Caeleb Dressel, Sydney Pickrem Win SEC Swimmer of the Year Honors

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Campbell/Texas A&M Athletics

The Southeastern Conference announced its annual men’s and women’s swimming & diving awards to cap the 2017-18 season.

Caeleb Dressel of Florida was named the Male Swimmer of the Year for the third consecutive year, and Hugo Gonzalez was tabbed the Male Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Colin Zeng of Tennessee was chosen as the Male Diver of the Year, while Chase Lane of Kentucky earned the Male Freshman Diver of the Year award. Gregg Troy of Florida was selected as the Men’s Swimming Coach of the Year, and Dave Parrington of Tennessee was named the Men’s Diving Coach of the Year.

Sydney Pickrem claimed the Female Swimmer of the Year award, and Bailey Bonnett of Kentucky was named the Female Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Brooke Schultz of Arkansas was voted the Female Diver and Female Freshman Diver of the Year. Steve Bultman of Texas A&M was chosen as the Women’s Swimming Coach of the Year, while Dale Schultz of Arkansas was tabbed the Women’s Diving Coach of the Year.

For the All-SEC Teams, the First Team consists of the top finisher in each event at the SEC Championships, and the Second Team consists of the second- and third-place finishers in each event. The All-Freshman Teams consist of any redshirt or true freshman who finished either in the top eight or is the highest scoring freshman of each event at the SEC Championships, excluding relay events.

Commissioner’s Trophy

  • Caeleb Dressel, Florida


  • Erika Brown, Tennessee
  • Sydney Pickrem, Texas A&M

All-SEC First Team


  • Laurent Bams, Alabama
  • Robert Howard, Alabama
  • Christopher Reid, Alabama
  • Zane Waddell, Alabama
  • Braxton Young, Alabama
  • Zachary Apple, Auburn
  • Hugo Gonzalez, Auburn
  • Khader Baqlah, Florida
  • Chandler Bray, Florida
  • Caeleb Dressel, Florida
  • Bayley Main, Florida
  • Maxime Rooney, Florida
  • Jan Switkowski, Florida
  • Mark Szaranek, Florida
  • Michael Taylor, Florida
  • Javier Acevedo, Georgia
  • Juan Celaya Hernandez, LSU
  • Akram Mahmoud, South Carolina
  • Fynn Minuth, South Carolina
  • Tyler Henschel, Texas A&M


  • Brooke Schultz, Arkansas
  • Ashton Ellzey, Auburn
  • Erin Falconer, Auburn
  • Julie Meynen, Auburn
  • Alyssa Tetzloff, Auburn
  • Courtney Harnish, Georgia
  • Geena Freiks, Kentucky
  • Asia Seidt, Kentucky
  • Katie Armitage, Tennessee
  • Madeline Banic, Tennessee
  • Micah Bohon, Tennessee
  • Erika Brown, Tennessee
  • Bailey Grinter, Tennessee
  • Stanzi Moseley, Tennessee
  • Tjasa Pintar, Tennessee
  • Anna Belousova, Texas A&M
  • Alais Kalonji, Texas A&M
  • Kristin Malone, Texas A&M
  • Sydney Pickrem, Texas A&M
  • Katie Portz, Texas A&M
  • Claire Rasmus, Texas A&M
  • Jing Quah, Texas A&M

All-SEC Second Team


  • Luke Kaliszak, Alabama
  • Tommy Brewer, Auburn
  • Santiago Grassi, Auburn
  • Peter Holoda, Auburn
  • Scott Lazeroff, Auburn
  • Liam McCloskey, Auburn
  • Blake Manganiello, Florida
  • Enzo Martinez-Scarpe, Florida
  • Sebastian Masterton, Kentucky
  • Sam Coffman, Missouri
  • Giovanny Lima, Missouri
  • Grant Reed, Missouri
  • Mikel Schreuders, Missouri
  • Jacob Wielinski, Missouri
  • Brandonn Almeida, South Carolina
  • Cody Bekemeyer, South Carolina
  • Tom Peribonio, South Carolina
  • Nils Wich-Glasen, South Carolina
  • Ryan Coetzee, Tennessee
  • Alec Connolly, Tennessee
  • Kyle Decoursey, Tennessee
  • Peter Stevens, Tennessee
  • Braga Verhage, Tennessee
  • Colin Zeng, Tennessee
  • Brock Bonetti, Texas A&M
  • Adam Koster, Texas A&M
  • Mauro Castillo Luna, Texas A&M
  • Jose Martinez, Texas A&M
  • Sam Thornton, Texas A&M


  • Flora Molnar, Alabama
  • Lindsay Morrow, Alabama
  • Bailey Scott, Alabama
  • Temarie Tomley, Alabama
  • Nicole Gillis, Arkansas
  • Haley Black, Auburn
  • Robyn Clevenger, Auburn
  • Carly Cummings, Auburn
  • Breanna Roman, Auburn
  • Taylor Ault, Florida
  • Olivia Anderson, Georgia
  • Veronica Burchill, Georgia
  • Gabrielle Fa’amausili, Georgia
  • Megan Kingsley, Georgia
  • Meaghan Raab, Georgia
  • Kylie Stewart, Georgia
  • Jordan Stout, Georgia
  • Ali Galyer, Kentucky
  • Madison Winstread, Kentucky
  • Lizzie Cui, LSU
  • Sharli Brady, Missouri
  • Madeline McKernan, Missouri
  • Hannah Stevens, Missouri
  • Emma Barksdale, South Carolina
  • Julia Vincent, South Carolina
  • Tess Cieplucha, Tennessee
  • Rachel Rubadue, Tennessee
  • Meghan Small, Tennessee
  • Lisa Bratton, Texas A&M
  • Jorie Caneta, Texas A&M
  • Raena Eldridge, Texas A&M
  • Bethany Galat, Texas A&M

All-Freshman Team


  • Tyler Sesvold, Alabama
  • Josh Dannhauser, Auburn
  • Hugo Gonzalez, Auburn
  • Michael Taylor, Florida
  • Camden Murphy, Georgia
  • Chase Lane, Kentucky
  • Brandonn Almeida, South Carolina
  • Rafael Davila, South Carolina
  • William Hallam, Tennessee
  • Josh Walsh, Tennessee
  • Kurtis Mathews, Texas A&M
  • Tanner Olson, Texas A&M


  • Leonie Kullman, Alabama
  • Flora Molnar, Alabama
  • Maha Eissa Amer, Arkansas
  • Peyton Palsha, Arkansas
  • Brooke Schultz, Arkansas
  • Erin Norton, Auburn
  • Sonnele Oeztuerk, Auburn
  • Taylor Ault, Florida
  • Olivia Anderson, Georgia
  • Gabrielle Fa’amausili, Georgia
  • Courtney Harnish, Georgia
  • Bailey Bonnett, Kentucky
  • Lauren Edelman, Kentucky
  • Karlee Price, South Carolina
  • Ana Celaya-Hernandez, Tennessee
  • Bailey Grinter, Tennessee
  • Tjasa Pintar, Tennessee
  • Anna Belousova, Texas A&M
  • Charlye Campbell, Texas A&M
  • Taylor Pike, Texas A&M
  • Jing Quah, Texas A&M

The above press release courtesy of the Southeastern Conference

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    Two swimmers who swam in Florida as age group swimmers!

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