Better Your Streamline Awareness With This Dryland Tip

Dryland Tip by Swimming World correspondent G. John Mullen of and, Creator of Swimmer's Shoulder System

SANTA CLARA, California, September 27. THIS week's Dryland Tip from Dr. G. John Mullen helps swimmers understand how to keep a straight line in their spine for a superior streamline position.

Purpose: Keeping a straight line in your spine is essential for maintaining streamline. As one lifts their leg, similar to an upkick, many athletes have difficulties maintaining this streamline position. This impairment in streamline results in aberrant movements and increases in drag.

Directions: Get in the four-point position with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Next, arch and round your back, then let your back settle in a straight line. Next, tighten your core and extend one leg without letting your back arch, shift, or rotate.

Perform four sets of five repetitions with perfect form.

G. John Mullen is the owner of the Center of Optimal Restoration and creator of Swimming Science. He received his doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. G. John has been featured in Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, and the International Society of Swim Coaches Journal.