Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Big Kick Set


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Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is a big kick for early in your season for building leg endurance. We’ve all heard the expression “the legs feed the beast,” and this is a great set for making sure your beast doesn’t get hungry!

Moving through multiple rounds, the set starts with some moderate kicking before quickly adding in multiple fast 50’s and sprint kick 25’s, including tombstone kicking with their kickboards straight up in the water to add some more resistance. At 2400 yards this set is nothing to sneeze at, and to keep it interesting try varying the kick by round. IMer’s can go one round each stroke, while stroke swimmers can alternate between flutter kick and their main stroke kick.

Check out the set below!

4 Rounds:

200 kick moderate on 4:00

4 x 50’s (rd 1 – 1 fast, 3 ez, rd 2 – 2 fast, 2 ez, rd 3 – 3 fast, 1 ez, rd 4 – 4 fast) on 1:00

6 x 25’s odd – tombstone kick, even – sprint kick

50 swim easy on 2:00



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