Australian Legend Talbot Joining British Swimming as a Consultant

LONDON, October 18. THE coach regarded as being at the forefront of the revolution that put Australia on top of the swimming world has joined British Swimming. Legendary Australian coach Don Talbot has accepted a role as a consultant and will work with a select group of coaches to ensure their skills and experience exceed those of their rivals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Talbot will also work with a larger group of coaches that have been earmarked for development in the run up to London 2012.

"It's not something we can involve everyone in but we will focus on those Olympic coaches we have already identified as well as a promising selection we've identified for 2012," said National Performance Director Bill Sweetenham. "We will also ensure the messages given by Don and the lessons learned are passed along the line to other coaches to help with the overall education of coaches in this country.

"The aim is to make sure the messages I give are reinforced in order that Great Britain has the best prepared coaches on the deck at the Olympic Games. Our worst coach, on their worst day, must be better than the best coach of any other nation on their best day."

Talbot's arrival continues British Swimming's unrelenting quest to provide coaches and swimmers with world class support.

"We need to ensure our coach development is a world leader and with the likes of Don Talbot, Tim Kerrison, Bob Treffene and Bill Pilczuk we are putting in place the knowledge and experience of international coaches to compliment the skills of the British coach," said Sweetenham. "We've managed to bring some fantastic coaches to Britain to help work with swimming and Don is a valuable addition to these."

Talbot's work with British Swimming began on a recent training camp in Australia where he worked alongside British Head Coach Ian Turner. He will provide practical guidance and will form part of the team on tours to next year's Mare Nostrum series as well as the European Championships.