Australia Rattles World Record in Women’s 4×100 Free Relay in Gwangju with 3:30.21; Cate Campbell Splits 51.45 (RACE VIDEO)

Photo Courtesy: Delly Carr/Swimming Australia Ltd.

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World Swimming Championships (Women’s 4×100 Free Relay)

Gwangju 2019 

Day 1 finals

Women’s 4×100 Free Relay

Australia closed the first night of the 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships in Gwangju, South Korea with a 3:30.21 in the women’s 4×100 free relay. The time is off the world record of 3:30.05 set last year as the Aussies were shooting for the first sub-3:30 relay in history. They will have to wait until next summer’s Olympics to do so. The team of Bronte Campbell (52.85), Brianna Throssell (53.34), Emma McKeon (52.57) and Cate Campbell (51.45) won the gold medal ahead of the United States (3:31.02) and Canada (3:31.78).

The time is a new championships record for the Australians, taking down their record of 3:31.48 from the 2015 Worlds.

The US broke the American record that was set in the 2017 Worlds. Their team of Mallory Comerford (52.98), Abbey Weitzeil (52.66), Kelsi Dahlia (53.46) . and Simone Manuel (51.92) won the silver medal as they were leading through 250 meters before Australia’s back half ran them down. The Americans have now won a medal in 17 of the 18 World Championships.

Campbell’s 51.45 is the fourth fastest relay split all-time while Manuel’s 51.92 is the ninth fastest relay split.

Canada won the bronze medal as they were in the race through the whole 400.  The team of Kayla Sanchez (53.72), Taylor Ruck (52.19), Penny Oleksiak (52.69) and Maggie MacNeil (53.18) set a Canadian record in the process. They won the bronze for the first time in this event at Worlds since 1978.

This is the fourth gold medal for the Australians in the women’s 4×100 free relay at the World Championships. The Aussies previously won golds in 2005, 2007 and 2015.

Sweden finished in sixth place as Sarah Sjostrom led off with a 3:36.33. Superstar Sarah Sjostrom led off with a 52.23, which is the eighth fastest time of all-time. She holds the world record in this event at 51.71.

The Netherlands finished in fourth place at 3:35.32 with the usual likes of Ranomi Kromowidjojo (52.92) and Femke Heemskerk (52.41) going second and fourth.

China finished in fifth at 3:35.83 while Japan (3:36.79) and Germany (3:39.07) were seventh and eighth.

1 Australia AUS 3:30.21 Campbell 52.85, Throssell, 53.34, McKeon 52.57, Campbell, 51.45
2 United States of America USA 3:31.02 Comerford 52.98, Weitzeil, 52.66, Dahlia, 53.46, Manuel, 51.92
3 Canada CAN 3:31.78 Sanchez, 53.72, Ruck, 52.19, Oleksiak, 52.69, MacNeil, 53.18
4 Netherlands NED 3:35.32 Busch, 55.23, Kromowidjojo, 52.92, Toussaint, 54.76, Heemskerk, 52.41
5 People's Republic of China CHN 3:35.83 Yang, 53.68, Zhu, 53.39, Wu, 54.26, Wang, 54.50
6 Sweden SWE 3:36.33 Sjostrom, 52.23, Coleman, 53.88, Hansson, 54.33, Hansson, 55.89
7 Japan JPN 3:36.79 Aoki, 54.62, Sato, 53.91, Shirai, 54.23, Omoto, 54.03
8 Germany GER 3:39.07 Steiger, 54.59 Mrozinski, 55.02, Foos, 54.72, Bruhn, 54.74

Fastest Relay Splits:

  1. 50.93, Cate Campbell, AUS
  2. 51.00, Cate Campbell, AUS
  3. 51.36, Cate Campbell, AUS
  4. 51.45, Cate Campbell, AUS
  5. 51.77, Bronte Campbell, AUS
  6. 51.80, Cate Campbell, AUS
  7. 51.82, Taylor Ruck, CAN
  8. 51.91, Sarah Sjostrom, SWE
  9. 51.92, Simone Manuel, USA
  10. 51.93, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED
  11. 51.97, Cate Campbell, AUS
  12. 51.98, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED

Fastest 100 Free Performances:

  1. 51.71, Sarah Sjostrom, SWE
  2. 52.03, Cate Campbell, AUS
  3. 52.06, Cate Campbell, AUS
  4. 52.07, Britta Steffen, GER
  5. 52.08, Sarah Sjostrom, SWE
  6. 52.17, Cate Campbell, AUS
  7. 52.22, Britta Steffen, GER
  8. 52.23, Sarah Sjostrom, SWE
  9. 52.27, Simone Manuel, USA
  10. 52.27, Bronte Campbell, AUS


  1. Bek Reed

    Would be nice if we could actually watch it.

    • Aida Davis

      Bek Reed ESPN live

    • Vanessa Essam

      Bek – you can via the iswim app for free. There are more details on the Swimming Australia FB page

    • Bek Reed

      Thank you

  2. avatar

    Your list is slightly incorrect. C2 does have the 5th fastest ever relay split but its a 51.57 (from 4XMED 2018 CG) rather than the 51.77.

  3. Felicity Cook

    CONGRATS Aussies

  4. Nancy Pulham

    Good job Canada! What an exciting race!

    • Rob Anderson

      Nancy Pulham the gap is closing fast. Canada has by far the youngest squad in the field

  5. Dianne Greene

    Go the Aussies! Fantastic swimming Ladies!

  6. Lorraine Burford

    What a great performance!! Well done girls!🇦🇺🇦🇺

  7. avatar

    Every single swim team in Canada; year round, summer, school, non-league, whichever should be ensuring that every swimmer in their club, girls especially, is aware of this achievement. These girls are by far the youngest quartet, 5 including Rebeca Smith’s prelim help, and are threatening the Aussie/Us stranglehold on relays.
    We all know Penny from Rio, but the development of the entire women’s team is on a remarkable upswing. This is day 1 only, day 2 brings Sidney Pickrem and Maggie McNeal finals and medal threats. Yet to swim individual other then Penny are Taylor Ruck in multiple medal possible events, Kylie Masse #2 all time 100 back and more…
    Young swimmers in Canada need to know this is happening now and follow all week! Go 🇨🇦