Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Test All Four Strokes

Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

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Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is an IM set that works all four strokes and ends with some fast IM repeats off of the blocks.

3 Rounds (fly-back-breast by round):
     200 fast stroke :15 SR + 100 free cruise on 1:30
     150 fast stroke on :10 SR + 2 x 75 free cruise on 1:05
     100 fast stroke on :05 SR + 4 x 50 free descend 1-3, 4 cruise on :45
     *take extra :30 between rounds; after 3 rounds 3 x 200 IM descend 1-3 on 3:00

This is a challenging IM set that isolates each stroke before asking swimmers to put them all together at the very end. Each round has a descending distance of stroke that alternates with active recovery freestyle (except for the first 3 x 50’s, which descend to mimic finishing fast on an IM swim when you’re most tired). The stroke swims are always fast and go quickly into the freestyle, forcing swimmers to manage their effort and stroke technique to make it through the set.

True IMer’s will love this set, and it is a great opportunity for some of your stroke specialists or freestylers to develop their weaker strokes while pushing their teammates when their speciality comes around. The set itself ends with 3 x 200 IM’s as a straight descend, asking swimmers to put it all together at the end and see what they have left. Happy swimming!



Commit Swimming’s Mission

Commit Swimming builds innovative software for our sport, bringing 21st-century tech to swimming.

Every dang day Commit strives to improve technology in swimming, pushing the boundaries of what has been done before. For far too long swimming software has lacked creativity and simplicity. It is our goal to change that by delivering products that dazzle you with their simplicity and elegance.

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All swimming and dryland training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in circumstances that ensure the safety of participants.

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  1. Nicole Pavlopoulou

    Konstantinos Lempesis Okeanos Masters Swimming σας βάζω ιδέες 🙄

  2. 余梓鍵

    From a certain angle, it looks like the swimmer is heading towards the lane dividers, only to realise it is going up diagonally, left to right

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