Arena’s Rebecca Soni Checks In From Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain, August 2. FROM time to time this week, Olympic champion Rebecca Soni will be checking in with Swimming World with some thoughts from her experience as a well-connected fan at the FINA World Championships. ArenaUSA is sponsoring Swimming World’s exclusive access to its athletes and Casa Arena this week.

Rebecca Soni
Barcelona has been a great trip so far! Being up in the stands rather than swimming is a very different experience, and it’s making me want to jump into the pool. But it’s great to be here, even watching from the other side, to support Arena and Team USA. All the swimmers are putting forth great races, and the American team is looking great with a couple more days to go.

Barcelona is such a beautiful city, the amazing architecture and the delicious food have blown me away. I’m looking forward to getting to know the city a little more over the next two days that I’m here.

I was able to stop by to visit with the women’s team during their pre-finals meeting. I just wanted to see everyone, and when I walked into the room, it was so exciting! I’ve been away from the pool for a year, and I had such a rush of emotion when I saw Team USA. The faces of great friends, great teammates and coaches… ready to go swim! It’s such a treasure to have been part of this team in the past. Racing with these girls is a feeling I’ll never forget!