Best of Swimming World Video Interviews 2016: Shirley Babashoff

12/27/16 Shirley-Babashoff-2016
Photo Courtesy: Gary Leonard

Earlier this year Shirley Babashoff sat down with Swimming World’s publisher Brent Rutemiller for an exclusive interview about the 1976 Montreal Olympics and the East German women swimmers.

Watch the full interview here:

Rutemiller touched on a lot of subjects including Babashoff’s place in history, The Last Gold Documentary, forgiving the East German women, possible legal action against the IOC, redistributing medals, ways to improve the IOC’s image, Lilly King and the Russians, and her book – Making Waves. The interview is full of candid and unfiltered remarks that still define the golden girl of the 70’s and her yet to be defined place in the record books.

Be sure to visit SwimmingWorld.TV for more video interviews.

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  1. avatar
    Mister No-No

    she wore all black when I saw her at the ’04 Trials
    like she was going to a funeral!
    time to move on

    • avatar
      Mark Schubert

      Wow. Just because you never had this kind of injustice perpetrated on you, don’t judge her. Doping is still prevelenent and still is government sponsored.
      Let’s never forget the women of 1976. They were the first Olympians to be cheated (proven) and this injustice still exists today.

      • avatar
        Mister No-No

        Outside the remarkably insular swimming community, it is a dead horse.
        Frankly, it is really more like the dusty skeleton of a dead horse.

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