Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Over Distance Swim-Kick Ladder

Photo Courtesy: Kevin D. Liles-USA TODAY Sports

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Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is a tough long course mix of kicking and swimming in a ladder format that has a focus on sustained leg endurance:

3 x 300 descend on 4:30
200 fast kick on 4:00
4 x 150 descend on 2:15
200 fast kick on 4:00
6 x 50 descend 1-3, 4-6 on :50
200 fast kick on 4:00
200 fast swim on 3:00
6 x 50 kick descend 1-3, 4-6 on 1:00
200 fast swim on 3:00
4 x 150 kick descend on 3:00
200 fast swim on 3:00
3 x 300 kick descend on 6:00

The set begins with more of a focus on descending swimming distances and high intensity kicking before switching in the second half to kick descends and higher intensity swims. At 4,800 meters, half of which is kicking, and 85 minutes long with the above intervals, this set can be intimidating on paper, especially if you are just getting back into long course training.

Don’t let your swimmers talk themselves out of a good set. Make sure you frame it as an opportunity for your swimmers to improve their endurance, find their groove in long course training, improve their kicking; whatever is going to be relevant for where your team is in their training.

Make sure you choose intervals that are manageable for this set. A good rule of thumb is giving your swimmers at least 5-10 seconds rest between repeats on their slowest swims so they are getting a decent amount of rest on their descends and fast swims. Happy swimming!



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