Boston 2024 Bets Big on Ryan Lochte


BOSTON – Boston 2024 Olympic organizers provided detailed documents regarding its planned 2024 Summer Olympics bid today, and Ryan Lochte certainly proved to be a big part of the plans.

As seen in the artist rendering above, a gigantic picture of Lochte swimming butterfly is a part of the planned Olympic Stadium.

As detailed by Nick Zaccardi of, the Boston 2024 venue plan includes a pair of locations with one being near the waterfront and the other being near the university center.  The organizers called it “the most walkable Games in modern times.”

Boston 2024 also made public its full big packet of documents, which allowed for the U.S. Olympic Committee to make a decision earlier to choose Boston over San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Additionally, the Boston 2024 plan includes the use of Fenway Park as the venue for baseball, which is not currently in the Olympic program but could return by 2024.

Boston 2024 has proposed the Olympics take place July 19-Aug 4, which were the same dates as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Magazine Beach would be the location for open water swimmer, while all aquatics events would be held in temporary facilities constructed in the university cluster that will include Harvard, Boston University and MIT in some capacity.


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    jeffrey l wilmot

    I will love to do this he is my special friend

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    But @ ” 65. will Lochte even make the team?

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    Other sources say that the mural is of Phelps which makes more sense given that not only is he a flyer and Lochte not so much but Michael is the pre-eminent Olympic medal winner.