Brandon Ward Weighs in on ISL, Mack Horton Protest at ASCA World Clinic (VIDEO)


Swimming World sat down with Brandon Ward at the ASCA World Clinic in Dallas, Texas earlier this month. Ward is the CEO of the Australian Swim & Coaches Teacher’s Association and made his first appearance at the American Swim Coaches Association clinic.

Ward went through his relationship with Swimming Australia and how he works with them to get the best out of the Australian coaches in the country. He said that he also works closely with coaches in New Zealand, being a Kiwi himself, even though they have their own organization.

Ward is a voice for the coaches in Australia and voiced his support of anti-doping efforts around the world as well as the new International Swimming League that is set to begin this fall. Ward also was pleased to see how many Australians elected to participate in the new league including Ariarne Titmus with the Cali Condors, Cate and Bronte Campbell with the London Roar, and Emily Seebohm with Energy Standard.

Ward weighed in on the Mack Horton protest against Sun Yang at the World Championships this summer and how he dealt with the “conflict of interest” of sorts since he is a part of FINA. Ward said he applauded the athletes’ protests since “everyone else has tried and nothing has worked. So at the end of the day, it is the athletes.”

He said he supports the ISL’s efforts to make a parallel league and hopes it can succeed in the long-run.