Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Improving On Kick Endurance

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Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is a 2400 yard aerobic set that really taxes the leg with alternating repeats of kicking and swimming.

8 Rounds:

75 kick on 1:20

100 swim strong kick on 1:20

50 kick on :55

75 swim strong kick on :55

*take extra 1:00 between rounds 4&5

This set is a good way to get in some quality aerobic work while working on developing kick endurance. The effort should be consistent throughout the set although the interval base does drop on the 50 kick and 75 swim at the end of each round. While the repeats should be feel relatively smooth to make on the first couple rounds, as the set progresses the challenge will be to maintain that intensity and effort level over the course of the entire set.

Adjust the intervals as needed for your team, but try to keep each kick-swim pair (i.e. – the 75-100 and 50-75) the same. Take an extra minute halfway through the set to regroup and work to keep your swimmers finishing each round strong to go right into the next one. Happy swimming!



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All swimming and dryland training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in circumstances that ensure the safety of participants.

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