CG Sports Network Weekly Shows: The Last Swim, Hosts Hinchey and Worrell to Wrap Season 1

Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

The CG Sports Network enters its final week of Season 1! Since bursting onto the scene in March, CGSN has provided over 150 broadcasting hours of free entertainment and content for the swimming and Olympics community.

This week includes special guests Kelsi Dahlia on The Mind Game with Dr. Megan Cannon on Thursday at 2 p.m. EDT.

Friday will feature an exceptional guest, Tim Hinchey (CEO of USA Swimming) on The Carpool Lane with Kristy Kowal at 2 p.m. EDT.

Season 1 will wrap up with an epic series finale episode on Thursday, June 4th at 6:00pm EDT titled, The Last Swim presented by CG Sports Network. The finale will feature live interviews with all CGSN hosts, drop-ins from special guests and a spin on the wheel of fun.

We also get a sneak peak at what is in store for Season 2, including leadership expert Toni Armstrong‘s “Leadership Legends of Lacrosse” mini-series which begins on Monday June 1st at 3:30pm EDT.

Miss last week? Check out the lineup here.

Follow SwimmingWorld on Facebook to watch every show live. Here is this week’s lineup:
CG Sports Network Presents:
CG Sports Presents:
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CG Sports Network Presents:

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