Shayna Jack Doping Positive Rocks Australia At Acrimonious World Championships As Sprinter Professes Innocence

Shayna Jack FINIS

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World Swimming Championships (Shayna Jack Doping Positive)


Shayna Jack, of Australia, has tested positive for a banned substance. The sprinter went home on the eve of racing at the World Swimming Championships in Gwangju citing “personal reasons”. Now she tells an Australian newspaper the real reason for her sudden departure.

Swimming Australia has refused to elaborate on the reasons behind her withdrawal all week long but has now issued a statement (see below) after the swimmer said that an ‘A’ sample produced an adverse finding for a substance she did not knowingly ingest.

Jack, a freestyle prodigy who shares a coach, Dean Boxall, with superstar Ariarne Titmus, returned an abnormal ‘A’ sample during routine testing at a pre-Worlds training camp in Japan a fortnight ago.

Jack, 20 and from Brisbane, confirmed the positive test result today but claimed she did not “knowingly” ingest a banned substance. In an exclusive interview, Jack told the Australian Sunday Telegraph:

“Swimming has been my passion since I was 10 years old and I would never intentionally take a banned substance that would disrespect my sport and jeopardise my career. Now there is an ongoing investigation and my team and I are doing everything we can to find out when and how this substance has come into contact with my body.”

The explosive revelation could hardly come at a worse time for Australian swimmers in a week in which Mack Horton and others have been so vocal and visible in their criticism, with others from around the world, of Sun Yang and any who fall foul of the WADA Code.

Swimming Australia Media Statement


Shayna Jack – Photo Courtesy: Singapore Swimming Federation

Swimming Australia tonight confirmed that swimmer Shayna Jack has been notified by ASADA of an adverse test result following a routine out-of-competition drug test conducted by ASADA testers on June 26, 2019.

Once Swimming Australia was made aware of the adverse test result it immediately took action – in accordance with the national policy – to provisionally suspend Shayna from the Australian Swim Team while a process was underway and accompanied her back to Australia from a training camp being held in Japan.

The Swimming Australia policy also means that any Australian athlete under provisional suspension while ASADA investigations are underway cannot take part in any competition, meaning Shayna was unable to travel to Gwangju to compete at the 2019 World Championships.

Under the specific legislation governing Australia’s drug testing regime, Swimming Australia is notified of any adverse test result as is WADA and FINA. Under the process, all details are required to remain confidential until ASADA has completed its investigations, the athlete is afforded due process and an outcome determined.

Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell said the organisation would continue to provide appropriate support for Shayna, who is entitled to a fair process, but Swimming Australia remained clear on its approach to any performance enhancing drugs.

“Swimming Australia is and always has been committed to a clean sport. We have consistently supported a zero tolerance approach to doping and have been strong supporters of a rigorous and consistent approach to drug testing both here and overseas,” Ms Russell said.

“Under our system, if a swimmer returns an adverse test, they are automatically given a provisional suspension and stopped from competing until such time as the ASADA process is complete and an outcome determined.

“As you would expect we are bitterly disappointed with allegations a swimmer has a prohibited substance in her system although it is important to point out that the matter is yet to be determined. We will continue to provide appropriate support for Shayna. We will also provide support for our team members who are still in Korea and our team and our organisation will continue to reaffirm our zero tolerance approach.”


  1. Dave Askew

    With all the records so far in the Champs one has to consider the sport…like most….is full of doping….the Sun Yang situation is merely tip of iceberg

    • Neil Morgan

      Dave Askew A lot of professional sports are full of doping. The athletes in big teams will have people making sure they pass any tests. Taking the strongest drugs available that either don’t show up on tests or aren’t banned yet. I doubt there’s any top athlete winning medals in purely a clean diet. At the very least, they’ll be using various supplements and probably using scientific methods like altitude tents, blood transfusions etc.

    • avatar

      your comment is unfair, after all Sun yang was not tested positive this time as Jack

    • avatar

      Aussie drug cheat, disgusting! Horton is definitely another drug cheat

      • avatar

        very funny no comment from Mack Horton yet

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Dave Askew … what a very grandiose statement.

    • Gerard Magner

      Neil Morgan are you commenting from experience or just another empty tin can trying to make noise

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Neil Morgan … don’t think Australian Swimming falls into the “ big team” category. They couldn’t even afford to get us TV coverage. So I’m not sure if they have the coin to have people doctoring tests.

    • Neil Morgan

      Pamela Goldsbro I wasn’t suggesting doctoring tests, and “doping” might be too strong a statement. I just mean that they will look very closely at what is and isn’t allowed, and they will try to do everything they can within the rules to help the athletes. It would be silly not to do so.

    • Barbara Harris

      Dave Askew You would be considering wrong with regards to swimming. There are some countries, China, Russia, that have a history of encouraging if not actively forcing their athletes to dope. There are some others that may not put a concerted effort into catching their athletes who might be doping. There are also many federations doing their best to make sure their athletes are clean. I would put Australia in that last category. Look up the ISL, a new swimming league formed by swimmers unhappy with FINA. They have a zero tolerance policy for doping.

    • avatar

      The tip of iceberg is Ben Johnson’doping scandals in 1988 Olympic, not Sun Yang in 2019. BTY don’t try to shift the doping attention away from Shayna Jack.

      • avatar

        cheaters always accuse others of cheating first. You must be slow on the *uptake*.

    • Shellie Cave

      She didn’t compete while being investigated, unlike the Chinese athlete. The correct way to do it.

  2. Zoue Sefton

    Vanessa Sefton Rebekah Sefton

  3. avatar

    I wonder if Mack Horton would have protested as he did if he had known. Surely the Australian team should have been informed privately as to the real reason for her withdrawal.

  4. David Prunell-Friend

    Just wondering if now fellow Australian and Brits would give her the same “treatment” given to Sun Yang…!!!

    • Bryce Schubert

      David Prunell-Friend these are two isolated cases of doping. Sun is getting heat as he committed a violation and is still competing. Jack of the other hand has committed a violation and did not compete at the event. Both were caught doping and the punishment shouldn’t be biased

      • avatar

        Sun yang is not caught doping at all! The testers who tried to take his blood sample was unqualified and unauthorized, but no western media even mentioned this fact.

      • avatar

        Australian drug cheat!

      • avatar

        This IS NOT a fact. As FINA ruled, Mr. Sun did NOT violate anti-doping rules; that’s why he could compete in July. If Mr. Sun was not allowed to compete in this event, he has legal right to sue FINA.

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Bryce Schubert that’s what I thought…. no guts to give same treatment…!!!

    • Matt Reinhardt

      Because one ISNT competing while the other is running around saying “i am the winner you are the loser” Connor Kioussis

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Matt Reinhardt maybe one is allowed to compete by FINA and the other not..??? What I thought blame others, but never one of us…!!!

    • Bryce Schubert

      David Prunell-Friend the test was conducted before she even competed at worlds. That’s why she was sent back to Aus. She’s not going to get the same treatment as sun because A. The dude is an arrogant toss and B is STILL competing after doing ANOTHER doping violation. She will still get what she deserves but how she is treated will be nothing like sun.

      • avatar

        Bryce Schubert:
        There are two matters for Sun. [1] The earlier matter was an ADRV from an AAF. The ADRV was for a medically prescribed substance that was used for many years for a diagnosed health condition. The substance was not previously on the ban list and was subsequently added. The AAF occurred a few months of that list change. Had the athlete known the change of ban substances and applied for a TUE it would likely be granted. In view of the facts, the ADRV was upheld and the ban was served (albeit not publicly disclosed: a fault of the NADO, not the athlete).

        The second matter is a procedural matter on sample collection. This matter was heard by a properly constituted tribunal and the athlete was cleared (but reprimanded). So there was no ADRV (however dramatic and sensational the circumstance). Until and unless CAS hears the case and overturns the primary decision on appeal by WADA, the tribunal’s decision has authority.

        Jack’s case is an ‘A’ sample AAF. She is provisionally suspended (under WADA rules) until a final verdict (of guilt or innonence) is made by a properly constituted tribunal.

    • Matt Reinhardt

      The fact that you can’t tell the difference betweem the 2 situations is amazing….

    • Kath Taylor

      David Prunell-Friend in my eyes David if they’ve been found cheating then yes they certainly do gets the same treatment they should be banned for life we need to clean this sport up it’s getting ridiculous they need to know if they get caught they are out full stop but the difference here is they’ve gone home Sun Yang still swam

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Kath Taylor fact is FINA allow Sun to swim. But we tend to treat differently when is “one of us”. That is what is really shameful. Once found guilty all should be treated the same. Period

    • Matt Reinhardt

      Dude grow a brain. Its not the same scenario, one is swimming, one isn’t. Sun may be allowed to swim but he is far from innocent and everhone knows he’ll face the consequences later this year. The fact that he is allowed to swim while jack (correctly) isn’t is an embarrassment to the sport. Him being allowed to compete is an insult to every swimmer at the comp….

      • avatar

        Matt Reinhardt:
        As much as the media spin WADA would like to indulge in, its rules are not about innocence or guilt. It is strict liability where intention is immaterial. It’s also based on technicalities.

        It seems the court of public opinion here is passing verdict on guilt or innoncence based on perceived personalities rather than the rules itself. If an athlete is guilty because s/he is a tosser, there will be many caught up in that…a few male tennis players come to mind.

      • avatar

        The difference is FINA anti-doping panel already cleared Mr. Sun so that he could compete, while Ms. Jack is still under investigation and of course she can’t compete. If Mr. Sun was caught doping as Ms. Jack before the event, he absolutely couldn’t compete. This is a fact you might not like and would not admit.

        WADA is an independent organization and has no authority over FINA, it can appeal to CAS but that’s all it can do. Mr. Sun has legitimate right to compete in FINA World Championships in South Korea. If he found guilty by CAS in September, his 400m gold medal should be given to Mr. Horton.

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Matt Reinhardt yeah mate, it is never the same scenario when it’s one of us…!!

    • Rob Duguay

      David Prunell-Friend The difference between Shayna Jack and Sun Yang is Sun Yang comes from a State Sponsored dope shop that will do whatever takes to circumvent regulations and get him to compete.

      Jack on the other hand is one of two things: either a cheat that got caught and will have the book thrown at her.
      Or an ignorant athlete that drank the wrong type of protein shake and will get the book thrown at her. Either way unless they find out it was a false positive Jack’s career with Australian Swimming is over.

      The issue isn’t just about one pompous jackass from China, it’s about FINA and WADA not cracking down on state sponsored doping. The fact Sun Yang is a tool just gives us an easy target.

    • Matt Reinhardt

      If you can’t see the difference in the 2 scenarios then you’re a lost cause

      • avatar

        Matt Reinhardt: there are differences between the Sun and Jack cases, but not as you have described.

      • avatar

        We need to make sure when the person is competing whether there were enhancing substance in the blood. In this case Sun never tested positive this time. Whether he was or not, the investigations will provide results in a few months.

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Matt Reinhardt we agree that we disagree…!! We could be like this the whole day….!! We should not protect cheaters when they are one of us. Same
      Treatment for all.!!! Cheers mate.

    • Matt Reinhardt

      Protect them by not letting them compete until the matter us resolved, good one…

      Same treatment for all would apply if their actions were the same, are you gonna tell me jack and yang are on the same page? Grow up…

    • Kath Taylor

      David Prunell-Friend like I say fina should be cleaning up the sport he shouldn’t have been a loud to swim FINA was wrong he should have gone first time round

    • Helen Hirst

      Bryce Schubert didn’t sun mother have a blood sample destroyed too? I maybe wrong but if I’m right, this Australian hasn’t done anything like that.

    • Keith Meyer

      David Prunell-Friend you may not be aware but a common Asthma drug is a banned substance. Many swimmers are affected by the high levels of chlorine used in pools specially during high intensity meets. There’s an old saying, “its better to just look stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Wait for the full story before commenting.

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Keith Meyer l am
      Fully aware mate, I suffer from asthma myself and that is why I take special care on which inhalators I can use..!! As you are confirming… when is “one of us” we tend to justify and treat different to when is one of “others”. I think you are an intelligent person,…. but both of us could be wrong… if you know what I mean..!!

    • Heather Dunn

      If she was given the same treatment she would have competed like Sun but she was sent home. If an Australian swimmer smashed the blood vials they would not have been picked in the Australian team. That’s the difference. Why does it take so long for FINA and WADA to have their hearings this was nearly a year ago

      • avatar

        Sun smashed the blood vial for a good reason, would the australian squat allow anybody without a credential to draw their bloods? what if the blood being added to some banned substance , just describe two sides of the truth before making urself convincing?

    • David Prunell-Friend

      Heather Dunn ohh yes, we agree on that. FINA is the one to blame. When I mean “same treatment” I refer to mass media, social media, etc…!! Every cheater should be treated equally.. wether it is one of us or one of the others…!!

    • Matt Reinhardt

      Only id the cheating i under the SAME circumstamces…

      do you not recall steve smith and dave warners treatment by the australian community for the last 15 months? Don’t say we don’t treat our cheaters harshly because you’re just sounding stupid dude…

    • Carl Schubert

      David Prunell-Friend … seems to me the facts are pretty different.

    • Glenice Dowler

      David Prunell-Friend she didn’t complete that’s the difference

    • Bryce Schubert

      Keith Meyer all prescribed asthma medication are under the conditional substances category. This is because they contain the steroid salmeterol. In swimming, no more than 200mg can be in your system. There’s 25mg per puff which to be considered doping you have to take 8 doses of the medication which is excessive of the prescribed dosage

      • avatar

        Salmeterol is not a steroid…it is a long acting beta 2 receptor agonist. It is a longer acting form of Ventolin or Salbutamol/Albuterol. It is often combined with a steroid for twice daily dosing but in itself is not. It is also a banned substance however. Would love to know what drug she tested positive for. BTW I’m a Pharmacist.

  5. Ed Burton

    Oh dear, she ahould have broken the viels with a hammer.

  6. Bridget Lin

    Joshua Zhang here’s the story

  7. Brett Davies

    Well now
    Same coach as Titmus
    Very interesting indeed

  8. avatar

    Very strange that Team Australia gets to drop this news out there at the tail end of the meet after very falsely and publicly professing no knowledge prior to the meet as to why Shayna Jack had left the team. And a positive doping test is not a “personal reason” as stated by S. Jack–it is a matter with very important public consequences for clean swimmers.

  9. Kenny Richardson

    There’s a big difference between the way Australia and China have dealt with the situation. Shayna as Sun Yang is saying she is innocent. Australia sent her home until the matter is investigated, China did the opposite.

    • avatar

      The difference is The Audtralian drug cheat is absolutely tested positive but Sun is not!!!

      • avatar

        I totally agree with you ???

    • Jennifer Chu

      Kenny Richardson what are you on about? You obviously have no idea. FINA WADA know, that’s all that really matters, the story has been told so many times. Karma. The girls a cheat as many like to say as they judge others!

    • avatar

      Kenny Richardson:
      Sun’s matters were resolved by properly constituted tribunals. The earlier antidoping rule violation (ADRV) from an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) ban was served. The later hammer-episode was cleared by the later tribunal. The later tribunal’s decision is being appealed by WADA at CAS. This means the later tribunal’s primary judgment is authority until and unless CAS hears the case and the majority overrules the primary decision.

      Jack has a positive ‘A’ sample. Jack has the option to witness the ‘B’ sample being tested as part of the investigative due process. As it stands, Jack has a prima facie ADRV from an AAF, but a verdict has not yet been made by a tribunal as to guilt or innonence until ‘B’ sample results and investigative process is completed.

      Athletes can be provisionally suspended if they return a positive result for their ‘A’ sample. WADA Article 7.9.1 allows for the athlete the opportunity to accept a provisional suspension pending the resolution of the matter.

      Some countries’ and some sports’ anti-doping policies make the provisional suspension mandatory, some do not. ASADA (Australia) consults, but do not direct, the sports’ decision on provisional suspensions. USADA (USA) offers the athlete the opportunity to accept a provisional suspension pending the resolution of the matter or to challenge the imposition of the provisional suspension by requesting, in writing, a provisional hearing within a time period.

      So as it stands, Sun is cleared by a properly constituted tribunal to compete. Jack is pending a verdict of innonence or guilt (and the duration of any ban). Jack has no option under its imposing jurisdiction to challenge the provisional suspension (in any case, on the facts, it would be difficult)

      • avatar

        Sample ‘B’ of Ms. Jack had been proved to be the same as sample ‘A’ at least one week ago. Swimming Assusie just didn’t tell the public.

    • Kenny Richardson

      That may well be the case, but at least her country pulled her out, that’s all I am saying, what are you trying to say, they are both cheats?

      • avatar

        Kenny Richardson:
        The term “cheat” is an emotive and often meaningless label when it comes to antidoping rules. Unlike the proper rule of law, WADA rules are vague: banned substances are covered under various legal catchalls, which strictly interpreted, would include normal nutrition [a point previously noted in CAS decisions]. The rules are also harsh [strict liability] and intention is immaterial [incidentally, if are to belabour the point, intent is a requirement in “cheating”].

        The results management and adjudication process of AAF prior to being declared ineligible to participate in sport is designed to balance the interest of all athletes. An athlete with an unresolved ADRV charge (Jack) is provisionally suspended until a verdict is declared. An athlete with a resolved decision and cleared by a properly constituted tribunal is free to compete until such time as that decision is overturned. Those are the WADA rules and is consistent with the rule of law.

        In civilian life, a lower court who clears an accused of a charge is given back his freedom until such time a higher court overrules that decision (a la Sun). A person who has been charged with a crime but not yet tried in court may have the freedom curtailed (a la Jack).

    • Matt Richards

      Kenny Richardson the reason Sun Yang is allowed to compete is that his doping test incident was investigated and he was cleared. He wouldnt have been able to compete until he fronted the Doping panel. Shayna Jack isn’t allowed to compete because she is yet to face panel.

    • Kenny Richardson

      Matt Richards it seems WADA believe the correct process wasn’t followed. I don’t know Sun, but he got a three month ban previously for a similar situation that Maria Sharapova got nine months, that was served in the public eye. I understand that athletes are always trying to match or get an advantage over a rival, but there should be a limit. Shayna says she did not knowingly take anything. Having had a son who swam, the responsibility lies with them and no one else. The same should apply to all and not vary on status or nationality. I realise this may have been an unrealistic view, but it’s mine. Yes, there have been a lot of records broken at this meet.

    • Barbara Harris

      Matt Richards Wrong. WADA recommended he be suspended for destroying his sample, but FINA allowed him to compete anyway. His hearing is in September.

  10. Tim Pollowy

    I had a pro triathlete friend test positive test positive for a banned substance she did not knowingly ingest. Not listed on a recovery drink she used. Lawsuit pending. Don’t judge until the full story comes out.

    • Björn Scheepers

      Tim Pollowy you are always responsible for what you put in your own body.
      There are, for example, different brands of sports nutrition which perform lab tests on their batches which they can provide.

    • Barbara Harris

      Björn Scheepers Yes you are responsible for what you put in your body, but you can’t control contamination at a factory or false labeling. I know someone who tested positive for a banned substance that turned out to be a contaminant in her antibiotics. I guess in your ideal world athletes should choose to risk death from an infection instead of using antibiotics.

    • Rob Anderson

      Tim Pollowy most cases where contamination is proven give you a minor ban and still leave a strike on your anti-doping record. Yes a lawsuit may recover some funds but will not bring back your reputation for other sponsors.

  11. avatar

    The difference between the Australian doper and SunYang is the Aussie doper did dope positive but Sun didn’t!!

    for Sun The facts at the current stage are simple and clear :
    First, the vile Sun’s security guard broke was deemed iilegal and was done without proper clearence that they had enquired about before they destroyed it.

    Second, two of the three testers are unqualified and unauthorized. a simple question to ask yourself: If you are an athelete, will you allow testers who are not qulified and authorized to take your blood sample? so nothing wrong on Sun Yang’s side.

    FINA verdict is… The blood that was initially collected (and subsequently destroyed) was not collected with proper authorisation and thus was not properly a “sample” … as a result, the sample collection session initiated by IDTM on September, 4, 2018, is invalid and void.

    So basically Sun is clean and clear.

    that’s the difference!!!

    Sun will have a public hearing in September. you can only judge him on his test result.
    If he is tested posotive, anyone, including Chinese , will not forgive him. if he’s not tested positive, all of you who’s calling him cheat now should apologize to him. It’s just that simple.

    But before the test result comes due, you should just shut up and pay some respect. Stop humiliating Sun or yourselves any more, just wait for the test result !

  12. avatar

    Dirty Aussie cheat

  13. avatar

    Aussie swimming team is definitely not clean, I guess Horton must be another doper

  14. avatar

    Obviously Horton may not only be a sore loser but also a drug cheat…

  15. avatar

    I really wonder if Horton is another Aussie drug cheat, that’ll be fun if he is

  16. avatar

    It’ll be fun if Horton is another drug cheat!!!!!

  17. avatar

    Aussie dopers thought Sun Yang the same as themselves, so they stand out to protest, funny

  18. avatar

    Why did Horton protest Sun Yang? Because he had doped, but surprisingly found sun Yang faster than him, and he suspected that Sun Yang took stronger drugs…

  19. Dave Crampton

    Gosh theres some horrible people that follow competitive swimming. I cant believe I follow a sport that so many vindictive people do too. So many nasty comments on doping etc.

    • avatar

      Dave Crampton: You’re not wrong…

    • Jerry Rattigan

      Dave Crampton Simple message. Don’t dope.

    • Howard Nicodemus

      Dave Crampton Really, maybe we should just turn the cheek and not comment.

    • Dave Crampton

      Howard Nicodemus no, comment is fine, people should be able to comment without being nasty, defamatory, or vindictive. Many cant, though and do behave badly on social media . Thats the problem. We can comment but its not up to us to judge, thats for others.

  20. avatar

    Is it not legitimately troubling to anyone that Shayna Jack joins Dean Boxhall’s program and very early on has a doping violation?

  21. Brandon Ortiz

    And they say Sun is doping. He’s cleaner than a whistle.

  22. avatar

    Aussies have a dishonest view of racial intolerance. The excuses and double standards are immediately evident even in the media where Sun is labeled a drug cheat while Shayna doesn’t get the same treatment.

  23. avatar

    Horton definitely is a drug cheater, based on his so inconsistent swim results, it’s very reasonable to suspect he took some banned substances right before the world championships, it’s the only reason one even unable to qualify in Aussie trial is able to get silver in this meet. The other Aussie woman is just not skilled enough like Horton to cover the drug trace.

    • Shelby Gristede

      Michelle Gristede surely she wouldn’t have ?

  24. Alan Ayles

    Think the question is, who doesnt take performance enhancement stuff. They all profess innocence when caught. Shame for sport

  25. Rich Davis

    I don’t think it’s a ‘worse’ time for Swimming Australia. They can control everything an athlete does. But when a positive test came bs k they made all the right moves. Unlike China & Russia who back their athletes to the point of stupidity to mask their state sponsored doping programs.

    • avatar

      That’s an illusion the twisted western medias give you. Take Sun Yang’s case for example, I have read more than 10 western media covering this event, none of them ever mentioned that two of three testers to whom Sun refused to give his blood sample are unqualified and unauthorized, which makes the sample they took illegal. This is a basic fact that FINA has confirmed during its 59 pages survey report and also why FINA allows Sun to compete in Korea.
      That’s why you feel astonished why FINA still allow Sun to join competitions instead of banning him after he has acted like Magni Bronzebeard with his hammers. That’s simply because the western media deliberately ignore some key facts and try to make you think in this way.
      What I can only say is, what a shame!

  26. Paul Staight

    Agree with Kenny, big difference between the countries. It’s not easy these days to identify which medication is legal and which is not. I believe Shayna needs our support during what is a difficult time.
    I am very anti drug cheats, but mistakes can happen

  27. avatar

    The whole drug doping business vis a vis athletics is bewildering. Athletes are caught up in a tangle of politics, national pride, pharmaceutical companies, and simple greed (yes there’s the almighty $ involved). How many of you have looked at the list of banned substances? It’s not only huge but even different versions of a safe substance may be banned. Who are the “we” and “they” referred to in the discussion or would it be politically incorrect to identify them?
    If I am to be tested out of competition(or in competition for that matter) do I not get informed and give my consent as an athlete, and do I not have to give written consent before a qualified technician draws blood or obtains a urine specimen? Once obtained, and a chain of custody signed, isn’t the collector responsible for the security of the specimen?
    When an athlete is suspended, or is suspected of performance drug abuse and not suspended, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on many sides often when the facts are not known. Even then it’s easier to blame someone than to take responsibility.
    It seems to me that the elements of fun and sportsmanship are rapidly disappearing from sports as they become more and more professional. Are we watching competitions between designer drug scientists or between bone fide athletes?

  28. Stan Smith

    Check Chinese and Russian swimmers.

    • avatar

      Check Australian, American and British swimmers

  29. Grant Carter

    How can any athlete with strict controls on diet and behaviour ander under the guidance of coaches and mentors etc be allowed to ingest these suvstances. I dont understand this at all…. or is it systemic and just the unlucky ones get caught

  30. avatar

    Have you ever suspected that what you believe is twisted facts communicated by media?

    Take Sun Yang’s case for example, I have read more than 10 western media covering this event, none of them ever mentioned that two of three testers to whom Sun refused to give his blood sample are unqualified and unauthorized, which makes the sample they took illegal. This is a basic fact that FINA has confirmed during its 59 pages survey report and also why FINA allows Sun to compete in Korea.

    If Sun did have acted like Magni Bronzebeard with his hammers without any reason, is it possible that FINA still allow Sun to join competitions instead of banning him? have’t you ever suspected that?

    That’s simply because the western media deliberately ignore some key facts and try to make you believe what they want you to believe. What I can only say is, what a shame on these media!