Andrew Wilson Wins 100 Breast in 25-Year-Old Battle

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Andrew Wilson held on to his top seed from prelims in the 100 Breast, but hung on to a narrow victory in a race that featured four swimmers the same age finishing within a second of each other.

Wilson, Nic Fink, Josh Prenot and Kevin Cordes are all 25 years old and finished 1-2-3-4, respectively.

Wilson finished in 1:00.57, barely edging Fink (1:00.61) and Prenot (1:00.76). Cordes wasn’t too far behind at 1:01.28 as all four qualified for the Olympic trials.

Caspar Corbeau (1:02.14) was fifth followed by Richard Funk (1:02.70), Jake Foster (1:02.84) and Miguel Chavez (1:03.95).

Connor Hoppe of Cal finished ninth to qualify for trials in 1:03.05.

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