BioTe pellets are an unapproved medicine in the US and any/all testosterone supplementation for medical reasons should be carefully considered with an endocrinologist. The doctor he consulted was no where near qualified and the case notes her diagnosis was made incorrectly and not clearly communicated to Conor. So many things wrong with this and it is only through good lawyers that he got his ban reduced to 20 months. Retirement is the only credible move he had left.