Australia Restricts Swimsuit Usage To One Item

BELCONNEN, Australia, January 28. IN its recently released Bylaws regarding the conduct of Australian championships under its governance, Swimming Australia has gone one step further than its age group swimming speedsuit ban in December.

Swimming Australia has also added the following to its bylaw packet regarding general swimsuit guidelines "From March 1 2009 Swimwear is limited to one (1) swimsuit." This step completely eliminates the practice of stacking swimwear for multiple points of performance enhancement, at least within Australia's sphere of governance.

Swimming Australia has also added a compromise interpretation to the swimsuit guideline bylaws, which has actually been requested in the NCAA ranks regarding the NCAA's latest ban on swimsuit stacking. That interpretation is the ability to "include the wearing of a single pair of ‘briefs' or ‘bikini bottoms' to ensure the modesty and privacy of swimmers."