Villanova Has Big Lead Heading Into Final Day of Big East Championships

Photo Courtesy: Villanova Athletics

By Chandler Brandes, Swimming World College Intern

Heading into the final day of competition, the Villanova women have a big lead over Georgetown. On the men’s side, Xavier leads Georgetown by nearly 100 points.

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Women’s 400 IM

Villanova swept the first event of the night, led by Gabrielle Daigneault. The sophomore dropped three seconds from this morning to win the event in 4:21.81.

1. Gabrielle Daigneault (4:21.81), Villanova
2. Caitlin Daday (4:22.17), Villanova
3. Christine Sullivan (4:24.40), Villanova

Men’s 400 IM

Seton Hall’s Lior Grubert swept both IM events after winning the 200 last night. The freshman dropped nearly six seconds from his prelims time to take the 400 IM title in 3:56.29.

1. Lior Grubert (3:56.29), Seton Hall
2. Sam Delise (3:57.93), Georgetown
3. James Foster (3:58.77), Xavier

Women’s 100 Fly

Villanova’s Alexandra Fabbri dropped nearly a second from her morning swim to win her first Big East individual title. The freshman won the event in 54.02, just ahead of her teammate.

1. Alexandra Fabbri (54.02), Villanova
2. Fiona Hardie (54.09), Villanova
3. Dorothy Morgan (54.22), Georgetown

Men’s 100 Fly

After finishing third in the 50 free last night, Xavier’s Albert Hitt won tonight in 48.50.

1. Albert Hitt (48.50), Xavier
2. John Hoin (48.95), Villanova
3. David Rowe (49.50), Seton Hall

Women’s 200 Free

Dropping two seconds from her morning swim, Villanova’s Kaisla Kollanus won by over one second. She won her second-straight title in this event in 1:47.12.

1. Kaisla Kollanus (1:47.12), Villanova
2. Emily Mayo (1:48.75), Villanova
3. Mary Snyder (1:49.23), Villanova

Men’s 200 Free

After winning the 500 free last night, Seton Hall’s Noah Yanchulis won his second individual event of the weekend in 1:38.50. This is his second-straight win in this event.

1. Noah Yanchulis (1:38.50), Seton Hall
2. Chandler Hinson (1:39.16), Georgetown
3. Jacob Kohlhoff (1:39.77), Georgetown

Women’s 100 Breast

Seton Hall’s Sydney Simpson out touched last year’s winner to improve upon her seventh place showing in 2015. The sophomore won in 1:02.87.

1. Sydney Simpson (1:02.87), Seton Hall
2. Molly Fitzpatrick (1:02.94), Georgetown
3. Megan Mallon (1:03.35), Seton Hall

Men’s 100 Breast

After qualifying second during prelims, Xavier’s Michael Pettinichi won his first individual Big East. The freshman won by almost one second in 55.38.

1. Michael Pettinichi (55.38), Xavier
2. Sean Sali (56.20), Seton Hall
3. Zohar Suslovich (56.21), Seton Hall

Women’s 100 Back

Villanova’s Darby Goodwin won her second Big East title of the weekend following her 200 IM win last night. The freshman won by two and a half seconds in 53.84.

1. Darby Goodwin (53.84), Villanova
2. Caroline Gaertner (55.27), Xavier
3. Paxtyn Drew (55.41), Xavier

Men’s 100 Back

Xavier won their third event of the evening as Nathan Runyon was the only swimmer to go under the 50 second barrier. The freshman won in 49.93.

1. Nathan Runyon (49.93), Xavier
2. David Rowe (50.07), Seton Hall
3. Albert Hitt (50.24), Xavier

Women’s 3m Diving

Seton Hall’s Gabby Signorelli won the women’s 3m diving event with a score of 555.05. This win marks the senior’s sixth Big East individual title.

1. Gabby Signorelli (544.05), Seton Hall
2. Sarah Jaklitsch (445.60), Georgetown
3. Jenny Sullivan (434.05), Georgetown

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Villanova’s Goodwin, Elise Pidutti, Fabbri (54.28), and Kollanus (49.21) narrowly won the event in 3:42.16. Georgetown’s Kathleen Duncalf (55.70), Fitzpatrick (1:02.72), Morgan (54.43), and Erica Fabbri (49.61) took a close second in 3:42.46

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Xavier’s Runyon (49.55), Pettinichi (55.52), Hitt (47.65), and Luke Johanns (44.88) won by over two seconds in 3:17.60. Seton Hall’s Rowe (49.76), Sali (55.32), Matthew Zebrowski (49.60), and Yanchulis (44.87) took second in 3:19.55.

Current Women’s Team Standings:

1. Villanova-688
2. Georgetown-478
3. Xavier-348.5
4. Seton Hall-298.5
5. Providence-179
6. Butler-143

Current Men’s Team Standings:

1. Xavier-585
2. Georgetown-489
3. Seton Hall-435
4. Villanova-309
5. Providence-118