Boudia Moves Onto Ten-Meter Finals, Johnson And Daley Don’t Make Cut



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By Erin Keaveny, Swimming World College Intern

The first round started smoothly. After the second round China’s Chen Aisen and American David Boudia were first and second, while Daley had dropped down to seventeenth. After the final round, Boudia had fallen down to twelfth place, taking the last finals qualification spot. After having the meet of his life in preliminaries, finishing in first place Daley finished in last. He will not be moving onto the media rounds.

Qui Bo had gotten off to a bit of a shaky start too, but recovered nicely and finished semifinals standing in second place after his teammate.

American Steele Johnson finished in thirtieth place, just six points short of making the final cut. Johnson’s program was consistent, scoring around seventy points on every dive, but was not quite enough to move him into the next round. At only twenty years old, look forward to Johnson to make a comeback in 2020.

Iván García of Mexico is standing in third after a solid performance. García has a silver medal from 2012 in synchronized ten-meter, and with his performance in semifinals he is definitely in contention for a medal tomorrow.

With the exception of Chen, who finished over fifty points ahead of the rest of the field, no divers had an exceptionally clean meet today. Everyone will want to step up their game as they head into finals.

The finals will take place later today at 3:30pm ET.