British Squad for European Short Course Champs is Mix of Old and Young

LONDON, September 28. UNDER the direction of Dave Champion, Great Britain will send a 47-strong squad to the European Short Course Championships, scheduled for December in Trieste, Italy. Many of the team members will be making their first foray into international competition. It will be Champion’s fourth stint as the coach of the short-course unit.

"It's a large squad featuring the present as well as the future of the sport in Britain," said Champion. "It's a mixture of the big guns aiming to deliver but there are also younger athletes who will be looking to go to their first senior international and impress.

"It's a good environment for the youngsters to get their first taste of a major international. It's not as bright a spotlight as that of the Olympics but it's a spotlight nonetheless and we've had some great performances at the Europeans from the younger talent over the past few years."

The team is the same squad that will represent Great Britain at next year’s Commonwealth Games.

Athlete, Club, Coach
Caitlin McClatchey, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Debbie Hall, City of Sheffield, Russ Barber
Hannah Miley, City of Glasgow, Patrick Miley
Jazmin Carlin, Tigersharkes, Phil Millard
Jo Jackson, Durham Aq, David McNulty
Julie Gould, Guildford, Lindsay Powell
Justine Clark, City of Coventry, Nick Sellwood
Karen Lee, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Kate Haywood, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Keri-Anne Payne, Stockport Metro, Sean Kelly
Laura Graham, Millfield School, Gary Connelly
Lisa Chapman, Loughborough University, Ian Armiger
Mel Marshall, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Rachael George, Hatfield, Nick Juba
Ros Brett, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Sophie Caul, City of Coventry, Nick Sellwood
Stacey Tadd, Bath University, David Lyles
Steph Proud, Durham Aq, Kevin Renshaw
Stephanie Johnson, Durham Aq, David McNulty
Terri Dunning, City of Birmingham, Adam Ruckwood
Anthony Howard, Horwich, Mark Foster
Chris Alderton, Durham Aquatics/Offshore C, Chris Nesbit
Chris Cook, City of Newcastle, Ian Oliver
Chris Cozens, Loughborough University, Steve Bayley
Craig Elliott, Cockermouth, Eleanor Walsh
David Carry, City of Aberdeen, Ian Turner
David Davies, City of Cardiff, Dave Haller
Euan Dale, Loughborough University, Ian Turner
Gregor Tait, City of Cardiff, Dave Haller
James Clarke, Millfield School, Doug Campbell
James Gibson, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
James Johnson, City of Newcastle, Ian Oliver
James Kirton, City of Sheffield, Russ Barber
Kris Gilchrist, City of Edinburgh, Fred Vergnoux
Lee Forster, Bath University, David Lyles
Liam Tancock, Loughborough University, Ben Titley
Mark Foster, Bath University, Colin Jackson
Mark Lewis, Stirling, Chris Martin
Matthew Bowe, Loughborough University, Ian Turner
Matthew Clay, Bath University, David Lyles
Michael Rock, City of Liverpool/Offshore C, Chris Nesbitt
Ranald Falconer, City of Aberdeen, Eileen Adams
Richard Charlesworth, Hatfield, Nick Juba
Ross Davenport, Bath University, Ian Turner
Simon Le Couillard, Tigers, Jersey Paul du Feu
Stephen Mellor, Stockport Metro, Sean Kelly
Thomas Haffield, City of Cardiff, Dave Haller