Becca Mann Becomes First Person to Complete Maui Nui Triple Channel Swim

Photo Courtesy: Becca Mann

At approximately 4:55pm EST on Monday, August 19, Becca Mann became the first person in history to complete the historic Maui Rui Triple Channel swim. The course entails 64 kilometers from Maui to Molokai to Lanai, then back to Maui.

The completion took Mann approximately 22 hours and was tracked throughout. The trip to Molokai took Mann approximately four hours, while the swim to Lanai took just under eleven. Her final channel back to Maui took about six more hours. Updates were also provided on Mann’s Instagram account throughout the swim.


Map of 64-kilometer swim. Photo Courtesy: Becca Mann

While Mann is the first to complete the swim, this was not her first time in Hawaii’s waters. At age ten, she swam the Maui Channel – a nearly 10 mile trek from Maui to Lanai. Becca Mann was also a member of the fastest all-female relay to complete the same channel swim last year.

In an exclusive with Swimming World, Mann recently provided more details on her experience in open water and her preparation leading into the attempt. Mann included that she was first inspired to swim in these waters after layovers in the Honolulu airport as a child.

As a member of USA Swimming, Becca Mann captured bronze in the 1500 meter freestyle at the 2019 Pan American Games on August 10. Just nine days later, she etched her name in another record book as she consecutively swam to and from these three Hawaiian islands:

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    Paul Scobey

    Wonderful , we are thrilled you did it .


  2. Charlene Tallen

    Noe McKenna Tallen, how about this swim!?

    • Kelly Howell

      Robin Miller Pelton wow I knew she was attempting it! Congrats to her 😘😘😂

  3. Brett Davies

    Wow great swim Becca -Congratulations

  4. Julie Austin

    Molly Griswold Your article about Becca and her upcoming swim was perfectly timed to give Karen the confidence to race (and win) her first 5K at Swim to the Moon. Thank you! Looking forward to your next story.

    • Molly Griswold

      Wow! So proud of Karen, that is amazing!! Thank you for reading. ❤️❤️ Hope her accomplishment makes Karen excited for the next swim!

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