Boston College Swimming and Diving Practices Suspended after 13 COVID-19 Positives

Photo Courtesy: Boston College Athletics

The Boston College men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs have suspended practices due to 13 positive COVID-19 tests.

The rash of positives was first reported by the Boston Globe Wednesday and confirmed by the school.

“We can confirm that members of our swimming and diving team have tested positive for COVID-19,” Jason Baum, BC’s senior associate athletics director for communications, told the Globe. “We have temporarily paused all team activities with the swimming and diving program. The student-athletes who tested positive are in isolation in accordance with university COVID-19 protocols.”

Boston College’s most recent practice was Monday, at which point several team members took ill. The number of positive test results rose to 13 by Wednesday. The source of the initial positives is not known. Members of the team are quarantined at a hotel.

Per the university’s COVID-19 dashboard, 46 undergraduates have tested positive for coronavirus this week, up from 26 last week. There are 68 students in isolation, up from just 30 at the beginning of the week. In total, 83 members of the community, including 81 undergrads, have tested positive out of more than 23,000 tests performed.

Boston College is part of the ACC, which decided to continue on with fall athletics. Its football team opens the season on Sept. 19, and women’s soccer, field hockey and volleyball are also gearing up for a conference-only season. The swimming season remain on track for an on-time start to the winter season.


  1. Allie Jon

    And let me guess, not 1 of those positives are sick or have any symptoms whatsoever

    • Randy Horner

      Allie Jon exactly what we call symptom free covid which is the reason why we have a pandemic

    • Allie Jon

      Randy Horner yes the media and politicians making people think they are sick when they are not is a true epidemic

    • Allie Jon

      Randy Horner the most dangerous virus in the world, so dangerous you don’t even know you’re sick without a test. Makes sense

    • Allie Jon

      Amy Hennies Priddle ya that 0.03 fatality rate is intimidating. I mean a virus that is 97.7 percent survivable, how do we nor just crawl into a ball and cry ourselves to death. You don’t want to swim dont swim. There are plenty of people who want to swim who don’t live in fear

    • Joe Milinovich

      Allie Jon A 3% death rate is actually quite large. It is a shame that you are more about the people who live than die.

      Generally people do not want other people to die regardless of the reason. You it sounds like are okay with that 3% dying because the other 97% live

    • Joe Milinovich

      I am sure you are aware of the repercussions from covid19 that don’t end up in dying.

      “Recent cases are showing that athletes who have overcome a viral infection such as COVID-19 can result in an inflammatory response that can potentially cause structural damage to the heart,” said Dr. Steven Erickson, medical director for Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Specialists.

      I am sure you are okay with heart damage. I mean that isn’t a big deal right?

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich its not 3 percent its 0.03 percent so 99.97 percent survival rate, and if you didn’t get the email thousands of people die everyday from numerous causes. So stop being upset because the media told you too be. Hate to break it to you but no one is getting off this ride alive. Fact of life

    • Joe Milinovich

      Can you provide me where is is 0.03 percent? Everything I am reading is different. Can you show me where you are getting your numbers please.

    • Joe Milinovich

      Allie Jon funny you mention no one is getting off this ride alive. I think I know people die and that is a fact of life. Let’s be real here.

      Also I am not upset because the media told me to be. I find that comment amusing as well. Are you a troll?

      As far as your so called percentage I am not sure if you know how to find a percentage. It could also be you don’t believe the numbers because a President or news told you not to. So let’s go off the numbers that are given:

      Positive Cases: 6,390,000
      Deaths: 191,000

      I will help you on how to find percentages

      It would be Deaths/Positive Cases *100

      So 191,000/6390000 * 100

      0.02989045383 * 100

      Percentage of Covid Cases that people end up dead = 2.9%

      Help me out Allie where does it say 0.03%? If I change that 0.03% which is what you said the percentage was so that it isn’t a percent that would be 0.0003 which is not correct.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich looks like you don’t keep up with current events.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich also looks like you failed math

    • Joe Milinovich

      Allie Jon what current events? Help me out here I keep asking you for help to show me

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich do your own research, but if you need a push in the right direction CDC website puts it in plain English. Its right after the paragraph that says 90 percent of covid deaths aren’t from covid.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich hey by the way 300k people die from obesity per year, what are you going to restrict to stop that death rate? Maybe we should just close up economy again? That worked well.

    • Joe Milinovich

      I hear you and understand your thought process here thank you. From what I understood when I read that is this.

      If my grandfather passed away when he was undergoing treatment from stage 4 cancer and contracted pneumonia and died. He most likely wasn’t going to live due to cancer anyways. Well his death certificate stated pneumonia killed him but did the cancer play a role in that?


      So on his death certificate cancer is secondary. The cancer was the real killer here.

    • Joe Milinovich

      Allie Jon that is a nice whataboutism. We do not shut down the economy due to obesity that would be just plain stupid. We both know that.

      What we do though is educate people on their diet and restrictions have been put in place on certain ingredients. There is also new laws that state restaurants have to post nutritional information pretty much everywhere.

      So I don’t see how this comparison relates.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich look at all the non sick , sick people.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich you should look into viral load testing. It will explain a great deal of why all this testing is B.S especially for people who aren’t symptomatic

    • Joe Milinovich

      A picture doesn’t do that for me I am sorry. I will need more than that before I can come to a logical rational decision. Where exactly did that data come from and how can I look at it not in a picture.

    • Allie Jon

      Joe Milinovich Dr.Fauci and his White House Task force. You know Fauci, the guy who said AIDS was airborne back in the 80s

    • Joe Milinovich

      Could you link it to me and not tell me to just go find it myself or just tell me what to type into google to lead me there.

    • Joe Milinovich

      Ah yes that Fauci I could have confused that guy with the many other Faucis I know.

      Yeah he made a mistake and it should be held against him for the rest of his life. We should never trust him ever for making a mistake in Science . I hear ya! I mean we should expect perfection out of everyone 100% of the time right?

      Once again I applaud your trollism here. I would hope moving forward you could keep the trollism to a minimum.


  2. Kristine Martin Anderson

    For all the swimming supporters out there it is important to know that this cluster had nothing to do with swimming. The team only had one practice- on Monday – and then found out about the already existing infection and stopped to test the whole team. They did it right! Lots of teams of all sports have quarantined and positive athletes from social transmission. Don’t let the haters come to get the swim community.

    • Matthew John

      People don’t get infected from being at the pool. They get infected with what they do away from the pool. It’s inconceivable that they didn’t all go to the same party (or a few of them) where they contacted it.

    • Kristine Martin Anderson

      Matthew John I won’t accuse them of that. Athletes live and dine together so it could be anything.

    • Jennifer Philip Andrews

      I was wondering about this. Most of the college athletic outbreaks appear to be happening from activities/situations outside the sport. It is good to suspend practice to halt potential spread, but I wish headlines/stories would be more clear with how the outbreak happened. I also wish more stories would be out there on the success stories of athletics and education where outbreaks aren’t happening or how they are successfully stopping the spread when there are infections (like the stories I’ve read coming out of University of Arizona regarding sewer monitoring and re-running what turns out to be false positive tests in the athletic department when things aren’t adding up with tracing). We need to learn to live with this virus safely and not be constantly doom and gloom.

    • Kristine Martin Anderson

      Jennifer Philip Andrews sensational reporting rules the day. The Boston Globe went for a headline without facts and now it is syndicated. There seems to be no appetite for useful reporting.

    • Matthew John

      These kids went to a party. Shared drinks and didn’t socially distance. It sucks because kids this age are clearly not mature enough to understand the impact that they are having on the rest of us.

      You don’t get Covid from being in a pool. You don’t get it from wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. You get it by being a selfish college kid who can’t stop partying for 3 months while we get this shit under control. Sad.

  3. Jeannine Juskalian

    Yes no one is spreading it during the practice sessions it’s just the out of the pool gatherings that cause it. Nothing to do with the sport for the love of god because the next thing you will hear that they are shutting down pools again for no reason

  4. Eddie Ring

    Quarantine the whole team in a dorm together. Let them pass it around. In 2 weeks problem is solved, get back to business as usual.

    • Jeannine Juskalian

      Eddie Ring unless someone has a serious underlying condition than you just killed them

    • Eddie Ring

      my guess is they probably wouldn’t be on a collegiate swim team if they had such a condition.

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