Advanced Core Exercise For Swimmers: Single Arm Plank

By Dr. G. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS

Many athletes, particularly swimmers, perform endless core exercises. Some of these exercises are typically too easy for the experienced athlete. The single arm plank, however, provides a challenge to those with a strong core. I’ve written in detail about 3 core training mistakes, core training for low back pain, and have written a book on the topic.

The single arm plank provides a challenging exercise for the anterior core (the regular 6-pack muscles), while strengthening the transverse plane (preventing the body from moving).

Single Arm Plank Directions:

Place one forearm on the ground with your elbow under your shoulder. Have your other arm behind your back. Next, extend your legs and lie in the plank position. In this position, keep your head in line, tighten your glutes, thighs, and lats. Make sure your body is straight and you do not rotate.

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