RACE VIDEO: Cate Campbell Takes Back 100 Free SCM World Record at Australian Championships

Photo Courtesy: Swimming Australia

The 2017 Hancock Prospecting Australian SC Championships were full of star-studded swims on night one. Leading the pod? None other than Cate Campbell, who took back her World Record in the 100 freestyle after Sarah Sjostrom broke it earlier this year during the World Cup circuit.

Campbell’s performance from these Championships set the mark by .33 seconds, as it was her opening speed that made the difference in the end. Additionally, she was able to come home seven tenths faster than she did when she originally set the record in 2015:

Campbell (November 28, 2015): 24.20, 26.71 = 50.91

Sjostrom (August 3, 2017): 24.51, 26.26 = 50.77

Sjostrom (August 11, 2017): 24.49, 26.09 = 50.58

Campbell (October 26, 2017): 24.21, 26.04 = 50.25

Campbell’s world record swim was shared on YouTube earlier today courtesy of Swimming Australia

Women’s 100 Free Full Results:

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  1. Dave Hoover

    An incredible talent but she just not much of a racer.

  2. avatar

    ….and she was dead last in getting off the blocks in doing it!