Alabama Celebrates Nine Olympic Swimmers

Tuscaloosa, Ala. August 12. ALABAMA claims eight swimming Olympians in Athens plus one triathlete, according to recent reports from the university.

The University of Alabama 2004 Olympic Connections

Athletes and Coaches Scheduled to Participate in the 2004 Athens Olympiad

Athlete, sport, UA Years Country Team Event/Pos. Prior Olympic Experience
Brendan Ashby, swimming, 2001-04 Zimbabwe Swimming 100 backstroke none
Spiros Bitsakis, swimming, 2002- Greece Swimming Relays 2000
Igor Erhartic, swimming, 2004- Yugoslavia Swimming 200 freestyle & relays none
Stefan Gherghel, swimming, 2002-03 Romania Swimming 200 butterfly 2000
Anne Poleska, swimming, 2001- Germany Swimming 200 breaststroke 2000
Vlad Polyakov, swimming, 2003- Russia Swimming 100 & 200 breaststroke none
Arlene Semeco, swimming, 2004- Venezuela Swimming 50 & 100 freestyle none
Apostolis Tsagarakis, swimming, 2003- Greece Swimming 50 freestyle none
Susan (Bartholomew) Williams, swimming,1988-90, 92 USA Triathlon Triathlete none

People who can talk about the Olympic Experience
• Don Gambril – Retired swimming coach – Head U.S. Olympic Swimming Coach – 1984 (Currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
• Jon Olsen – former All-American swimmer, 1988-91 – 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympian – five medals, four gold and captain of the 1996 U.S. squad (Currently lives in Key West, Fla.)