African Swimmers of the Year Ballotmembers

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 26. WE are closing in on the announcement of the Swimming World World and Regional Swimmers of the Year, an annual celebration of the sport that culminates with our December issue.

Typically, only our panelists get a chance to see the ballot while voting on the various categories. This year, we've decided to open up the process a bit heading into our announcements with the December issue.

To be eligible to be on the ballot, a swimmer must: Set a long course or short course world record, or finish the season with a textile best, or rank #1 in the world in a long course event, or win an individual medal at the World Long Course Championships, or Top 10 world ranking in a long course event, or be the top ranked swimmer within your region in a long course event if not ranked in the top 10.

Our panelist must then select a top five for each category, placing a 1-5 designation next to their top-five swimmers where 1 equals their top choice and 5 equals their fifth-ranked vote.


Today, we reveal which swimmers made the ballot for African Swimmers of the Year. What are you top fives for each category and why?

Jason Dunford, KEN
Chad Le Clos, RSA
Charl Crous, RSA
Gideon Louw, RSA
Ous Mellouli, TUN
Graeme Moore, RSA
Darren Murray, RSA
Roland Schoeman, RSA
Darian Townsend, RSA
Cameron van der Burgh, RSA
Neil Versfeld, RSA
Gerhard Zandberg, RSA

Kirsty Coventry, ZIM
Sara El Bekri, MAR
Farida Hisham Osman, EGY
Vanessa Mohr, RSA
Wendy Trott, RSA